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The Seven Valuable Steps of Meditation

A new translation of a spirit teaching booklet. It is available here.


Extract of Contact Report 52 Uploaded

Another partial translation has been received from Stefan Zutt and has been uploaded here. It briefly covers the subjects of the "Pharoah's curse" and the Giza Pyramid.

As a side note, I've moved the German half of the Sfath's Explanation article to another page (actually to another page in another namespace called "Deutsch"). You can let me know if its a good or bad idea by leaving a comment on that page (not easily done via a mobile device) if you wish. I'm trying it out. An advantage to this separation is that you can print out English-only text or German-only text for the purpose of saving paper or easier reading on a mobile device. Namespaces can also be searched individually on the Special:Search page.


James Moore

The First Newsletter from the Southern England Interest Group for the FIGU Mission

The Southern England Interest Group for the FIGU Mission has just released it's first newsletter.

You can access it here.



Have you read these recent translations?

Stefan Zutt has recently translated extracts of:

Matthew Deagle translated:

Also check out the Recent Changes page for other interesting additions by Daniel Leech.



CAD Drawing of 120mm Peace Meditation Pyramid

Read it here. Its in German. This is the only way to affect peace on Earth through meditation. 500,000 ETs also take part in the Peace Meditation 2 weekends each month. Of course its not the only way to bring about peace. The other ways include becoming a real human being yourself so that others can observe through you how to be such. Becoming a real human being means correcting your thoughts, words and actions so that you live in harmony with Creation, in peace with all creatures, truthfully and in a wise way.

James Moore

FLCA Newsletter March 2016

Read it here.

James Moore

Contact Report 556 partial translations uploaded

Read it here.

James Moore

Expanding into Consciousness internet radio show - Vivienne Legg interview

The media player is loading...

Listen to Vivienne Legg, the President of the Australian national FIGU group, being interviewed on 3rd February, 2016 by Rodrigo Soto of 'Expanding into Consciousness.'

To download the mp3 file for listening offline click here. Might be difficult on mobile phones.

James Moore

WCUFO near a Fir Tree and Occam’s Razor

Rhal Zahi submitted a new article which you can read here.

I found it useful and logical.

James Moore

Two more contact report excerpts added 623 and 625 by FLAU

Find them here:


James Moore

Two new contact excerpts added 579 and 585 by DriscollL

You can find them right here: Contact Report 579 and Contact Report 585.


James Moore

The Seven Belts Of Creation

Check out this new video by Michael Uyttebroek of FIGU Canada.

Connect The Dots

Uploaded a new article titled "Connect The Dots" by Dyson Devine.

James Moore

Added new translations of spirit teaching articles

Today the following articles have been added to the website.

These were translated by Ben Blijleven during March, 2015.


3 new spirit teaching translations

Today 3 new spirit teaching articles have been published, translations by Ben Blijleven:


Added partial translations of Contact Reports 270 and 296

Added partial translations of Contact Report 270 and 296 regarding the subject of race mixing or interracial procreation.

James Moore

Added Contact Report 345

In this new translation by Larry Driscoll, Ptaah describes some discoveries that his people recently made including three human races that inhabit a planet similar to ours in another star system who have reached a similar technological state to us but who however have been living in peace for over 1200 years and whom are not religiously deluded.

James Moore

Further additions to Contact Report 476

Added a new translation excerpt of Contact Report 476 by Larry Driscoll that reveals how planet Akart in Proxima-Centauri (in another space-time continuum) suffered an oxygen collapse and 99% of its population died due to its overpopulation being allowed to run out of control, until it exceeded the absolute maximum planetary-supported limit. Lets hope that we have the intelligence to take sufficient action so that we can avoid suffering the same fate.

→ continue reading...

Reincarnation and the Spirit-form

Michael Uyttebroek from FIGU Canada recently put together an educational video that describes the spirit-form and the reincarnation process. It is based on excerpts from the book "Wiedergeburt, Leben, Sterben, Tod und Trauer" (Rebirth, Life, Dying, Death and Sorrow) by 'Billy' Eduard Albert Meier. Topics include: what is the spirit-form, what is its purpose, the human beings material consciousness, the Creation, how does the spirit-form evolve, functions of the overall consciousness-block, reincarnation vs incarnation, programming of the personality, influences of the storage banks, spiritual consciousness, common misunderstandings with regard to reincarnation, etc

James Moore

Updated Contact Report 476

Dyson and Vivienne provided another translation. This time it is an extra paragraph to Contact Report 476 that was only released in the PPKB volume 12 that was published 2014. I haven't a copy of the Semjase Berichte (comes out earlier than the PPKBs as far as I am aware) equivalent that also has this CR, if it exists, so I cannot confirm that it's new. The extra info is basically this:

"But, to come away from that: a long time ago, we spoke about a world organisation, namely the … secret society, through which the entire world is manipulated, especially the politics, the sciences, the industrial corporations, the food, goods, and weapons trade, the banking corporations and thereby the entire world of finance. The big economic and corporate executives of all kinds are involved in that, as are many state powers, many secret services, high-ranking military and secret societies, which every year get together in the mentioned secret society and determine the situation of the world. This, I want to say, world secret society, amply manipulates the prosperity and adversity of the Earth humanity and the events on the Earth in regard to the world of finance and business as well as the private sector and in regard to the politics as well as certain armies, which is however officially neither known nor admitted, consequently, nothing of that penetrates to the public. In contrast to rubbishy conspiracy theories, that corresponds to the reality and has nothing to do with alleged “reptilians” and “baby-eaters”, which allegedly - as extraterrestrials transformed into human beings, or as cannibals - are supposed to sit in the governments and carry out their mischief, and so forth." Diff

What is this secret society? The Bilderberg Group? The Trilateral Commission? Or something else?

Why was this new information only recently released last year? Is this secret society a sinister one that is capable of murder just like most governments of our world?

James Moore

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