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Hawaiian 09:26, 26 February 2010 (UTC)a. Sentence no. 73 contains two parts – in principle even three, if we separate 'my' and 'self', which we do not want to do though – namely: 1. First part reads: “I always remain relaxed”

Yes, there are three separate parts, the 3rd or “self”, when separated from oneself (vessel) becomes the “essence”, the gateway to AWARENESS. This is the key for proper meditation, because a personality or “self” is a temporary vessel, a “container” in a physical sense in order for the spirit to gain knowledge and experience throughout evolution. Something similar to (O.B.E.) Out Of Body experience, which can be experienced also through remote sensing techniques. Remaining relaxed will enable one to proceed into the next step of overcoming the limitations of one’s Self.

b. I always remain relaxed and thereby gain might over myself, and nevertheless they still belong together, since the second part is the effective result of the first part. 2. The second part reads: “… and thereby gain might over myself (= me self)”

Again, once a being has freed their essence of awareness, they are no longer restricted by their physical limitations which also include the Ego or self. One can take this step further in dreams, where seemingly impossible feats can be accomplished, thus one gains might over oneself. But ask this logical question, can it also be done in the waking state?

With practice, why not? However since the being is still physically alive, it is still connected and the reason why being in this higher frequency state is so beneficial to every cell of his/her body and the reason why it extends one life cycle.

This is related to the Sevenfold Laws “The sevenfold laws of the Spirit are inside of Creation in BEING, while the sevenfold laws of the coarse-material matter are outside of Creation in Being.” BEING and Being are both absolute parts of Creation and can’t be seen apart, they are both inter-connected by time/timeless and space/endless.

3. The “ I “ or Ego, which is imbedded in the personality and therefore also in the consciousness, means 'my-being-here' or 'my existence' or the 'I am'.

This applies only when a person is fully awake and functioning as a personality in a “vessel”, during proper meditation, the spirit is “released” from its physical limitations including the Ego, in order to inter-connect with other spirits of equal or higher frequencies.