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Markvd said ...

Who has the most wives of all Plejaren males? Who is Mr. Monogamy personified. I read they date for 2 years before marriage so was it tough dating all those babes at the same time or as time passed more wives joined the team.:) Universal clarification please for future planetary wife seeking adventures of a multiuniversal kind.

--Markvd 01:24, 22 December 2010 (UTC)

Alive said ...


41. That is of correctness, my friend, and that's exactly why also the secret service agent _______ of the ______ secret service was delegated to address you about the data relating to this and about the possibility of our help.


42. It would be very unwise if I didn't look after these matters and, hence, didn't know that the _______ secret service turned to you through _______, upon which you, as we expected, only responded evasively, however.


This is bull_____ . It is better to wipe the sentences out than present them like that. I have no time to guess the censored words. I prefer to spend my time tonight by watching ______ movies which although will not make me wiser, could make me a little bit warmer.

---- M -- 13:06, 22 December 2010 (UTC)

Hawaiian 03:11, 29 December 2010 (UTC)It is not bull, but very significant coming from none other than the Plejaren leader himself, Paath and further acknowledging that the American secret service is taking BEAM's mission very seriously! Whether they are more interested in countering the Russians to remain at the apex of world domination or for humanity reasons, I leave that up to you to decide.

Also, it is in the best interests for the Plejarens NOT to engage in any ongoing classified events on Earth that will endanger their as well as Billy's mission, which is to raise the Consciousness of Truth for ALL Earth beings.

Sheila said ...

Hi Evila, I guess that's your opinion, but it sure isn't mine. It's not hard to figure out what names go in those blanks.

--Sheila 03:48, 27 December 2010 (UTC)

Jamesm said ...

This is a very significant contact report. From lines 167 to 191 it can be understood that the spirit teaching is going to be mostly ignored by the majority of Earth humans, but in the year 2075, Billy's spirit form will reincarnate into a personality that will start to help spread the spirit teaching in a very significant form around the world. I'll be 100 years old in 2075 :D if I live that long. I hope to live to 120 so I can see that happen although I might be a little senile by then.

--Jamesm 00:28, 29 December 2010 (UTC)

Jamesm said ...

Perhaps 120 years isnt long enough. I'd be better off dying in 2050 then coming back in 2100 to grow up during the after effects. When would you like to reincarnate?

--Jamesm 00:31, 29 December 2010 (UTC)

I know what you mean, Jamesm, but look deeper into what Quetzal says about the Creational Laws (which somewhat counters a previous posting by Semjase's account?) that do allow for alterations by Billy. Therefore, one can strive to learn beyond these predictions or prophecies and concentrate on your current Awareness, making the proper connections to your currently evolved status and elevate it. I will love to summarize many of these materials, but don't need to spend my time and energy on immature responses as evidenced in recent postings. As a matter of fact, sometimes I feel it is not worth it.

However, there are things or events that cannot be discussed in public forums which are reserved for much higher evolved realms of existence as the dangers for abuse is always present, especially in the current power-lust, greedy environment, where human life is of no consequences.

Quetzal: 35. Everything in it is described, presented, and explained very much better than what would have been possible for me to do.

36. However, you should modify certain things a little, in the sense that you interweave some values, which have been worked out for you all by the High Council for a long time in accordance with earthly values.

37. The giving of laws and commandments - you should absolutely work these into your work, which then requires, however - as said - some changes in reference to transpositions.

38. If it is opportune for you, then I can transmit these laws and commandments to you tomorrow, so that you don't come into default with your work relating to this.

Markvd said ...

The key to longevity on Earth I beleive resides in Japan they seem to have the most 100 + folks other than Gilgamesh who is beyond comprehension for us. I will now begin a Sushi mission and see if it works for me:)

--Markvd 01:35, 29 December 2010 (UTC)

Bigfoot said ...

Asket mentioned 2011 as a ww3 possibility.

--Bigfoot 03:29, 29 December 2010 (UTC)

Alive said ...


I do not know whose idea it is to censor this Contact Report, but I could say, based on my reasoning alone, that it is not Billy's. He has no fear of any secret service and its toy soldiers.

---- M -- 04:04, 29 December 2010 (UTC)

Benjamin Stevens said ...


Are you truly confident that you know what names go in the blanks? If so, what are they? I, for one, cannot figure it out. Thanks.

--βενιαμιν 13:48, 29 December 2010 (UTC)

Markvd said ...

