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Markvd said ...

There are some very "talented" people associated with so many members. Now the question is there talent being of a good or annoying nature. I would categorize this in the odd natured variety. I watched the show the Vampire diaries and I hear that Vamps use some form of combination eye and mental telepath which I think Semjase is capable of so you stare them in the eye and tell them exactly how to act correctly. :) When they do it in the show it consists of a couple of lines due to the nature of Earth humanity and it's smaller cache memory so keep it short and sweet and they might learn something. j/k OR you can just impulse there brains until they get it right, either way you shouldn't worry about man they have to find there own way. I find myself confused most of the time dealing with humanity of my planet Earth because as Billy said they have lost there natural flow or due many incorrect processes and feeling killing vibrations. You would have to be mentally sound to even find the human rhythm of nature which will take a ton of time to acquire once again without understanding spirit.

--Markvd 22:46, 2 February 2012 (UTC)

Blip1959 said ...

billy i just read this and it was a beautiful story as in the sence that a woman (semjase)came to you for a great distance to talk you of a problem that she had its good to see that we are not the only ones to get in a pickle .i do hope she is doing well from time to time me and my brother do talk of her.if i could talk to her i would but wish her well for me.sergio out& bless you all

--Blip1959 04:20, 4 February 2012 (UTC)

I said ...

The case of Albert (Lilo's husband) and Vreni should be approached differently than what should be done to the case of Engelbert and Bernadette. Albert and Vreni were not friends in their former lives. They just pretended that they were and deceived each other that they have somekind of special relation in their present reincarnations. It is not important whether Vreni's feeling toward Albert was based on a true love, false love, or just adventurism. She is a conspirator anyhow. It is also not important to find out whether Albert has a mental ability to discern the concept of love or not. (Heck, he was a robber, rapist, and murderer in his former life. How could he think about the concept of love?) What important here is that this case should be exposed not only in front of core group members, but also in front of all Swiss citizens, since Albert's background is not only a pollution to the group, but also a serious threat to the continuation of Swiss society. After this has been done, Beat and Vreni have to be formally excluded, and Albert has to be caged in a multilayered titanium capsule and sent to one of Jupiter's moons as soon as possible.

Semiase acted excellently on the day of 5 Mars 1980. She informed mister Billy in the right moment with an astonishing dedication to the truth and reason, and she also gave him a definitive suggestion which would minimize the damage and clear the path of positive development for the group. From today's point of view, it seems natural that the group comemorated her name as the name of its centre.

---- M -- 05:17, 4 February 2012 (UTC)