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'''Terrestrial beamships'''<br>
'''Terrestrial beamships'''<br>
Technically there is no beam-drive system in terrestrial beamships, but for the sake of keeping it neat.<br>
Technically there is no beam-drive system in terrestrial beamships, but for the sake of keeping it neat.<br>
See [[Foo Fighters]] and references to terrestrial beamships from Earths future (who Plejaren are unable to contact but are aware of), in [[Contact Reports]] and section on FIGU Forum, see [[External links]].
See [[Foo Fighters]] and references to terrestrial beamships from Earths future (who Plejaren are unable to contact but are aware of, such as being in the same airspace during historically interesting events, but which are not invisibly cloaked like Plejaren beamships), in [[Contact Reports]] and section on FIGU Forum, see [[External links]].

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More images of Beamships in the Photo Gallery
Rough hand-drawn schematic of a lyrian beamship. From Wendelle Stevens book 'From Message from the Pleiades, Vol. 1'
Konrad Schutzbach measuring landing tracks from Ralas and Menaras ships.
Basic schematic of a lyrian beamship. From Wendelle Stevens book 'From Message from the Pleiades, Vol. 1'
The protruding underbelly of the aerocraft which touches the ground (if not set to hover-land), on certain UFO models, creates a diameter about this big (depending on the overall size)

List of mentions of Beamships

The following is a general non-exhaustive chronology of mentions of Beamships in the contact reports.

Contact Report 001 - explanation about the possibility that Beamships may be subject to fraudulence were they openly shown to the public.

Contact Report 004 - brief explanation about how the Beamships are hurtled into Hyperspace.

Contact Report 070 - Semjase explains how the refugees on Beta Centauri employed beamships as a means to "set out to once again settle the beautiful blue world" [Earth].

Contact Report 213 - briefly mentioned that "a large Plejaren Beamship was stationed high in the atmosphere over Bethlehem."

Contact Report 215 - mentioned that a Beamship from the Reticulum systems (see Planets) crashed in the north American desert and subsequently concealed from the public by the military.

Contact Report 229 - explained that Elia was flown to Srinagar / Kashmir in India by a beamship on the 7th of April, 842 BCE.

Contact Report 251 - various styles and shapes of Beamship were discussed.

Contact Report 311 - photos were taken by someone else of a Beamship and kindly sent to Billy and subsequently discussed with Ptaah, who remarks incidentally that "the group members need no proofs of our existence, for they know about our existence without these."

Contact Report 357 - Billy remembers a conversation he had with Werner von Braun's completely perplexed co-worker Ernst Stuhlinger inside Semjases Beamship.

Contact Report 616 - Billy shares memories of his time with Sfath, flying him over various countries of post-war ravaged Europe, allowing him to see for himself the immense and tremendous horrors of the war.

An audio recording of Beamship Sounds occurred on the 7th of July, 1980, and was subsequently analysed by various audio professionals, see Beamship Spectrogram Comparison.


Special wiki index of all Beamship related information.

FIGU Forum, Questions Answered by Billy

Why are Beamships shaped like a frisbee?

I have a question regarding the beamship designs, I guess the dynamics of the flight is similar to how frisbees fly in the air, but, with an advanced propulsion systems at Plejarans' disposal, aerodynamics would be hardly relevant, especially in space travel. So, my question is, why such designs? Because I'm simply not impressed at all of the "toy-like" shapes of beamships.


The beamship's form existed even before the first idea for manufacturing a frisbee was glimmering in the head of a person in the last century. According to the Plejarans this form is the most suitable for travelling through space which is not empty, by the way. There are dust particles, gases, etc.

And the disk-shaped form is very suitable to fix/install their propulsion system.[1]

Why are Beamships photographed behind objects

Why the Ets and billy always take pictures of the beamships near trees and others things?, that see as the ships where nailed to the trees and supported by a bean behind the ships.


The main reason for pictures of the "beamships" being photographed near trees is to give the viewer a perspective as to the size of the ship.[2]

Roswell Beamship and other non-Plejaren Federation visitors

Contact Report 251 - Ptaah explains that certain details regarding these matters fall under their pledge of secrecy because they're associated with government, military and national security affairs.

