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There are many applications and it helps us to understand ourselves and how society works.

Understanding the Fundamental Forces helps us understand how things work.

Are they creationists? Most Europeans are? No, but not far off. Billy had a strong potent swiss dose as a child but describes himself as not. The topic is undiscovered fine particulate sciences on this page.

Reading note: To retain as many thiests and atheists readers as possible we recommend exchanging the word creation for universal-consciousness and vice versa wherever it is written.

Natural Laws/Physical Laws (Known) (Coarse Material)
We already know about the standard model of particle physics, the screen your looking at is evidence enough.

Law of gravity, law of thermodynamics, law of photosynthesis, law of electricity, law of electromagnetism, etc.[1]

Creative Natural Laws/Pure Material Laws
Quote from Billy

Contact Report 544
"it remains withheld. It is certainly not in my interest to betray confided secrets, as I really only wanted to talk about the fact that there are not only the four natural powers known to the terrestrial physicists, rather also the remaining three which are still unknown to them, which exist as certain tiny and ultra-tiny particles, as related to the gravity, the electromagnetism and the strong and weak nuclear power. Also the dark energy and dark matter are included in the realm of particles, whereby certain of these particles, which are indeed also energies with powers, are to be discovered in the foreseeable future, as you have said recently. Although it will still take a while, the success is to be understood – indeed according to your explanation – as a prediction. Additionally, I may certainly say, these – let us say, the normal or simple elemental particles – in turn contain, in sevenfold wise, still tinier particles, which, as I learnt from Sfath, can be designated as a kind of ultra-tiny, ultra-elemental particle, so to speak. Even when I note, with this statement, that a fundamental seven-fold chain of natural powers exists and that other particles exist among the known and unknown elemental particles and that only begins among that seven-series, whereby originally everything evolved from pure spirit energy – I thereby betray no secret, because all of that corresponds to Spirit Teaching, in which I indeed also mention these things openly."[2]

Black Energy/Dark Matter

Deals with with things such as anti-gravity.[3][4] And planet positioning etc.

Undiscovered/Fine Fluidal Laws (not known or little known) (Pure Material/tiny particle)

Laws that govern processes within the human beings, e.g. thinking, feeling, thought boomerang effect, forming of the psyche, meditation, etc. or laws that govern fine fluidal processes in the environment, astrological effects, fluidal energies, levitation, teleportation, etc.[5]

Undiscovered/Spiritual Laws (unknown, little known or wrapped into myths and religion) (Pure Material/ultra-tiny particle)

Laws that govern spiritual processes, e.g. reincarnation of the spirit-form, spirit telepathy, spirit teleportation, etc. A law of the Creation is in fact just something constant and true at all times. Therefore, if one follows or lives according to the laws and recommendations of the Creation as is often recommended by the spiritual teaching, then he or she would really just be following truth and reality, or something that is constant and permanent for all times. A simple example would be, if one chose to follow or ignore the law of gravity while they are at an edge of a cliff, they would either stay safe or inevitably get hurt by walking off the cliff. Or deducing even further to the more fine fluidal processes, e.g. if one chose to continually cherish good, balanced thoughts, or bad and unbalanced thoughts, inevitably good or bad results will occur internally within him or herself and externally in the environment. And finally on a spiritual level, e.g. if one chose to recognise or ignore the law of reincarnation (although it would still occur nevertheless), one would heed the continual evolution of the consciousness and spirit or be fearful of bodily death and live only for the material values alone. Therefore, it is more favourable to follow the law of the Creation, respectively, the truth, and less favourable to ignore the laws of the Creation. Following this logic, the spiritual teaching is in fact really trying to explain creational laws or universal laws, respectively, truth, so that one can make an intelligible decision for a more favourable outcome. In a time like ours, many laws are still largely unknown, especially the fine-fluidal and spiritual laws and therefore it is very easy to make the wrong decisions regarding these processes. One of which is the law that govern the processes of thinking, thoughts and feelings within the human being, which has been largely ignored and has already led to catastrophic results. Or the laws that come together to govern the holding capacity of a planet, both on a material level, e.g. energy consumption, food consumption, regeneration of resources, etc. and fine-fluidal and spiritual level, e.g. consciousness balance, consciousness evolution, etc. which when ignored leads to catastrophic results such as the depletion of resources, weakening of the consciousness, stagnation of evolution, devaluing of people, wars, hatred, etc. Therefore it is more favourable if the laws and recommendations of the Creation or Universal Consciousness are followed as repeatedly explained in the spiritual teaching. As stated in the spiritual teaching, “Honour the Creation as you honour, respect and love your father and mother”, which can indeed sound a bit religious if the word ‘Creation’ is understood as something divine or godly, but if seen from the perspective where ‘Creation’ is the Universal Consciousness which manifests the laws and recommendations in the universe in which we live in, then really this means to honour, respect and love the truth, which means to be connected with the truth and live accordingly so that a favourable outcome can result which sustains evolution at all levels, and pertaining to our times, so that a destruction of the environment or planet does not result and a more peaceful and harmonious world full of freedom and love can prevail.[6]

