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Here's an overview of the articles I wrote the last 15 years while studying the info on the case and trying to find out the truth about the case.  I think that the articles must certainly be helpful in the quest for the truth. I always have had a special interest in the evidence aspect of the case although I now find the spiritual aspect of the case much more interesting. Corrections and additions are always welc
*[[Summary of Contents for Stevens' Preliminary Investigation Report, Internet, January 2003]]
*[[Summary of Contents for Meier's FROM THE DEPTHS OF SPACE... CONTACTS WITH THE PLEIADIANS/PLEJARENS, Internet, June 2009]]
*[[Web site files pointing out shortcomings in Korff's Spaceships of the Pleiades, Internet, January 2003]]
*[[Analysis of Korff's Spaceships of the Pleiades (small version), Internet, January 2003]]
*[[Best evidence article, Internet, January 2009]]
*[[Contamination or hoax evidence article, Internet, January 2009]]
*[[Analysis of IIG's Meier Case explanations]]

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