Contact Report 424 - Roswell was not a Plejaren Federation incident. The Plejaren and the federation and all beings foreign to earth who are flying into earth's air space, including those who went on to join the federation, did not have anything to do with this incident in Roswell. During the entire last and second to last century, the 20th and the 19th century, there had been five different races foreign to earth visit, all of which joined the federation. Of those who didn't join the Plejaren Federation, there was cases where it was not possible because the Plejaren were unable to contact (primary telepathy requisite) them (FOM Note: Phoenix lights triangle). In this new 21st century and millennium nothing has happened yet because of that reason i.e. that they join the Plejaren Federation, and it's not to be expected to yet either, because populated planets are very far from earth (FOM Note: who are not Plejaren Federation), and of those, many will never find their way to earth, even though they are able to master space travel technology, because it's the exception rather than the rule. Regarding the Plejaren investigation, there were 427 Plejaren personnel involved in the investigation into Earth's UFO visitors, because it was of special interest to them.

Contact Report 215 - The Roswell UFO incident was a crashed object concerning a beamship from the Reticulum systems (not Plejaren Federation members). It is denied up to the present day and will continue to be denied well into the distant future by the American military, Secret Services and government agencies, namely with flimsy, changing, stupid, and ridiculous excuses that will only surely testify to the fact that everything actually happened. The crew did not consist of natural human life forms but of human androids of a bioorganic nature i.e. artificial human androids, which the US-Army got a hold of, some living, some dead, and these were and are secretly kept in secret stations. In Earth-human terms, these bioorganic androids bred by the Reticulum people are actual life forms. The bioorganic androids concerned are effectively artificial life forms, so not robots, but independently thinking beings, in every way self-capable of making decisions, made/composed out of living material and living organs, bred in accordance with the human beings who created them in their image/likeness who are located in the Reticulum systems. Earth humans will gain these cognition's, conceptions, understanding and knowledge relating to such android being possibilities in the more distant future. They are appreciated and treated with respect by the Reticulum people. The intelligence of these android beings stems from a bioorganic consciousness of an artificial form, which is just as capable of development as the consciousness (see Consciousness Evolution) of the normal, natural person; therefore, it can also be creative and inventive. The type of consciousness is designed uniformly and collectively in each android, which means that all of the androids have a uniform consciousness form, and so, they are collectively like-minded, and thus, a collective form of telepathic communication is owned by them. There is an authoritative programming in their artificial consciousness, which prevents the artificial beings ever rising over their designers, respectively their creators, the time of their lives is limited to 300 years (see Ageing). As such, they stand under the command of the real humans of the Reticulum systems, on whose behalf they also carry out excursions, etc. to foreign star systems and planetary systems, thus how they made it to Earth etc.

There may be a reference which we are unable to find which mentions how the crash occurred, it may have been due to testing of a new radar technology at the time, causing the beamship's navigation controls to malfunction, since then however they have adapted their beamships. Citation needed.

Terrestrial beamships
Technically there is no beam-drive system in terrestrial beamships, but for the sake of keeping it neat.
See Foo Fighters and references to terrestrial beamships from Earths future (who Plejaren are unable to contact but are aware of, such as being in the same airspace during historically interesting events, but which are not invisibly cloaked like Plejaren beamships), in Contact Reports and section on FIGU Forum, see External links.

Beamships in the Contact Reports

During contact 4 dated 15th February, 1975. Semjase provides Billy with the following explanations.
[show/hide - extract from contact report 4]


My next question refers to what you have already explained during my — that is, “our” - first meeting (contact 1). People on Earth will never be capable of travelling into the true, deep outer space unless they invent another method of propulsion. I can only imagine what you mean with the term propulsion, e.g. that it must involve a form of beam drive - a hyper-drive, so to speak. In my opinion it would need to consist of a drive that alters matter in some way, probably while the speed of light is exceeded. In the process, the beamship is hurled into hyperspace, in which space and time are paralysed, as you have already explained. I assume that space and time collapse in a manner whereby they are somehow completely nullified.


30. You would make a great scientist.
31. This is really phenomenal considering that all of your knowledge is based on autodidactic work.
32. You are completely correct in your assumptions.
33. To travel through real outer space, one needs a drive that surpasses the speed of light many times over.
34. This propulsion can only become activated, however, when the speed of light has already been reached.
35. As a result, another drive is needed to regulate the normal speed up to that of light.
36. This means then that a beamship needs two propulsion systems: first, a normal drive which permits acceleration up to and below the speed of light and, second, a hyperdrive as you call it.
37. A drive, therefore, which generates a velocity a million and billion times that of light; the hyperspeed, which enables us to enter hyperspace.
38. A space in which every mass expands in proportion to the increase in speed.
39. Consequently, time and space collapse and they become null-time and null-space.
40. That is to say:
41. Space and time simply cease to exist.
42. And exactly by this manner is created the fact that distances of countless light-years can be traversed in a fraction of a second without causing a shift in time.