WW3 possibility in 2011 via Asket mobile direct from DAL universe has to be serious stuff thanks Bigfoot. Did she say who the main culprits are and why do we have dangerous toys in the hands of people with low logic comprehension HMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. Don't tell me it's used to defend themselves from space invaders because after watching Skyline the Aliens would laugh at our pathetic weapons which we use to destroy ourselves with. How clumsy does that sound.:)

--Markvd 22:51, 29 December 2010 (UTC)

Sheila said ...

Hi Benjamin, well as far as I can guess I would say it's Israeli and Kal Korff or could it be USA and George Greene? As far as Alive's blank goes, I have no idea, lol.

--Sheila 03:08, 30 December 2010 (UTC)

Benjamin Stevens said ...

Hi Sheila,

Thanks for the reply; although, I'm not so sure that either Kal Korff or George Green are or ever were secret service agents, and Korff certainly wouldn't have been looking for the Plejarens' help. Concerning Alive's 2 blank spaces - unfortunately, I think I know very well what goes in both of them. As such, it is probably better that both spaces remain blank. :)

--βενιαμιν 13:12, 30 December 2010 (UTC)

Alive said ...

Sheila, Benjamin S, James M, Hawaiian, Two Marks, humanoids all over DERN universe,

Let us keep my blank spaces as they are, so the future readers of the Contact Report 115 and its discussion board could stare at the blank spaces, contemplate about them, and fill the spaces with the words which reflect their thoughts and feelings, not mine. Tonight I will watch fireworks and bless the future readers, so they could see what I have failed to see and understand the things which are inconceivable for me.

---- M -- 13:49, 31 December 2010 (UTC)

Jamesm said ...

Yes lets.

--Jamesm 15:23, 31 December 2010 (UTC)

Jamesm said ...

Hawaiian had a problem posting so here is his post that he emailed to me :

Nothing useful to comment on, except your twisting of reality that the truth is the majority of people posting DO NOT use their intuition in UTILIZING Billy's materials in order to find their "fit" in this whole episode of events. Instead it’s mostly repeat, cut/paste, consume and excrete without much digestion in order to EVOLVE past the comprehensive’s the spirit that dwells which suffers...having to deal with practically little or no progress from the present personality.

Someone had to make it clear of events so others realize that discipline is a bad tasting, but good medicine, I really don't care what others say about me, so long as the Truth is announced! Apparently emotions get the better and people should analyze what have been posted, much energy and thought have been invested and hidden meanings are deliberately embedded for those with the capacity to endeavor deeper.

Besides, the Equational Potential formulas introduced are not just for Earthly matters, but also cover the paradoxes for the Plejaren, Creator Overlords and others. Its just the fact that the majority of Earthly humans do not yet understand its applications, because they have not realized their "fit" in this most complex equation of sorts, besides also the technology does not currently exist (however the Plejaren have it) to do a thorough investigation that spans space/time personalities and dimensions.

It will become clear in due time, however one does not need to despair for the connections are all evident in BEAM's materials, it just needs to be clarified into some logical format in order to be more digestible for most.

One has to realize that the Plejaren themselves still have allot to learn and experience, neither are they perfect nor the message they bring are perfect either. They have done a few blunders here on Earth and probably will do more in the future, hopefully it will not cause the total destruction of Earth for they should heed Nokodemjion’s example.

What would each of you logically think about the fact that a BEING in the pure spiritual state of Arahat Athersata level, where all are “linked” and that if one BEING acknowledged an idea or energy “thought”, instantly all other BEINGS share it amongst “themselves” because of this spiritual link.

Now think about this, since Nokodemjion is the co-creator of the Lyrian and other white races that plundered the DERN universe while his spirit was in the Arahat Athersata realm and for that reason was responsible, thus connected or linked to this travesty which, if left uncorrected, would it not also “contaminate” the other BEINGS in this respective spiritual realm as well?

Thus, it would be wise for those that abuse others that although one may get away with it for some time at least in the material realm (maybe not?), your evolutionary attributes may not be valid accordingly to the Equational Potentials and one of the reasons (besides wars) why after almost 7 billion years, the Lyrian and other races Nokodemjion co-created are still not even at the half/spiritual realms of the High Council which is initiated between 40-60 million years of evolution.

These are the kind of questions one should ask, for your as well as your past, current and future depends on it to bring accountability for all concerned.

--Jamesm 00:26, 4 January 2011 (UTC)

Alive said ...

Semjase: 221. That may not be true, for you will actually not be the biological father but will only take over the father's role after the birth of the descendant.

