User talk:Daniel Leech

Just chill out, listen to relaxing music and loosen up all your muscles and tensions, don’t fidget.

The Plejaren say it’s our responsibility, that is true, and this is our humanity not theirs and our evolution. We say “well there’s not a lot we can do about that or that or that, we’re working on that (as you know), that’s fine how it is, that’s well on its way to completion, and we can’t do anything about that or that or any of that.”

- Just chill out, relax and calm yourself down. Don’t ever get yourself into a worried or excited position with this information. Read all of it over many years, compare it to reality and try to work out what the Plejaren were looking at exactly to get an idea like that, and calmly work it all out. But don’t get passionate about any of it, chill, relax, there is literally nothing that you can do about any of it - it’s more interesting than any film, documentary or book because it’s about reality but given to us by the Plejaren Federation. Have respect, show that respect by taking the time to read it, and that is all that is required of you.

Relax, chill out.