Does this mean then that the same amount of time passes for a beamship and its passengers as it would on the home planet or on some other planet or star?


43. Surely.
44. For example, when we leave our Pleiades (Plejares) and require about seven hours to get to Earth, then seven hours pass on our own planet and on Earth, as well.
45. It takes us this long because we must first fly with the normal drive beyond the reach of the planets; only then, faraway in space, can we convert to hyperspeed.
46. A long way from your solar system (Sol star system), we exit hyperspace and convert to normal propulsion as we continue to fly here.
47. We are never allowed to penetrate hyperspace too close to a planet.


I understand. The penetration into hyperspace would likely draw one or more planets into hyperspace and eject them as deadly projectiles when the beamship breaks free from hyperspace. Maybe that's how various huge comets turned into storming and dangerous cosmic speedsters — through the fault of irresponsible star travelers?


48. You are partially correct:
49. Actually, hyperspace may only be penetrated very far in outer space, otherwise, planets would be pulled in.
50. Also, concerning the exit from hyperspace, you figured it out entirely correct.
51. It is also a fact that some comets originated in this manner, but only a few; most of them were guided on their dangerous path by other natural events.
52. In this case you are only partly right when you assume that all comets originated in this manner, as you perhaps suspected.
53. But the fact is, such events are caused by irresponsibility, because it exists throughout outer space, not only on Earth.
54. Irresponsibility is evident also when new highly developed intelligences perform their first ventures into hyperspace too close to other planets.
55. The safety rule is calculable and states that hyperspeed is only to be initiated 153 million kilometers (95,625,000 miles) away from the nearest planet.


This is very interesting, but I did not suspect that all comets resulted in the manner you mentioned. But how does such a hyperdrive work, and what about the normal drive?


56. I am not at liberty to give you specifics on this, unfortunately.
57. If scientists on Earth obtained more details, they would resolve their propulsion problems in a very short time.
58. This is neither in our nor the cosmic interest, for the Earth human is still not liberated and mature enough to fly into space.
59. But at the given time, which isn't very far off, he will find the solution to his problem himself.
60. I am only permitted to tell you that many of your scientists are already on the right track and are theoretically working at and researching the necessary propulsion systems.
61. I may tell you also that, in some basic form, these propulsion systems are already known in outline form to your scientific community as light-emission and tachyon drives.
62. The light-emission drive serves as normal propulsion and has the function of propelling the beamship onto planets or within their vicinity, up to the 153 million kilometre distance – the safe distance, that is.
63. Then the tachyon drive, among others, is activated when greater distances need to be traversed.
64. This is one of the hyperdrives which are capable of conquering hyperspace and space and time.
65. We call both of these propulsion systems by other names, but the meaning is the same.
66. We have a different language than people on Earth, and for this reason I need to explain it to you in terms you can understand.


That stands to reason, but I do not understand how such a drive functions. I am familiar with the basics of emission and I know what tachyons mean, yet I cannot imagine or guess their actual processes that result in propulsion. Can you tell me more about it?


67. No, I am not allowed to do so because it would reveal the secret of the whole propulsion system and the generation and harnessing of tachyons, along with the secret of the emission drive.


Thanks, that'll do, as I don’t want to pressure you. One thing still interests me, though: As I assess and ponder it carefully, the form of the beamship plays no decisive role, and yet a disk-like ship would be the ideal shape because surely, in the atmosphere, it offers the least aerodynamic resistance, which might also be the case in water.


68. Certainly. You have hit the nail on the head again.
69. Basically, though, the form really makes no difference.
70. However, the disk shape ensures the least resistance in an atmosphere, and besides, it offers the largest surface and best shape that allows the drives on them — or through them — to become fully effective.


This seems clear to me, but how is it possible for a beamship to attain immense speeds within the gravity field of a planet or in its atmosphere without burning up, or having the passengers succumb to the immense pressure?


