Why isn't it presented comprehensively?

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It will take 800 years.

Had it been presented properly and successfully from the get go then chances are there would be a considerable drop in scepticism. Billy and the Plejaren have played very many games you might say, as a way of exposing various possibilities and reality.

No one is completely sure why the Plejaren elected to take this route. Some have suggested it was an attempt to lift up the little guy, humble individuals. But by bypassing the film industries multi-million dollar presentations and marketing promotions they fully missed out on complete understanding of any of those things such as demonstrations of reality which make it look fake, with out that presentation few will ever know they were trying to demonstrate many possibilities and non-possibilities of reality, most will just see the 2 dimensional Billy Meier case, when it could have been clear with a big budget production it had all been a series of exercises to demonstrate what we know and don't know about the possibilities in real-life and reality, - majority in world don't know what is possible in real-life, if they did they would appreciate the Plejarens 'games' as they have been described by some individuals.

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