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My Long Road to FIGU by Catherine Mossman

I’ve learnt that, for each of us, our paths to FIGU are of course going to be unique. Each of us live and experience our lives embedded in infinitely varying environments. The way in which we perceive, interpret and process events, interactions, and learning is influenced by not only our material experiences and interactions and our material consciousness but also through subtle impulses that reach through to our subconsciousness from our inner selves. These impulses stem from our unique evolutionary standing or vibrational level that represents accrued learning from myriad past lives. That being said, however, no one is going to embrace the material found in Billy’s writings if we are neither open, nor prepared, to undertake the learning and understanding involved in delving into the multitudinous layers of information waiting to be discovered. It is my opinion that this preparedness is predicated on a life path that leads to seeking an unbiased and uncoloured truth.

To come to understand what FIGU is about and to be ready to embrace the hard work of a continued lifetime of conscious self-discovery and responsibility necessitates, in my opinion, an underlying hunger and predilection for knowledge and truth that steers the questing individual to reject/ question the status quo and seek deeper meaning. This is not necessarily a reactionary action, moreover, an active pursuit of deeper understanding of all things to do with human behaviour, development and ultimately, purpose.

I cannot talk about how I came to FIGU without briefly speaking of my journey and natural inclinations that, after a fashion, pre-determined my route to this immense body of knowledge and guidance which is going to keep me (and everyone else) occupied for uncountable life-times to come.

I remember that when I was around 7 years of age, when other little girls were wanting Barbie dolls, my big wish was for a Ouija board, which I received. I delighted in spending hours in the dark of my closet playing with that. I don’t remember if I received any significant messages. I do remember that it was not my friends’ and siblings’ idea of a good time. Yes, my parents probably thought I was a strange kid and ok, I was! I also remember spending hours in the backyard in summer, in a little tent house I’d made of blankets and lawn chairs and indulged myself in long daydreams of great castles, and lands and all kinds of wonderful made up things, including how I’d remodel the house in order to have a connecting chute directly to the stable where my ‘future’ horse would live, but I digress.

Additionally, from an early age and throughout my life I’ve always had great interest in UFOs and whole-heartedly embraced the certainty of life on other planets. I’ve found that this is often a commonality amongst most people that come to FIGU. If one patently rejects any possibility of life anywhere else in the Universe, especially human, then they will not be interested in this material.

As a young girl and teenager I became interested in spiritual matters, philosophy, psychology, sociology. My adoptive parents are both very intelligent and are both scholars; father: theology, mother: psychology/sociology as well as prodigious readers. We had a rich library stocked with all sorts of philosophers, religious, psychology, and sociological texts and authors including Nietzsche, Hermann Hesse, Aldous Huxley and such, which I eagerly tucked into.

As a young woman I explored some of the East Indian philosophies, was introduced to the concept of reincarnation, joined a meditation group, left Edmonton at the age of 19, and travelled solo for a year, mostly through Greece, Turkey, Egypt and South East Asia. My travels included four months in India and two of those months in an ashram under the leadership of a ‘master’ where I learned other types of meditations. While it was good to be in a community with other like-minded seekers, it wasn’t long before I started seeing that there was corruption and deception going on and left.

After my year of travel and discovery I ended up in Australia and stayed there for about 8 years working as a musician, resuming and completing jazz performance studies and working as a private music teacher, I returned to Canada and took up residence in Toronto in 1989.

One day, back in the early 1990’s, I noticed a poster up in my neighbourhood with a picture of a spaceship on it advertising an information evening and film about a UFO contactee by the name of Billy Meier. I’d never heard of this person, so I went along. There I met the fellow hosting the event, Michael Uyttebroek, and saw the film “Contact” made available by Wendell Stevens and Genesis III Publishing (owned by Lee Elders).

Mr. Uyttebroek, as it turns out, had not been to Switzerland yet but had come across the information himself and was excited to share it with others in these, unsanctioned by FIGU, i.e. ‘illegal’ events. It was amazing! The amount of evidence and truths there were astounding, and went way beyond any UFO contactee case I’d read about over the years; those other contact stories could not hold a candle to the information I learned that evening! This was more than little greys, cattle mutilations, crop circles and abductions; these were human beings, with information!!! And on top of it this terrestrial Swiss man, Billy Meier, played a role in it all somehow. It was hard to get my head around it all at first. How did his philosophical and life changing information connect with these people from distant worlds?

Michael U. had also gotten access to some ‘illegal’ translations of Billy’s The Meditation, The Decalogue and The Psyche, which he was selling for the cost of the photocopying. I eagerly bought them, however, due to the combination of the translations being rather poor and the sentences being the length of paragraphs I found it very hard slogging and next to impossible to understand. I filed those three booklets away and kept a Billy Meier file in my filing cabinet. I knew they held significant and important information and that sooner, or later, I was coming back to them.

