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mummy said ...

It's all my fault.I wish I was superduperman.I would collect all military hardware and melt them down and make the worlds largest solar panel.Then I would shut down all power companies.All guns would shoot out a flag that says bang then it would say gotcha.I would change corporate priorities from profit to environment and then welfare of people who actually do the work of the corporation.Then I would demand the media start telling the truth or I would destroy their satellites and put the owners on an island along with all the government politicians that seem to think they know how we should live our lives.I would kick out the lobbyists and all the rich people in government and if your a religious rich politician.You need to just stay home. Because your definitely not helping anyone except your buddies and other rich religious politicians.The food companies would have to send all extra food to whoever is in need.I would demand more schools and less prisons and then I would fly to the moon and take a break.Man I wish I was superduperman.

--mummy 10:47, 20 June 2010 (BST)

Mark said ...

I would educate everyone in the sciences so they know the reality of the destructive nature of our beloved Earth humans on there home. If people are aware then they will act, the problem is they have been fed too much BS for such a long time there minds are stubborn to realize that there are other possibilities out there. I find it quite troubling that we show our best character when the disaster occurs, rather than averting the disaster from occuring by planning ahead.

--Mark 18:15, 20 June 2010 (BST)

Zameen said ...

It also seems that many in power are still controlled by the false , sub-conscious workings of the bafath, to which we must deal with for still many years (or even another lifetime or two). I must admit however, i find it so sad and unfortunate that so many will be harmed,killed,displaced,deceived,and tortured for so many more years until something fruitful comes about in regards to peace,love,harmony,and kindness to our planet. I must admit, in my infantile, yet expanding understanding of the mission, it still angers me that nothing can or will be done by outside forces to stop the destruction of lives here. I know it is not the plejarans fault that we are killing and murdering ourselves, but on the other hand, we were genetically manipulated towards degeneracy and so it seems logical that such a manipulation can lead towards to us going along with the Giza intelligences idea's of religions. we have been given the shaft all along without ever once having a clean slate to start from like so many other races had on their planets. I am completely in support of the FIGU mission and all that Billy has done and will continue to do(a true beacon if ever there was one)but in 800 years there are going to be so many wars and deaths and treachery that it confuses me in my limited understanding that this can be allowed to go on without intervention. All of us know one thing for sure.Here on Earth, average every day people like my self are powerless to stop this. I know people say "vote to get the right people in office so we can change things for the better, but a fat lot of help that is when half the elections around the world are almost always rigged(especially the U.S.)and not to mention we have a second government that completely operates on its own with no oversight, with the license to kill any and all who oppose whenever they feel like it. What am I supposed to do about that? NOTHING! I cant do any thing about that! not a single one of us can! there are undoubtedly people within those agencies who want change but even they are powerless against it. this frazzles me because ultimate self responsibility is almost choked out to the point where the only real decisions we have left is: frozen pizza's tonight? or tuna casserole?

--Zameen 19:00, 20 June 2010 (BST)

Neckel said ...

Dear Zameen,

I can understand you and that it is difficult in these times. You have to look more on the immaterial side of the whole story and in a more big time lapse. 800 years out of 80 million is really not that long. However that it works in 800 years, we have to work already today and lay the corner stones. Everything starts in the small and becomes bigger, bigger and bigger. The good values have to be created in everyone and carried outside, which then will affect the own environment, familly, friends ect...... We, as "normal" citizens for sure can not change the whole planet in a few years,..... that would be nice but it is unrealistic as we have to stick to creational laws and do our evolution which needs it's appropriate time. If you do the right things and develop your good values inside yourself and bring them to your surrounding, you will have already done your part ;).

Self fullfilement lies in the act of developping ones own inner self and consciousness.

We can not afford, or have the luxury to get "desparated" ;).


--Neckel 22:06, 20 June 2010 (BST)

Hawaiian said ...

800 years is the timeline given by the Plejarens based on "their" interpertation, however as indicated in some of my posts, this concept need not be strictly followed because of various reasons that has not considered the merits of Nokodemjon's intervention and his quest for balance between evil and good.

He, along with other BEINGS of the pure spititual nature, rounded up the degenerated ones responsible for evil, controlled the memory banks and who reincarnates or not for billions of years, then allowed the natural course of Creational laws to continue, which did not last long before evil once again emerged again and continue to this day.

Thus, what Nokodemjon did, was to lay the foundation for future logical, humane intervention(s), but as in the past, it requries the cooperation between the material as well as fine spiritual BEINGS working togethor to bring the necessary balance amongst those that "benefit" off the expense of others creating disharmony, deaths, abuse, prostituting creational laws and creating untold suffering that still harms others for hundreds of years.

Especially so for Earth humans, who are subjected to the insane short-circuited-programmed suicides of shorten life cycles by the Creator Overlords, then further oppressed by religions from a whole line of abusive human parasites started by advanced ET's to the Giza and current leaders of today.

Therefore, the DERN universe MAY require another similar intervention which addresses the equational potentials between the appropriate entities that form this most complex situation between the have and have nots.

--Hawaiian 02:46, 21 June 2010 (BST)

Zameen said ...

thank you Neckel and Hawaiian for your enlightening posts. these opinions and correlating facts help a great deal within a larger framework of understanding.I have many more things to grasp and and look forward to such understandings. SALOME GAM NAAN BEN UURDA GANEEBER ASALA HESPEROONA. salome!

--Zameen 03:53, 21 June 2010 (BST)