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Markvd said ...

It's interesting to find many beings capable of space flight yet not mature enough in there humility and mastery of there true self. If there true self is destructive in nature due to the balance theory one should always keep all enemies and friends close for if they aren't consiously harmonious they could one day be dangerous. I wish all beings well .....................eventually when they are confident and correct. :)

--Markvd 00:07, 26 June 2012 (BST)

Jamesm said ...

This contact also shows that interstellar space flight capability isnt the only apparent prerequisite for contact by the Plejaren. They also require a higher technological and consciousness development level to be achieved. How high is difficult to accurately say from my point of view.

--Jamesm 12:31, 26 June 2012 (BST)

Markvd said ...

That's also very interesting Jamesm. I would look into people's consciosness rather than judge there technology personally, you could have an entire race of people that aren't interested in tech and evolve through natural or higher levels of knowledge. I think tech is more a material gauge of capability. Every territory is unique. :)

--Markvd 19:40, 26 June 2012 (BST)

Barbarian216 said ...

The problem with the Plejarens is that they depend too much on “their” directives and as stated by them “as a result we are not able to arrange them in accordance with our directives into the important security stages, which are predetermined by us as our directives”. Just look at Contact Report 151, line 62 in which Quetzal states “flawlessly evident by our eleven-year long observation and monitoring that these life forms are humane & reveal no hostility at all”. Yet in this Contact Report 532, Ptaah admits that their conscious related levels are not consistent to creational laws and directives, therefore these aliens accordingly to Plejaren “standards” and “directives” are not condusive for contact.

Although they do admit that these Earth aliens have advanced technology, but their creational attributes are lacking therefore they do not see any valid reason to initiate contact with them because they are not any better than Earthly humans. So why are these aliens so interested inhumanity that they sectioned off the entire globe into 3 areas of responsibility.

Another question should be asked, if the Plejarens base their judgments strictly on their observations, yet do not know where their home planet(s) are nor cannot penetrate their UFO hulls that seem to turn even moonlight into energy, nor do these occupants desire to make contact with the Plejarens and often just disappear, then there must be something they are doing secretly they do not want the Plejarens to know about.

If one really analyzed the different potentials of Earth humanity and its various connections to other planets and Beings via the current subconscious of various incarnated spirit forms here on Earth, some with 12 billion year experiences and other ET’s that have died on Earth, Mars and Malona, there lies a very dangerous avenue for misguided abuses utilizing high technology to manipulate the one source that can cause untold damage beyond particle or beam weapons which is Subconscious feedback EMP, something the Plejarens and High Council should be actively aware of.

It is not fantasy as proven by an experiment conducted by Billy, Semjase that targeted Mr. G’s subconscious and the resulting EMP, all one has to do is run a thorough analysis on certain Earthly humans who have this “internal connections” to not just different areas of this universe, but even the Plejarens themselves via their subconscious and you have a most terrible weapon beyond imagination. Therefore relying on just observations and technology may not be enough as the Plejrens are indicating so far.

Contact Report 150 Quetzal 53. The wing-like sides of the bodies, therefore, are further apart. 55. The building material is of an extremely hard and resistant material, in contrast to our materials, which are of a soft form. 57. Unfortunately, we cannot clarify the origin of these aircraft, which we have observed and monitored for eleven years, because there is no possibility that we can form a connection with the passengers of these devices. 58. The aircraft are so designed that all of our attempts of communication have failed because our waves and vibrations and all other equivalent types have been absorbed by the outer hulls of the devices. 62. It is certain, however, that the life forms controlling these aircraft are humane and reveal no hostility at all, which is flawlessly evident by our eleven-year long observation and monitoring

--Hawaiian 02:11, 27 June 2012 (BST)

Markvd said ...

Aa long as they have maintained peace for many years they must know what they are doing. If it works well for them then continue on your harmonious ways, but it also seems they don't sit idly by and they evolve and perfect they way of doing things as you can see in there ship tech. As BEAM said we are still in the very early stages so of course we would see things in another light.

--Markvd 04:48, 27 June 2012 (BST)

Alive said ...

Please do not feel offended. I guess the Earth aliens (Erdfremden) have their headquarter somewhere in Hawaii, since Hawaii has the highest level of alienation (Entfremdung) on this planet.

---- M -- 10:58, 30 June 2012 (BST)

Hawaiian said ...