I found the whole case fascinating yet, however, at that time, perhaps due to the inaccessibility of the language and Mr. Meier being in Switzerland, it just didn’t seem to be a possibility I was ready to pursue then. The thought of learning German was not even a consideration! Also, this was in the days before universal access to computers, the Internet and translation software etc., which now makes the material so much more easily accessible.

The bottom line for me though, was simply that I wasn’t quite ready to embrace it as I eventually would. Over the next 15 years or so, life swept me up and I went on to accomplish some other life projects such as return to university, complete my degree, attain a private pilot’s license, continue my career as a musician, buy a house all while working hard as a waitress and music teacher. For the last five of those years I got very involved in the music of Brazil (took up drumming in a Samba group) and did a lot of travelling back and forth to that country, in addition to learning Portuguese. However, FIGU was always there in the background and coming repeatedly into my life.

Over those years, Michael Uyttebroek had made many trips to Switzerland and had met others in Toronto who were interested in forming a FIGU study group, which they called the Toronto Study Group, later to become the Canadian Study Group, and later the FIGU Canadian study group. I was on their mailing list and received regular updates by post and was informed of Guido Moosbrugger’s visits to Toronto, which I also attended throughout the years. They were equally interesting and renewed my interest each time, yet I was still busy at my studies etc.

It wasn’t until September 2006, just back from Brazil after a not so great trip, that I was sitting in a neighbourhood coffee shop and noticed another poster, with one of the Plejaren beam ships pictured on it, advertising an upcoming FIGU Canadian Study Group event in October with Michael Horn at the Ontario Science Centre. I was surprised at the venue and thought, wow, these guys have really made some inroads and it’s going mainstream now!

The night of the event was rainy and cold, traffic was terrible getting there; I arrived out of breath and soaked! However, it was yet again a very interesting night, though I was already familiar with a lot of the information, it was great to meet Michael Horn and see his presentation and hear his answers to questions from the audience. Also, it having been quite a few years that I’d been away from the FIGU group, I re-met Michael Uyttebroek whom I’d barely recognised as he was now with a shaved head and no beard (previously he’d had hair and a long black beard). I also met some of the other members of the group. At that point I got myself back on the mailing list and about a week after that evening I received notice of their upcoming November monthly public meeting. I attended that meeting and thereafter decided to become a member of the FIGU Canadian Study Group.

I soon started meeting Michael on a weekly basis and we studied and read together. I believe I was keen to make up for all the lost time over the years! He was a great resource, generous with his time and information and could answer many of my questions and filled me in on his many trips to Switzerland in the intervening years and talked of Billy and the core group members. I arranged to become a passive member shortly thereafter and went to my first passive group meeting in Switzerland in May of 2007.

So, finally I was ready. I could say that I regret that I didn’t get involved back in those early years of the 1990’s however, there were lessons I had to learn and things I needed to complete. And, there is absolutely no value in regret for things of the past. I began learning German immediately and took up the Geisteslehre or, in English, the Spirit teaching. Now, I feel like I’ve at last arrived to a place that is home, a place where I can grow, evolve, learn and continue to slake my thirst for knowledge, truth and wisdom.

In 2010, with the encouragement of FIGU Switzerland, the FIGU Canadian Study Group morphed into the FIGULandesgruppe Canada which entailed a more serious commitment and higher level of responsibility as an official ‘daughter group of FIGU Switzerland’ and as a new national presence as a not for profit organisation with the federal government of Canada.

As I’d taken on the secretary position while I was part of the FIGU Canadian Study Group, I was elected to continue in the same position in our new not-for-profit capacity. Becoming a not-for-profit was a lot of work and a steep learning curve for us all to get our heads around; the intricacies of statutes and what is involved in being a not-for-profit organisation is no walk in the park. And unfortunately, we lost some members as we made this transition as one of the requirements of being a ‘daughter-group’ of FIGU Switzerland, was that all members need to be passive members of FIGU Switzerland. However, with the implementation of a greater web-presence, through our new web site that Michael built, we soon found new people who were keen to jump on board.

The journey for our small band of dedicated members continues as we strive to eventually build up the funds to own a physical centre here in Ontario somewhere. This may well be something that will not happen in my lifetime, but we lay the foundations nonetheless.

in the meantime we continue to introduce and make the information available to the public in the hopes that more and more people will start to see the logic and rationality behind this material and begin to awaken to the purpose of our existence. it is so important to me to be aware of how precious and short life is and that we can benefit so much more by spending every moment with awareness and in learning and applying the teaching with love for others and ourselves.

This is a responsibility I embrace wholeheartedly and am grateful to be a part of this group, and to continually be in touch with others from across Canada, the US, and the world who are also seeking peace, freedom, truth and harmony.

Catherine Mossman


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