Could anyone tell me the name of the child and the name of biological father?

---- M -- 12:54, 5 January 2011 (UTC)

Sheila said ...

I think the troll should be banned until he reads at least the first four chapters of the Goblet of Truth. And you know who you are - you're not Maxim, you're currently at Minimum.

--Sheila 17:46, 5 January 2011 (UTC)

Alive said ...


What is it? Do you want to feel my anger again? Did it turn you on? B----.

---- M -- 18:01, 5 January 2011 (UTC)

Sheila said ...

Well you sure are full of yourself, aren't you? I'm afraid I didn't feel your anger last time so you might have to try harder this time. So come on, get it all out, let us all know the real you.

--Sheila 00:24, 7 January 2011 (UTC)

Alive said ...

Keep on dreaming, psycho.

---- M -- 01:08, 7 January 2011 (UTC)

Hawaiian said ...


Internal inbalance of one should be that person's primary concern not yours although it may be in your nuture nature's quest to assist others in need, your primary attributes are also endeavored in assisting your incarnated spirit.

One that does not nuture their spirit does not have the right to expect others to do so (free will) at the expense of their own spirit as far as evolution is concerned. Only in cases of self-destruction of others adhering to creational laws, does intervention become necessary.

--Hawaiian 22:35, 7 January 2011 (UTC)

Zameen said ...

Hawaiian. Aloha, I must agree.

--Zameen 23:48, 7 January 2011 (UTC)

Sheila said ...

Hi Hawaiian, so does that mean those not adhering to creational laws, you don't have to help?

--Sheila 03:12, 8 January 2011 (UTC)

Hawaiian said ...

The Plejarens have intervened on several occasions on Earth by scientists who tried to experiment with a weapon that would have vaporized this planet in minutes. One another event where ET’s were leaving their solar systems (16 planets) due to some cosmic disturbances and planned to invade and kill off inhabitants of other worlds including Earth in order to live there, the Plejarens intervened and found new uninhabited worlds for them to live on.

These are a few examples of necessary intervention in order to counter-balance Uncreational endeavors which pose dangers not just for the negative initiators, but also those that adhere to Creational laws.

Now to answer your question about “not helping” those that do not adhere to Creational Laws, you have a point. I should have been more concise and applied that statement to CURRENT affairs at hand.

Due to our present technological limitations in addressing these issues and the fact that enormous amounts of time, energy and resources and toil that are required in order just to make a dent of improvement, if any to one that DOES NOT adhere to Creational laws (in cases like schizophrenic, psychotic, delusional and multiple personality disorders often brought about through unsupervised contact with entities of the ether state) or in most cases, not living a balanced life.

The Plejarens specifically does not recommend attempts to make contact with these “entities” as most are not evolved enough to prove satisfactory and often engage in deception as well.

Now, back on track, unless one is professionally trained in these matters and does not mind investing all that time and energy in “fixing” such internal imbalances, which by the way also require enormous amounts of commitment on the patient’s part, one has to evaluate this entire scenario. Does it really makes a whole lot of sense even attempting to resolve such issues, what are the success rate and if any, how long does it lasts without constant supervision or drug medication?

Then after all this has been done, considering the sum of investments incurred, would have it been wiser to have invested this energy toward the evolution of one’s own spirit which obviously took a serious toil? It may sound self fish, in a sense; however is it not also selfish on the part of those engaging in such uncreational activities to expect another human being to make the erfuhlen? (Not sacrifice) on their behalf and at the expense of one’s own spiritual evolution?

These are difficult questions indeed, but maybe in a more conducive environment where technology can be of a deciding factor in cases like these, then we can apply such measures in “korrektieren”?

So the deciding factor one has to make is it really worth your time, energy and resources to commit to another? That is your free will to endeavor and if one decides on that route, then that is your decision to do so. Maybe the spirit will incarnate in a better personality, who knows?

--Hawaiian 20:21, 8 January 2011 (UTC)

Sheila said ...

Well Hawaiian, I cannot argue with that.

--Sheila 21:13, 11 January 2011 (UTC)

Redtk21 said ...

who is the child they're talking about?

--Redtk21 (talk), 12:53, 16 August 2013 (CEST)

Allah. said ...

Redtk21 (Karl ?),

Have you ever heard about Atlant Bieri?

--Allah. (talk), Endless Desert, 09:25, 17 August 2013 (CEST)

Redtk21 said ...

Ok, thanks!

--Redtk21 (talk), 08:56, 18 August 2013 (CEST)