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They're notable English Athiests and some readers of Billy Meier may like what they've publicly spoken and written about.

Billy in FIGU Special Bulletin 53 describes himself as:

"according to Islam, I am a religious non-believer and, from the perspective of Christianity, a heretic and atheist"

Technically Billy is irreligious, perhaps a pseudoscientist, and been described as a reporter.

Billy is also moderately anti-religious.

The universe we can agree is no different for a theist or for an atheist, the natural laws haven't changed recently, so its for scientists either way, and Billy encourages scientists, even identified that they have checked, not finding what they wanted to find.

However Billys story has elements of creationism; for example in reincarnation we are said to create a rough outline of our future life in the other worldly area for ourselves and its said that creational-natural laws has some influence and limitation in formation of those possibilities and selection before we incarnate. There are other aspects of creationalism too, including something tantamount to God, but FIGU prefer not to use the vernacular unless its lower-case god in the context of knowledgeable human individuals in the Fundamental Forces described below, which Billy calls The High Council and Arahat Athersata.

For atheists they use the word 'fine-material' which they explain in Contact Report 544 would be, were it discovered, the undiscovered 6th and 7th fundamental forces beyond the standard model and the being discovered now dark matter force, out of a total of 7. Which they wrap all explanations inside for the benefit of atheist readers but mostly for scientists, so that everything Billy explains has a suitable place.

It's a mixed picture as its global; leaning toward FIGU deliberately alienating actual scientists. Michael Horn in the USA has identified conspiracy seminars and talk radio shows as a viable market to pitch Billy's story, developing a special relationship with FIGU rules. FIGU USA has branded itself creationisttruth/creationaltruth.org, firmly establishing that they don't want any English, French or Swedish atheists loitering around and that potentially their goal is educating religious people, contradicting the quote included at the top of the page. The English, French, Australian and Swedish FIGU's all have the word creation on their main pages however, all the FIGU's do, putting in little effort to appeal to their respective nations burgeoning atheist populations. China by far the largest atheist audience in the world has very few translations of FIGU documents. Billy received a moderate dose growing up which he's written about.

Billy has said it will require a further 800 years to work the information into a suitable format, nothing will halt that progress, for actual scientists less pseudo-science or belief; long after all religions have been heavily diluted out of prominence and filed away so in a way has thanked scientists. In the Contact Reports they've loosely explained the rationale behind the whole bother as due to an abnormally fast Ageing feature on Earth requiring them to direct humanity on the fly due to ancient catastrophes, in order to skip certain protracted aspects of evolving normally (typically requiring hundreds of thousands of years, time we don't have), and religion being the most suitable vehicle/tool for accomplishing that, making Atlantis and Planets both aspects of the 'story'.

Aside all that, irreligious is a minority in the world and traditional religions are gradually being replaced by new myths, conspiracy theories as well as reinvented old ones, as the scientific discoveries allow and to refill the void. They've explained that they have to be careful what they reveal so as not to undermine our evolution because they say it would make us dependants, citing aid agencies and charities operating in Africa as an equitable example. They've also identified that the truth is difficult to sell for a profit because its too simple. Obviously therefore also discussing the economic demand for fantasy rich fiction stories and how we wouldn't believe the truth even if they did, which circles back around to some of the previously mentioned story.

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