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RemR said ...

I guess we Americans, including myself, who have oriented ourselves with Billy's and FIGU's teachings could take it upon ourselves to practice the active observation of the laws of system and order more diligently, if we want there to be a FIGU USA again. Then, a faster snowball effect in regards to the expansion of the Mission would inevitably occur, through the spreading of the written material and the concepts contained therein, by utilizing them through system and order as demonstrable examples of initiative through the gained knowledge.

--RemR 23:48, 21 January 2012 (MST)

Markvd said ...

I think people of the current times are occupied by too many things to concentrate on such things as is the case with the spirit teachings . I think subtle simplified teaching due to lack of excellent memory by the current gen will build up there confidence. I think each person has there own level of temperament to learn a certain amount, but the days are full of material desires. The only way to have structure and order is to implement a system that counters the current process of thought. I like to call it the rewards program.:) Man of Earth desires accomplishment thus they should be only rewarded if they keep evolving. I don't see how the current design will prevail, but miracles do happen eventually.

--Markvd 01:38, 23 January 2012 (UTC)

Matthew311 said ...

Where then is the point of balance between one being strictly determined in behavior both by one's own internal rules and laws of order, as well as the by-in-large unwise and corrupt rules and laws dictated by outside forces such as financial systems and governmental bureaucracies..., and the absolute requirement for respect, honor, and full use of the Human-Being's free will, individuality, and freedom?

The author of this article is someone who I believe is a resident of perhaps the most regulated, rule-laden, and orderly nations/cultures on the planet, as well as someone who has further voluntarily subjected themselves to the enormous, tedious, and very far reaching rules and regulations of the FIGU. I therefore wonder at the bias in such a one and whether being without these individuality crushing structures has been truly tasted by her.

At what point does one overly slay the soul/personality and become bland and flavorless in the strict, 100%, 24/7 adhering to every manner of order, rule, and regulation? Is the purpose of Being and Existence, of differentiation and individuality simply to as rapidly and with as much "logical" (outwardly) haste as possible move away from it? Why then did the Creation bother with its initial feat of Self-Creation in the first place?

We are possessed of our souls/personas, of our individuality for damned good and necessary purposes. We are all on an absolutely individual path of spiritual evolution and to destroy this temporal manifestation and creation of our Eternal Selves, to seek to pour it into a mould dictated by external mandate, or even sometimes to our own internal dictator, may often be a grave error - even where arguments for such an order are very persuasive.

Willingly and in the name of strict "logic" giving oneself, one's individuality and sovereignty over to such a smothering and all encompassing order, rule, and set of laws is indeed often an escape for some. The individual, individual thought, individual decision making, etc.. is drowned in a collective, and often externally determined system.

Collectivism is quite nightmarish on its own, especially in the spiritually vacant environment of the Earth at present. Of course collective effort and action is needed and a common Human destiny, but it must be balanced with true individuality. Yet how much can such individuality flourish when nearly ever moment, every action is determined by suffocating order and law?

Simply saying that one is exercising the free will, freedom, and individuality by choosing to adhere to some strict order of laws and rules is quite the cop out to my mind. Most people are rather easy to manipulate and program.

--Matthew311 17:57, 6 March 2012 (UTC)

Markvd said ...

I believe in this individuality you speak of Matthew311 but it has not even reached that peak yet. How can people be themselves when they follow the trends of there masters. As you said the financial systems and governments hold all the cards as they say. I think once we learn the teaching of spirit we will then find our true individual capabalities in our thought process. I think schools or an army of teachers and schools with excellent records should be the goal to educate the billions of developing souls in our region. It's tough to get 7-8 billion people on the same page of laws and how to follow them. I think each nation has vastly different and individual thoughts on how things should be run that's why there is so much conflict. In some areas it is good to be ones self but at times you have to work with others. I think of each nation as a different planet so to speak thus not trying to overstep boundaries by trying to implement individual ways. Eventually I hope they can come to a decisive conclusion as to where they stand, order or chaos. :)

--Markvd 19:43, 6 March 2012 (UTC)