Impulses - brief summary we could describe it as being a carrier in quite a similar way to sections of the electromagnetic spectrum, carrying audio and video, but different slightly however because instead the brain interprets symbols, and by brain we mean the glands in the middle, and for the vast majority of people these glands have never or little been used so have shrunk similarly to the small toe. Billy calls spirit symbol language and it might be interpreted differently person to person and depending on what is trying to be explained with it. Ptaah explains that only very old civilizations discover it, and there are obviously ways of using it that are specific and locally developed over time, such as with the humans that only communicate telepathically and their entire language is only in this band, so the universe isnt a big noisy cacophony. The advantages technologically is that the information can be sent from one side of the universe to another instantly or near instantly where the electromagnetic spectrum is going to struggle at the speed of light and speed of sound to even reach the nearest star in any reasonable time frame much less the second nearest star or even the other side of the spiral arm, but it doesn't mean anyone will understand, it might be used just to signal, or for an emergency, there is also a very basic use of it for when the Plejaren meet new civilisations which they don't know the language of yet. Another advantage is that by using it to communicate we can more easily learn to draw information from the storage banks, essentially those types of civilisations never loose information about their past nor have to write endless annals to preserve it. The most important thing to know is that individuals, some, on Earth are going to be picking up these signals from space and from other humans and also going to realise they themselves are sending these signals too, from atleast a few or Earths nations anyway depending on its configuration, we don't have any official training of it or even official acknowledgement it exists and finding others will be difficult due to religions and myths, but some have discovered various bits and pieces of it through the ages. It would require a training. They'll be few and far between at the present because we've not discovered an economically viable use to maintain the abilities or develop the ability for some useful purpose, quite similar to how we havn't identified a reason to keep our national forests, parks and shifting gardens, so abandoned/destroyed them instead.

Impulses have been variously described as day dream/hallucination to schizophrenia and dream to emotionalism and feeling heavily emotional, to the greatly more sensible end of the spectrum it seeming like an individuals own original thoughts and ideas coming to them like normal thoughts. Albert Einstein is one of the examples given where the Plejaren managed an already profound scientific thinking and introduced concepts to him in a way that he did not know these were progressing ideas not of his own, however it is explained that it was ultimately up to him how he dealt with these thoughts he was having, and obviously being scientific already was reasonably granted he would expand upon them, write books and solve questions. There have been others including philosophers, artists and various inventors.[citations needed]

Illuminating example of incarnation revealing how society works

Contact Report 589
"religions and their vested bigwig bosses, to which governments are usually and generally allied."[7]

Those that dealt with religion in the past, due to the temperament of trying to convert government; have now incarnated into a little patch of influence very closely allied to government. It varies from government to government around the world and regionally but most of them have a little group of religious advisor's due to those happenings of the medieval and middle-ages. Its because they saw it as their devine right, whether that's true or not it doesn't matter, the temperament thrusted them into a close relationship with the government level, politics, judges, civil servants etc.

If we could work out how to use incarnation properly we would maybe consider preventing religious people from being so lofty. And encourage scientists to be more lofty than they are. We'll have to just deal with it unfortunately.

Another controversial area is Islamist extremists; if they're encouraged and not punished enough, in the future by way of the creative natural laws they'll incarnate into whatever new form of new anarchist group of that future day, I suppose pretty much as it is today really from what they were doing in the past, *after reaching adulthood and having their interests activated.

We have overpopulation because we have to work much less now than we have ever had to throughout history now, were in a big break now from hundreds of years of hard work, very recently with industrial processes. A massive technology revolution in medicine and other things such as water purification has followed and a boredom leading to incessant breeding for lack of anything better to do with their life, despite condoms being available now, caused overpopulation, caused by our past lives and little time to prepare for the changes due to the rapidity in Ageing despite being at an all time high length of life time, and it will affect our future lives in an equally muddled way.

Extract from book Arahat Athersata page 169 / 21-29

21) Logic; this corresponds to the absolute Schöpfung logic and this is the very word Earth humans should pay particular attention to because they often interpret it wrongly.

22) Logic does not only mean the logical consequence / consistency / continuity of any given truth or fact but it should be understood as a power of Schöpfung.

23) From your ancient Greek the word logos has the value of and is assessed to mean a power of Schöpfung.

24) Thus when using the word logic it should always mean power of Schöpfung.

25) It has not only the more commonly known meaning of logical consistency / continuity but expresses the absolute correctness of that which emerges from the Schöpfung power.

26) I.e. logic embodies true knowledge and wisdom which cannot be improved upon.

27) The highest entity is Schöpfung and the greatest power therefore is the power of Schöpfung, and this is the very power that cannot be improved upon because it is the power contained in the absolute.

28) The power of the absolute, however, requires absolute knowledge and absolute wisdom.

29) These embody logic thus the power of Schöpfung.

German Original

21. Dies entspricht der absoluten schöpferischen Logik; und gerade diesem Wort Logik sollte der Erdenmensch einmal seine ganz besondere Aufmerksamkeit schenken, denn oftmals wird es falsch ausgelegt.

22. Logik bedeutet nicht nur nach erdenmenschlichem Verstehen die Folgerichtigkeit irgendeiner Tatsache, sondern DIE KRAFT DER SCHÖPFUNG.

23. Aus eurer altgriechischen Sprache entstammt das Wort LOGOS, dessen Bewertung SCHÖPFUNGSKRAFT bedeutet.

24. So also das Wort LOGIK in Anwendung gebracht wird, bedeutet es immer SCHÖPFUNGSKRAFT.

25. Logik bedeutet also nicht nur den üblichen Sinn der Folgerichtigkeit, sondern die absolute Richtigkeit aus dem Entstehen aus der schöpferischen Kraft.

26. Dies bedeutet, dass Logik als Schöpfungskraft wahrliches Wissen und Weisheit in sich verkörpert und durch nichts überboten werden kann.

27. Das Höchste ist die Schöpfung, und die grösste Kraft ist die der Schöpfung, und gerade diese kann niemals überboten werden, denn sie ist die Kraft im Absoluten.

28. Die Kraft des Absoluten aber bedingt des absoluten Wissens und der absoluten Weisheit.

29. Diese verkörpern die Logik, also die Schöpfungskraft.


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