Prophet of the New Time

From Future Of Mankind

Billy is the Prophet of the New Time. Here are extracts from the Contact Reports that reinforce and explain this statement.

Ptaah to Billy in Contact Report 236

183. And everything is given in such a way as this teaching is provided and taught by you, you who are the only person on the Earth, the only one on the entire surface of the Earth who is responsible for such and who is a prophet for all people on Earth, for all nations, for all races, and for every single earthling or non-earthling.

184. But this, my friend, is better known and better understood by you than it could ever be by me in my present life.

185. And I say this another time:

186. You are responsible for the spreading of the teaching of the spirit for the entire Earth-world, so for every single person, for every nation and for every race, so also for all people of different skin colors, so for the white people, the yellow people, the red, brown, black, blue, and green etc., who populate the Earth.

187. You are the prophet of the New Time for the whole Earth-world and for all people on this planet.

188. This is already written in the Talmud Jmmanuel, and whoever may read this should read and learn there of the predictions that were already given about 2,000 years ago.

189. The “teaching of the spirit” provided by you is the uniform teaching for all human races on the Earth, as well as in the whole Universe, because the truth of the Creation and the resulting “teaching of the spirit” is uniform and without difference for all human beings and other life forms in the whole Universe.

190. There are no differences at all in the “teaching of the spirit,” neither for one life form nor for another

Semjase to Billy in Contact Report 9

164. Further necessary knowledge regards a cosmic change, of which I have already spoken once.

165. It treats of the "Age of Aquarius", also called the "Golden Age".

166. in this respect I must first explain the religious interpretations concerning this epoch are wrong.

167. A certain irresponsible fanaticism treats this as the religiously proclaimed "final days".

168. By no means is this new time a final time, because in truth it brings real life.

169. This epoch enables everything to develop to highest potential, including spirit, according to providence.

170. But it will take many centuries after entering that period to reach such advanced levels.

171. At first, as usual, the irreligious scientists will profit from the new advances while the common people will be restrained by their religions.

172. Caused by the change of epoch, religious people will fall into fanatical religious delusion.

173. Especially the 184 years of the time of change, religious beliefs of all sorts will shoot up like mushrooms and bring many humans under their control.

174. Murder, suicide, and exploitation of all kind, as well as religious slavery to false beliefs will be the daily lot, by which the whole world will be shaken.

175. False prophets will offer salvation publicly in a fanatic search for victims and new followers.

176. This is the initial phase of the "Golden Age", the transition phase of 184 years.

177. The culmination of this period will come in 2028 (our years).

178. The revolutionary force of this new epoch has begun in 1844, and since then the extensive alterations on Earth rush irresistibly forward.

179. The New Time already demands its tribute, religious delusion, rapidly developing sciences, rampant crime, and wars of extirpation, characteristics of this time which can not be ignored.

180. The first half of the transition period lasted 92 years, until 1936, while the Earth felt the last of the "Age of Pisces" (as it was called).

181. Since that time, rapidly evolving events, discoveries, inventions, etc., were characteristic as for no other time.

182. This whole sun-system with all its innumerable creatures is under the control of the new time.

183. Each and everything is influenced by it, because this is a cosmic law.

184. It is to this law, to which are subject all movements of planets and all forms of life in the Universe, that the earth proceeds in the run of cosmic events since 1844, which according to evolution replaces all hitherto existing regulations not of the Creational character.

185. (This line is missing)

186. The origin of this epochal change is in the radiation effect of the huge central sun around which your system circles once in 25,860 years and passes through 12 epochs within the meaning of your astrologer’s Zodiacs.

187. The Earth has already touched the outer borders of the "Golden Radiation" of the central sun, which are of the strongest and most revolutionary radiation.

Billy and Ptaah in Contact Report 260


That is clear. But now again to something else: You call me the Prophet of the New Time, as this is also already written in the Talmud Jmmanuel. For what length of time should this designation be valid?


264. You should actually know that better than me.


Of course, I know from when to when the New Time is calculated, namely from the year 1844 to the year 3999, so for a duration of 2,155 years. However, this isn’t about my conformation but rather yours, for someone asked this question specifically in the way that I should ask you, so that you give an answer that should then be written in the Contact Report.


265. I understand.

266. It is illogical, to be sure, because your word is much more authoritative than mine in these and many other interests.

267. But in order not to cause disappointment, I just want to and can confirm your explanation:

268. The New Time begins with the year 1844 and ends with the year 3999.


And in this respect, this must be calculated in accordance with the existing, wrong post-Christian calendar. In truth, the New Time begins, using the right Christian era, with a threefold value, and thus, in the year 1839. But because the wrong Christian time calculations have been valid here since time immemorial, everything is determined, calculated, and arranged in accordance with these.


269. With which you, of course, also rectify these interests.