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Easily understood or done; presenting no difficulty. Plain, basic, or uncomplicated in form, nature, or design; without much decoration or ornamentation.

  • Synonyms: straightforward, uncomplicated, uninvolved, effortless, painless, manageable, undemanding, unexacting, elementary, plain sailing, a five-finger exercise, basic, fundamental.
  • Antonyms: difficult, hard, demanding, complicated, complex

The term simple in the Contact Reports

  • Contact Report 011 It was explained that the direct display of the truth supersedes all useless objections; the realization of the truth makes everything down to the finest detail clear and self-explanatory.
  • Contact Report 251 Ptaah explains to Billy alone that likewise, I will get in contact with you when I have important information, instructions or other matters for you or the group. So, you need not struggle to call me; in other words, you need not try for hours if I am not available at that exact moment. A simple, elementary-type telepathic call will suffice and be registered by the monitoring device, whose signal is continually transmitted until I receive and confirm it. My telepathic contact with you, in turn, will ensue as rapidly as possible in normal spirit telepathy.
  • Contact Report 213 Billy expresses his opinion to Quetzal that, as I could learn from Jmmanuel, when I asked him about it, the story of the “carpenter’s son” is not correct, for his foster father, Joseph, had not been a simple carpenter but rather the owner of a small carpentry [firm], with various workers who fulfilled his orders for him.
  • Contact Report 214 Quetzal explains to Billy about a future time on line 210 and 211, that, more and more, too young and simple-minded people will be launched into high and responsible positions, to which they cannot do justice. Thus, positions of power will be occupied by those who do not know how to handle them responsibly, and they will abuse these positions just for their own advantage and according to their confused thoughts and ideas, namely up to treason, and they will drive everything into ruin through this.
  • Contact Report 136 Semjase is explaining to Billy that in these specific nations especially the designated unpleasant individuals have made many friends in governments and among the people, or they have their own people sit in authoritative governments and in the economic and financial world. When Billy expresses reverse polarity humour, as a method of illuminating the antonym, which incidentally is a risky method of communication, by saying Ah, and it is still supposed to be simple for me?, where Semjase and Billy then continue by examining the escalation of complexity on top of a foundation of simplicity.
  • Contact Report 228 Billy explains that if all knowledge was simply tossed out to them like feed and they fed on it thoughtlessly and without processing, then it would bring no proper success, but rather only a certain school-knowledge, while the undigested remainder would be secreted again as excrement.
  • Contact Report 182 Quetzal explains a little about an investigation that was carried out over a few weeks which was aimed at fathoming everything about members, which he said revealed everything from a simple lie all the way to theft of a large quantity of money. At any rate they were interested in more simple mysteries, at least the simple explanation to mysteries, which are usually inherently complicated, which is why it was an investigation designed to fathom rather than another word say which does not mean fathom, such as generally understand or partially generally take a look.