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* [http://forum.figu.org/us/messages/14/2554.html#POST3951 FIGU.org Forum]
==Further Reading==
==Further Reading==
* [[Event Timeline]]
* [[Event Timeline]]

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In contact 59 dated the June 8, 1976 Semjase gives Billy a detailed

The location of the now-destroyed Greater Atlantis?
Higher altitude map of Greater Atlantis

explanation of the history leading up to and including the war that led to the total destruction of both Mu in the area of the Gobi desert and Greater Atlantis in the Atlantic Ocean whereby only a few small islands are left, namely the Azore Islands. Briefly, an extremely evil JHWH named Arus and his followers led constant attacks against both cities in order to try and take possession of them. Worldwide wars raged for 2 milleniums. As a result of intrigues, hate and the will for destruction arose amongst the inhabitants of both cities towards each other. The Atlantians commanded a huge fighting fleet of fighter beamships of all types. In a quick attack they completely levelled Mu. However, the scientists of Mu had also developed a most powerful weapon whereby they were able to direct large asteroids to act as huge unstoppable bombs. As the Atlantians rejoiced over their quick decisive victory over Mu, some Mu scientists, who had been notified of the attack while working in space developing their destructive technology, chose an appropriate asteroid and guided her in a suicide mission to completely destroy Atlantis with a force so great, the Earth had, and never will see the likes of it again...As the asteroid entered into the atmosphere, it split into thousands of smaller pieces with a total power greater than 32,000 hydrogen bombs. These crashed down with such force into the ocean that they caused the Earth's crust to break. A giant flood wave the height of 2,300 meters arose and this is what caused the complete submergence of countries and the city of Greater-Atlantis. These events transpired approximately 11,500 years ago.

Michael Uyttebroek


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