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Hawaiian 23:46, 11 December 2008 (UTC)Sounds so familiar from the perverted version of the bible's 10 commandments. Based on a "sterile environment" without interferences these commandments are valid if pursued accordingly. However, like you say it is vague and open to subjectively and basically "tuned" to address the disharmony brought about through religions. I believe the idea of prophets was to "balance" the earth humans using the same "agenda concept" of religious doctrine that caused its demise.

There appears to be some discrepancy on several commandments that focuses on Earth humans not other ET's, number 4 "do not commit adultery" sounds reasonable. But is it the same as when Pleijarans have more than 1 wife?

Also in this same passage, "you shall not break your bond with Creation" is rather subjective applying again to Earth humans, but not the creator overlords who violated they natural evolutionary process and created the manipulated (earth) humans to counterbalance their mistakes. Then went on a revenge to exterminate them completely, so are there separate laws of creation for them also, or is it because they have the power to do so and it does not apply?

Number 6 commandment regarding killing in depravity has to be expanded much more in detail, it may be applied in certain circumstances depending again on the level of evolution. Physical humans need to consume living tissues, until they develop the technology to replace these needed nutrients. Then of course "murder" of fellow humans and "short circuiting" their spiritual and physical attributes, thus depriving another of their "natural evolution" process has not been addressed. Nokodemion restricted further reincarnations when he restored harmony in distant pass and is this part of the creational law?

Judging from these 12 commandments coming from the Petele spiritual level, I have to question whether this spiritual being has really the necessary experiences to address these issues? Or does creation have to wait another 160 billion years before truely addressing this by way of reincarnation of the present Earth humans who have experienced all of the above and more interferences? However bear in mind that earth humans have the capacity to destroy themselves along with the pending world wars 3 and 4, so this creation will lose that opportunity of addressing these issues if total destruction is in the works.

There must be a more efficient and productive way of balancing the positive and negative forces in this fine/course material universe with humans in the center?

Or do we have to again depend on Nokodemion to intervene? Maybe Billy should ask this question to another Petele being for a second opinion? But I truly believe the answer lies in Earth humans, with their vast experiences of interferences, reincarnated spirits of various races both benevolent and malevolent, but it cannot succeed without assistance from those other ET's that have both the technology and evolutionary attributes to do so. Depending too much on Earth humans to resolve these issues by themselves is not fair.

Jamesm 01:47, 4 March 2009 (UTC) Hello I felt the urge to respond, finally...

But is it the same as when Pleijarans have more than 1 wife? - Adultery is obviously not the same as both partners formally agreeing to engage in polygamy prior to marriage or prior to moving from a monogamistic to a polygamistic relationship, although I would imagine agreeing prior to marriage would be less emotionally disturbing to the insecure than after marriage.

You shall not break your bond with Creation - Your example of how the Creator Overlords disrespected Creation in their genetic creation of us is a good one. They broke this commandment, pure and simple, like we are doing by breaking the Earth with our overpopulation and exploitation etc. I could be missing a point to this commandment.

Killing in depravity and killing animals: I think that killing animals for food in a non-painful way is the only way to ensure it is not deprave unless the survival of a human life is at risk. Animals kill each other in painful ways because they don't have anesthetic drugs of course. Pain is a negative emotion and causes suffering and of course we wouldn't cause unnecessary suffering to humans (unless you're psychotic of course!).

I agree that these commandments are quite easily subject to, and in need of, expansion yes. But isn't that what the rest of the spiritual teachings and the spirit lessons go into? I would not know, not being fluent in German yet.

You said: Judging from these 12 commandments coming from the Petele spiritual level, I have to question whether this spiritual being has really the necessary experiences to address these issues?. Surely that being must have evolved through the material belt already and so it does?

You said: There must be a more efficient and productive way of balancing the positive and negative forces in this fine/course material universe with humans in the center?. Thats a million dollar question! Depends on perspective I guess.

I'll answer your other questions with 2 questions of my own!

Why is suffering necessary to evolve?

Why is a material belt necessary to evolve the Universe at all? Hawaiian 23:51, 11 March 2009 (UTC) Hi Jamesum, hope things are fine with you and the family? Well, my computer crashed, but I'll answer the first question, the second one I need to do more research before responding. Unfortunately suffering enables a spirit or person the only "necessary" experience to learn from it in order to truely "understand" both sides of the "equation", the cause and reason of its interconnection between the negative/positive factors. Often one comes away being more humble and understanding for those undergoing such negative factors for example, Hawaiian royalty of the pass was required to share and live a life in poverty to be better leaders for those they are destined to rule.

But, that is the past, the future has been laid down already with the "tools" of understanding "produced" by the interaction between BEAM and the Plejaren Federation. However, the Plejaren represents the other half of benevolent beings in contrast to the malovent creater overlords, with us manipulated warrior/mixed ET Earth humans in the Center of this whole episode. Within this realm of earth humans is another set of "sufferings" (144,000 former sub-leaders)going on between negative/positive forces all "contributing" to the necessary outcome for a final "resolution" that addresses all parties in question including the Plejarens and other ET's along with the various spiritual entities including the High Council who had ties on Earth with the Hyperboleans. The Plejarens have not experienced these suffering because they have adhered to the Creational laws and not engaged in warfare for over 50,000 years, but remember the saying "evil triumphs when beings stand by or do nothing" still holds true.

