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Are we in control of our destiny?

From the FIGU Forum (Questions Answered by Billy):

Modern scientific laboratories have estabished a body of evidence for precognition and the concept of predetermined events. Can you speak [of] the age-old dilemma of free will vs. predetermination?

ANSWER: Actually there's no dilemma, it just seems to be one. Each human being is free to decide about his individual future. The human being has a free will, which means that he (she too, of course) can decide to do or not do a thing, to think in this or that way, etc. Depending on the decision the future will be shaped and brought into effect.
The thought is the cause, the action the effect.
Each human being is constantly determining his life.
There is NO predetermination by a God.

That which man considers as a predetermination can be changed anytime if the correct measures are taken.[1]