Talk:FIGU Special Bulletin 038

Hawaiian 07:27, 28 November 2008 (UTC) This article explains the "inner" keys that enable humans to resolve many evolving issues in his/her quest for spiritual and physical development. Both the fine and course materials are "processed" via the pineal gland with its interconnections with the Conscious (voltage pressure) and Subconscious (scheduler). Humans are the interface between these forces and through much discipline, can manifest events to balance the positive and negatives.

These techniques can also open communications on a much higher frequencies through the 6 and 7th senses, a realm beyond what most understands. Such manifestations may explain how some group of humans called Kahunas instantly cured broken bones by verbal (chants) invoking spiritual energy into course materials.

Earth humans, specifically the DNA manipulated ones that has biological ties to the benevolent creator overlords that are also part of the 144,000 ring leaders who developed the barbaric religious teaching to enslave mankind, but vowed to make ammends are a special category of humans. Simply because of the fact that their past "endeavors" both negative and positive are "ingrained" in time slots that cross this universe, therefore here on Earth, each re-incarnation establishes a connection from past events to current and can finally be "resolved" or come full circle via the pineal gland.

Plejarens or those not having the experience of DNA manipulation and a host of degenerated actions done against them, do not have this "option". They must evolve through their own stage of circumstances. That is why Earth humans are a special case, his/her "natural" developments was short circuited by more advanced human races, a violation of Creational Laws. The only way these parasitic humans can come full circle is when the exploited humans develop the spiritual means to "bridge" this gap between the haves and have nots.

Hawaiian 07:35, 23 December 2008 (UTC)Just a thought referencing BEAM interpretation that every atom or particle is a "living" essence connected to each other throughout the universes, dimensions and time. That being the case, then is it logical to reason that some type of "equation" exists between the positive/negative forces in regards to creational evolutionary laws verses creational interferences? Take for instance according to creation, a physical human takes between 60-80 million years to develop significantly in order to elevate his/her spiritual level into the state which the High Council are now.

That is a "normal" process gained through following the creation laws. Now, take another example of the current state of Earth humans, who was DNA manipulated, his/her genes was altered to induce severe degeneration, excessive aggression in order to ensure the creator overlords existence was protected by aggression from others. You have here "unequal equations", one advanced human race who violated the natural creation laws of evolution in order to "leap forward" in their insane quest for spiritual advancement, then lost all means to defend themselves, therefore created the manipulated Earth humans to do their bidding.

Furthermore, "short-circuiting" their natural lifespan of 350-450 years to 100 years, this un-creational violation prevented humans from the normal evolutionary spiritual development of 60-80 million years. Now take that concept mentioned previously on "living essence connections" amongst every particle a step forward on this discrepancy between a normal lifespan of 350-450 verses 100 years. Do Earth humans have to evolve "separately" from the "normal" creation process since he/she was denied the opportunity to gain experience and wisdom because of interference from the creator overlords? Thus, I would compare this to a simple math equation 1 Earth life of 100 = 350-450 years multiplied exponentially because succeeding lifespan without reincarnation until death has further increased ones wisdom and spirituality. Now connect this dilemma to the following.

I would suggest that because the "benevolent" counter parts of the C.O. along with the 144,000 sub-leaders and other ET's already reincarnated into present Earth humans, would "their" level of spiritual developments also "boost" earth humans degraded condition so that their spirit can also evolve into creation? We have a hybrid of circumstances between various levels of humans incorporated in present Earth humans, different "potentials" that appear outside of the normal creational evolution process. Yet in order to bring balance between these "components" a different logical approach deems appropriate in order to "satisfy" each and every component, just like the previous mentioned concept of "every particle, spirit or essence being connected".

Therefore the “prediction” and “prophecy” methods detailed by the Plejarens in Contact 251 may not have incorporated the above situations between all the different races involved concerning the dilemma of present and future Earth humans, including those that left for other dimensions, but have roots here. The interconnections between these participants including Nokodemion are already “woven”, the only “catalyst” to achieve the necessary balance and proper resolution to the myriad of circumstances both present and future lies with each “component” doing what is necessary for success with the sincere manipulated Earth humans in the center of such “reactions”. I’m sure there are ET’s pondering this question and need to find the right answers for themselves rather than “sit on the fence” and await the outcome of such “predictions”. As doing so, like in the past, there are risks that produced disastrous results which could have been prevented, like in the recent destruction known as the “eye of god”. Sometimes a flower existing in the wild needs a little "fertilizer" in order to "bloom" to its full potential, especially so if its been interfered in the past.