I don’t think there is any ET headquartered in Hawaii, but if you are referring to the fact that this place on Earth has a high degree of “Entfendung” or alienation because of the original Hawaiians have been displaced and continue to suffer the alienation of their culture which is basically being prostituted for profit by the tourism industry, their language concepts corrupted for its monetary abuse, their lands which was stolen by greedy corrupt Americans who have the indecency to proclaim their Constitution is founded and based on equal rights for all, including men, women and others, yet have ignored and continue to persecute native Hawaiians who claim injustices and are being labeled as a threat to homeland security.

Yet if one studies these web links and analyze its contents you will find that during the time of Hawaii’s Queen Liliokalani and government before the illegal overthrow by armed marines of the US and their white male dominated racist cronies have followed every single avenue of legal apparatuses founded not just in the US at that time, but other nations as well to include England, France, Japan, Russia and others.

Furthermore the queen applied far reaching concepts that are recognized throughout the world in legality to address illegal acts such as “ under protest” and used currently accepted process such as signed petitions of Native Hawaiian in one case over 17,000 signatures far out numbering those whites was presented to Congress, yet it fell on deaf ears because the US Navy wanted Pearl Harbor to control the Pacific area and promote aggression throughout the world.

Bear in mind that before the overthrow in 1898, Hawaii’s native population had the highest literacy rate in the world, had electricity two years before the US Whitehouse, homeless was non-existent, universal medical coverage, but that all changed for the worst when the white men took over by force as also evident in the Native American Indians and other native cultures throughout the world. However it is very different in Hawaii’s case since it was a SOVERIGN NATION, whose own flag, money, trade agreements, ambassadors was recognized throughout the world and the Queen nor its inhabitants at that time and today DID NOT surrender their legal status and utilized the so called “civilized” legal system of the United States of America, but we all know that the US Constitution is perverted to those in power who intend to keep that power to themselves until the people demand it back to themselves.

This posting is to educate those who never knew the past and current status of the Hawaiian nation and not to induce or forment any repercussions toward the US, but to finally have a binding review and legal remedy to this most unfortunate set of circumstances, which if applied under current US laws will no doubt acknowledge that Queen Liliokalani did the proper legal and human response in preventing further bloodshed for both sides which is creational in nature, but the protocols was never implemented because Congress and the new President was dominated by those more interested in power lusting for war than the benefits of humanity co-existing in harmony. Entfemdung-Alienation described in detail Complete protest letter from Queen Liliokalani, note: specific clauses, “protest”, “significant minority of whites”, “males”. Such far reaching terms that are the forbears of petition, white racisium and male dominated society addressed by the Queen before the US Congress passed legislation giving people the right to petition the government and women the right to vote in the US! On July 7, 1898, the Hawaiian Islands were annexed by this joint resolution.

In the 1890s, the efforts of the Hawaiian people to preserve their national sovereignty and native heritage ran headlong into the unstoppable force of American expansionism. Throughout the 19th century, westerners – particularly Americans – came to dominate Hawaii’s economy and politics. When Queen Liliuokalani assumed the throne in 1891 and tried to reassert the power of the throne and the will of Native Hawaiians, she was deposed by a small group of American businessmen, with the support of the American diplomats and the U.S. Navy. Although even President Cleveland challenged the legitimacy of this takeover, it did stand. To a nation poised to take its place as a world power, the control of Hawaii, strategically located to serve as a mid-Pacific naval installation, seemed crucial. In 1898, with a naval base firmly established at Pearl Harbor, the United States officially annexed Hawaii. (Information excerpted from Stacey Bredhoff, American Originals [Seattle: The University of Washington Press, 2001], p. 68.) Queen Liliokalani’s protest letter to US House of Representatives Dec 19 1898.

--Hawaiian 22:46, 30 June 2012 (BST)

Levit8 said ...

"One is, therefore, left to draw their own conclusions as to whether the groups have so far acted as anything more than observers." One always has a reason to keep arms length the Plejarens do with these ET's as the Earth ET's do with us.

I don't see any harm in them, I do feel bad for them though.

However I wonder how would the Plejarens approuch these people if there were stuck on Erra?

"Why 11 years they must have alot of intel on them....their has to be a reason why it took 11 years to disclose this and why it took 11 years to say Nay to making contact with them

--Levit8 19:43, 1 July 2012 (BST)