Tool to merge a Benjamin Steven's English and German translation of Billy Meier Contact to a MediaWiki article

Copy and paste an English Billy Meier Contact Article from here into the left textarea (only copy a single contact beginning with the first line of the actual conversation which should be the name of either Billy or his contactor.

Do the same for the equivalent German version (you should find a hyperlink leading to it near the top of Benjamin's English version) and paste it into the right-hand textarea and click the Merge Now! button.

The bottom text area will then show the resulting MediaWiki article that you can copy and paste directly into the website.

Note: The number of lines in both left and right text areas must be exact or the resulting MediaWiki article will not be correct. Also watch out for Translator's Notes you may see in the English articles but not the German articles.

Sample article text is shown in the text boxes. You would obviously replace these texts with your own when using it.

English Article German Article
Merged Article In MediaWiki Markup