71. This is very easy to explain and no secret any longer to the Earth human, at least not to the scientists:
72. The beamship is surrounded by a radiation protection shield that causes every little current of air to glide off without pushing against it.
73. The same thing also occurs in outer space, which simply swarms with inconspicuous particles.
74. Thus, this radiation protection shield has the purpose of protecting the beamship against extraneous influences and resistance, without destroying or pushing against anything that collides with the shield.
75. Anything that penetrates or offers resistance is simply deflected without pushing against it.
76. Pushing against it would mean resistance and would remove the possibility of unlimited speed.
77. Through the deflective quality of the radiation shield, another important effect is triggered which is of great and vital importance to the passengers.
78. The deflection technique of the radiation shield simultaneously neutralizes the gravitational force of a planet.
79. But this does not mean that gravity is simply destroyed, pushed aside or nullified.
80. The air, as well as some rays or particles and magnetism, etc, are simply deflected in the same way; as a result, its own normal gravitational and attraction forces prevail within the beamship.
81. This means, therefore, that a beamship bears the exact same gravitational force onboard as also prevails on the Earth.
82. Besides, the gravitational pull of a planet is not always equally intense, but it also undergoes a certain change, a fact your scientists will discover in the near future.
83. By gliding off the radiation protection shield—that is, the sliding off of gravity and magnetism, respectively—the beamship practically becomes a miniature independent planet which can travel without risk through any atmosphere at nearly the speed of light.
84. Due to the fact that the gravity of the planet involved no longer has an influence on the beamship, the passengers feel as normal and unhampered as if they were on the planet, assuming, of course, that the planet corresponds with their anatomical capacities and is not subject to greater attractive forces (gravitational forces).
85. The attraction force inside the beamship is adjusted to suit the passengers, of course, and is absolutely controllable.
86. When beamship passengers from other worlds move about on foreign planets with a hostile atmosphere or hostile gravitational forces, they use spacesuits and small portable devices that generate for the entities the identical radiation protection shield as that on their own beamship.


This is very detailed and illuminating, but can you give me the technical details for the construction of such a device?


87. I am not allowed to do that, unfortunately, but I can assure you that your scientists are already working on the basics of such devices, and the day is not far when they will manufacture them.
88. However, it lies in the framework of evolution that the Earth human must first develop more in consciousness and spiritually before he will solve these secrets and not use them simply to hurt others.
89. But even then, the great danger exists that the barbaric earth people will use their technical knowledge and capabilities and their technical inventions viciously and greedily to satisfy their lust for power.
90. This has happened before and will happen again, not only with terrestrial humankind but other human beings on other worlds, as well.
91. But when the time comes that man attains the required technology to fly not only to Earth’s moon, but to other planets, he may not do so carelessly and with hopes of remaining victorious at all times.
92. Many dangers lurk in outer space of varying degrees, and other cosmic inhabitants are not leaving themselves helplessly vulnerable to an attack by another race either. 93. Fatal defeats and total enslavement could be the result for Earth's humankind, which would be equivalent to reverting back into primeval times.
94. It is also quite possible that the planet Earth could be completely destroyed, because the technological prerequisites for this have been created up to the last relative perfection by the numerous human and non-human races in outer space.
95. If the Earth human wants to carry his barbaric lust and greed for power into space, he must be prepared for his own total annihilation and the fact that no other beings from other planets will rush to his aid.
96. However, the Earth human must also be prepared to defend himself against evil intruders, which he can only accomplish through a total unification of all nations of your planet.
97. The dangers from outer space are great, and they lurk in all corners of the galaxies.
98. Usually they are inhumane, power-hungry beings who have no feelings or only inferior or degenerate feelings.
99. Others know well how to defend themselves, and out of necessity, they always do it radically.
100. If a large-scale war were to shake outer space, entire galaxies could be destroyed.
101. All it would take would be wars of entire systems which could then result in their own annihilation.
102. Therefore, peace is observed and it is implemented by logical or illogical force if necessary.
103. The Earth human must consider these things, when he will forge into outer space in the near future.
104. Other cosmic races will not allow themselves to be senselessly attacked or forced into exile, enslavement or exploitation, as is usually the case among terrestrial peoples.
105. They will defend themselves with might, and for a long time still, they will remain infinitely superior to all of the Earth humans’ technology.
106. Wherever this is not the case, they are often under the protection of other, more highly developed intelligences whose technology has achieved the last relative perfection.


Those are very nice prospects.


