National enslavement psychopathy

National enslavement psychopathy is a phenomenon which develops under special conditions whereby one nations relationship with another becomes estranged, suffers a disarrangement, a newly placed emphasis and an alienation from the various agreements that have historically been established, which the other nation has no inkling of. Generated in such situations as the formation of supranational union, such as the European Union, other examples include nations that have recently began exercising self-governance, but this exclusively occurs in situations where these new arrangements have been out of alignment with traditionally held and accepted values, and in all cases the changes occurred without either the knowledge or the consent of the people of that or those nations.

The phenomenon is characterized by enduring antisocial behaviour (not the traditional way of assessing it), diminished empathy and remorse, and disinhibited or bold behaviour.

As is the case with all nationally bound phenomena, it is always the vulnerable, ordinary, low paid and unappreciated citizens which shoulder most of the burden, anguish, that results from the changes at a national level. Especially when they are lead to believe they live in a democratic nation, giving those on the front line of the national economy a false impression of the situation, and therefore uninformed of the extent of the changes that are about to take place, are confronted by these difficult situations, frictions between nations, and in many cases lead to ruin, tragedy and the hollowing out of communities. For economic and political reasons.

The situation occurs when a government refuses to be honest with its citizens about the actual state of the situation, any situation, either over a period of time, or imminent changes. Many nations leave it to their national newspapers to inform the people of the various democratic changes that are taking place, the only problem being that, they are lead to believe their government will act in their best interests under the premise of democracy. While many do not read newspapers, nor are they instructed to keep abreast of the situation, which is a situation that leads people blindly by their governments into instability, which the individual citizen becomes ultimately responsible for repairing and stabilizing.