Dalai Lama

Is each Dalai Lama the same spiritform reincarnated?

From the FIGU Forum (Questions Answered by Billy):

Thank you for your answer regarding the Dalai Lama (DL). Is this then always the same spirit form reincarnating as the DL because, if not, how is it that a young child can pass the identification tests of possessions and persons used to authenticate him as the reincarnated DL?

ANSWER: Hi Michael,

No, it isn't the same spirit form. Each Dalai Lama is/has a new personality.

Regarding the children: Small children automatically grasp those things that impress them the most. This can also be connected to vibrations (fluidal forces) that are stored within objects. Since each DL is a "new" spirit form there cannot be a direct link to the former one's material possessions.

At the 261st contact of February 24, 1998, Billy explained the circumstances in a very simplistic way, like this (abridged version):

The consciousness of those monks who are responsible for the search for the new Dalai Lama is highly-developed. Therefore they are able to "receive information" through meditation and vision in order to know where they should search for the new head/leader. The child is found by the monks because he is endowed with highly-developed consciousness vibrations that can be received and traced. A child of this type has a high consciousness-evolution and is executing strong consciousness-related activities while still very young. Therefore, the small boy is able to recognize through meditative influences etc. objects etc. that did belong to former Buddhist leaders.[1]