Earth humans are a very special case and the "key" to bringing a final resolution, at least in this SOL universe, this ties in the coarse and fine matter attributes found in the Discussion tab of FIGU Special Bulletin #38, if its still there?

Now, there is another circular aspect to this question, why is it NOT necessary to experience suffering in order to evolve has just been answered by the example of the Plejarens! And the counter answer to this are the creator overlords with us Earth humans the key to their "solution" of evolution because of the negative factors produced by them. Negative forces are balanced by positive results and those responsible for bad things are obligated to correct them. So here we have the necessary pieces of the "puzzle", how nature really "evolves" depends on how its participants react or not react will determine how fast this evolvement development proceed or stagnates, but ALL parties are affected in a certain way. Hope this give me a challenge that I find very difficuilt to resist, but thanks...will get back on the last question in due time. Aloha ka kou..

Hawaiian 22:33, 13 March 2009 (UTC)Hi, just expanding more in detail on several useful comments you have responded on. Some of the "implied" questions are for the Plejarens and other half-spiritual beings including those in the Pelele levels, even though it does not primary apply to us in the material realm, but deffinately on the spiritual level.

You said: Judging from these 12 commandments coming from the Petele spiritual level, I have to question whether this spiritual being has really the necessary experiences to address these issues?. Surely that being must have evolved through the material belt already and so it does? If this is true, then why does suffering still occur or "allowed" to occur without consequencies as evidenced by the overlords and evil ones currently on Earth as well as other planets? I for one has the upmost respect for leaders who take the initative to intervene in resolving issues that does not directly affect them. Nokodemion intervened from the spiritual level into the material form and now has to start all over again in the required billions of years of evolution to get back to where he started. Truely a noble act, but the question remains, why did not the other spirits "assist" him or do they have their "own" agendas to fulfill in respect to "their" own evolution or are they only responsible for their own created peoples? I thought that every particle both coarse and fine matter are interconnected as defined by FIGU Special Bulletin 38?

All things taken, yes a non-interfered evolution has a certain time frame in order to evolve to the next level. But what about those that have been interfered with? The million dollar question is answered by evaluating the "whole" episode of events, each particular aspect of both the negative and positive influences and the reasons why it occurred along with who is responsible whether active or inactive. Remember another saying "not being part of the solution is being part of the problem".

Maybe there is a "sequential" process going on in the spiritual levels that does not "concern" itself with events it passed during its material developmental stages? This opens more be continued

Hawaiian 23:24, 15 March 2009 (UTC)Next time I should be more accountable in referencing statement numbers along with time frame events to convey an easier presentation, because most of my posts are "off the fly", being composed as we speak. I remember BEAM and Paath speaking about the evolution time frames of universes, the experiences gained through countless re-incarnations, sleep slumber, condensation and finally an explosion of energy creating new life and new universes. A material belt "separates" universes like our SOL and DAL universes, however through advanced technology from the DAL "it" has been traversed and material as well as non-material elements have interchanged, so therefore the "normal" evolutionary process has been "elevated" through spiritual and technical means via Asket's people and the Plejarens. No longer is the linear progressive "normal" evolutionary process necessary anymore, therefore the "accelerated" process come into play for reasons of confidentiality of course!

Also, the technology transfered via permission of the High Council, has enabled the Plejarens to appear anywhere in the SOL universe within a meter of space. Thus they have mastered the material environment and interfaced the non-coarse fine material aspects that usually takes a huge amount of time to evolve from.

Now, let's connect this material aspect with the "suffering" experiences in order to "comprehend" the opposite positive/negative factors that have unfortunately pit one side against another when Henok's peoples split into two factions 1,500,000,000 years ago (I believe that's right, but correct it) One faction is our friends the Plejarens and the other the Creator Overlords, whose introduction is quite understandable "infamous" to say the least.

We have here the creator overlords, who by this time have already "satisified" the necessary requirement of physical existence as well as experiences of over 60-80 million years to evolve into the half-spiritual realm, inspite of their "negative baggage". Whether they have entered into the same level as the High Council is quite disturbing...

PLEASE PARDON ANY ERRORS IN REGARDS TO TIME FRAMES OR SUJECT RELEVANCE AND YOU ARE WELCOMED TO MAKE THE NECESSARY CORRECTIONS. I'm using a public library and have no means to save this work in order to correct it, need to do other commitments and be back later to add some "equational" comparisions between our level of development and other higher forms of spiritual as well as material interconnections and this whole episode of events including "what if" senarios.

--Sanjin 04:16, 22 October 2009 (UTC)Hi. Could I have the permission to change "commandments" to "recommendations"? Since this is now the official translation, and IMO much more direct, it would probably be a good idea to follow along and keep it consistent. What do you guys think?

Jamesm 00:26, 23 October 2009 (UTC) Sure Sanjin. Go ahead.