Talk:Analysis of IIG's Meier Case explanations

Hawaiian 05:44, 5 March 2010 (UTC)

In addition to the glaring dissimilarities between the doctored photos from the Men in Black and Billy Meier’s, one should also notice the “essence” quality between the two.

The eyes are the window to one’s Consciousness and will reflect the level of evolution amongst human beings.

Focus on photo # 109 which shows Michelle DellaFave and Susan Lund, notice how more aggressive and unrefined their emanating essence are when compared to photo # 111?

Compare that to Asket, who appears much more spiritual, in deep thoughts that “project” a higher form of essence energy level than her “double”, Michelle. Also, in photo # 111, Nera appears significantly more positively evolved than Susan. It’s good both are in the DAL universe, because negative forces can manipulate such essence in photographs for evil purposes, but risk a feedback response because the other two has also been exploited against Creational evolution.

Added by Jeroen: Yes, I agree that Asket has a more peaceful, less agressive, positive refined expression in her face, good point! I'm going to add to the article.

Hawaiian 19:08, 17 March 2010 (UTC)I still think that photo #109 is not genuine and "pasted" on for the following reasons:

On the right side "Asket", (a) notice that her nose is more rounded and larger, the face is more elongated which resembles Michelle DellaFave more than Asket. (b) Also, her face appears to be "projected" and not symmetrical in relation to her neck area. Then, notice the horizontal lines going across the entire photo to help "smudge" or cover up the forgery.

Now, look and analyze "Nera" (a) her hair is shorter and she is now wearing a collared shirt. (b) her face appears "pasted" and also not symmetrical to her left side because of the extra wide space between her hair and her collar.

Just my thoughts

Added by Jeroen March 21, 2010: I agree that the face of Asket and Nera in photo #109 greatly resemble the faces of the Dean Martin show performers but IIG hasn't produced an 100% match frame with regard to the faces. I think the faces may contain still some authentic parts like Asket's lower part of her face. Thanks for the input!