Nordic Aliens

From Future Of Mankind
Propaganda in promotion of George Adamski fiction, see Other Contactees#Frauds

The website doesn't use the terms “Nordic Aliens” or for that matter “Aliens”, among several associated terminologies, mainly because it doesn't have nor has ever had in fifty years, anything to do with the original story beautifully presented by FIGU -on any level. It's a term which is out of kilter, balance and order, removed and estranged from the character, integrity and nature of the information presented on this website, and the website needing to say to make it perfectly clear, wouldn't have the audience it does if it did, see Main Page.

But the term does have its own unique position somewhere on the website, assuming of course it originates from 'George Adamski' and 'Howard Menger' and not say the commentary of 'David J. Skal' or ‘Stephanie Kelley-Romano‘ - under Other Contactees#Frauds.

Frauds like George Adamski and K. Michalek etc., have driven many people into delusion, misery and unpleasantness. Adamski was not a contactee, as neither was Michalek or the for that matter the South African, Elizabeth Klarer, nor H. Menger. It’s illogical to extend that list any further, because no human beings on Earth maintain any contacts with extraterrestrial intelligences. Therefore they’re all liars, frauds and cheats.

It is possible to prove that they are deceivers, but one shouldn't try to do that, because the Earth-human can only be convinced of the truth with great difficulty. Their consciousness-based intellect is too low for that. One day, they will have to find the truth themselves, and only then will they take it in as knowledge. At the present time, the individuals who are the least agreeable to recognise and disseminate the truth, are those who have allowed themselves to be deceived by charlatan deceivers for decades, and who have sacrificed millions for the dissemination of their stories of lies and books of lies. For those individuals, their world would collapse, because they would have to recognise themselves as deceived, and would have to disgrace themselves in front of the public.