107. It is the only way to preserve peace and avoid death and destruction throughout entire galaxies of the universe.
108. The Earth human must be informed of all this because his consciousness-related reasoning is still very underdeveloped.
109. Man on Earth must get accustomed to the thought that his predecessors have forced all of mankind and Earth itself to the brink of ruin, and had to partially evacuate the planet in a wild escape.
110. It should also serve as a warning to him that thirst for power and barbarism are attributes that bring death.
111. A second race also had to experience this truth in your solar system.
112. In their unlimited hatred and unquenchable thirst for power, they destroyed themselves right down to the last man, and scarcely a creature survived the conflict.
113. They eliminated and destroyed their own planet with a huge explosion and nothing remained of it but the many thousands of asteroids, which today still circle your sun — as a reminder of the human beings’ deadly irrationality.
114. (These asteroids are) remnants of the once thriving planet Malona, which was destroyed by its inhabitants in their barbarian thirst for power and irrationality.


Girl, this is very interesting; do you know more of such things?


115. Certainly, but this must be enough for today.
116. Next time you shall hear more.

Billy asks Ptaah a series of questions about developing-world tourism and touring the rapidly developing world.
Extract from Contact Report 428 (Vierhundertachtundzwanzigster Kontakt Montag, 10. Juli 2006, 15.04 Uhr - Plejadisch-plejarische Kontaktberichte, Gespräche, Block 10 pp. 466-467)

English German
Extract from the 428th Official Contact Conversation of 10th July 2006 Auszug aus dem 428. offiziellen Kontaktgespräch vom 10. Juli 2006
Billy Billy
Then I would like to know how many different types and forms of spaceships and beamships you Plejaren have had and still have in operation in the last 200 years until today, if you can give us any information? And how many species and forms do your Federation allies have? Dann möchte ich gerne wissen, wieviele verschiedene Arten und Formen von Raumschiffen und Strahlschiffen ihr Plejaren in den letzten 200 Jahren bis heute in Betrieb hattet und noch habt, wenn du darüber Angaben machen kannst? Und wieviele Arten und Formen haben eure Verbündeten der Föderation?
Ptaah Ptaah
38. I do not know exactly the exact number of our different types and shapes of spaceships and beamers, but there are currently more than 600 different types in use. 38. Die genaue Zahl in bezug auf unsere verschiedenen Arten und Formen Raumschiffe und Strahlschiffe kenne ich nicht genau, doch dürften es gegenwärtig gesamthaft mehr als 600 verschiedene Typen sein, die wir im Einsatz haben.
39. How many other species and types were in operation during the last 200 years is unknown to me. 39. Wieviele Arten und Formen resp. Typen während den letzten 200 Jahren sonst noch in Betrieb waren, das ist mir unbekannt.
40. With regard to the various types and forms of spacecraft and beamers in operation in our Federation, I do not know any figures, but there are many thousands of them. 40. Bezüglich der verschiedenen Arten und Formen der Raumschiffe und Strahlschiffe, die bei unseren Föderierten in Betrieb sind, weiss ich keine Zahl zu nennen, doch sind es deren viele Tausende.
Billy Billy
And — have you and or your Federates during the last 200 years also often traveled around with the most diverse vehicles in Earthly airspace? Und — seid ihr und eure Föderierten die letzten 200 Jahre auch häufig mit den verschiedensten Vehikeln im irdischen Luftraum umhergekurvt?
Ptaah Ptaah
41. Yeah, with thousands of different aircraft. 41. Ja, mit Tausenden verschiedener Fluggeräte.
Billy Billy
And could they also be observed by the people of the Earth? Und konnten diese auch von den Menschen der Erde beobachtet werden?
Ptaah Ptaah
42. This possibility has always existed and will always exist, of course. 42. Diese Möglichkeit war über alle Zeit hinweg natürlich immer gegeben und wird auch immer gegeben sein.
43. This is also true if we protect ourselves better against visibility at the present time for security reasons. 43. Das auch, wenn wir uns zur gegenwärtigen Zeit aus Sicherheitsgründen besser gegen Sicht schützen.
Billy Billy
You and your Federates have drastically reduced the number of flights into earthly space. Die Einflüge in den irdischen Raum habt ihr und eure Föderierten ja auch drastisch reduziert.
Ptaah Ptaah
44. That is true, because there are only a few dozen per year — apart from the daily control flights, which we of course carry out without interruption. 44. Das ist richtig, denn es sind nur noch einige Dutzend pro Jahr — abgesehen von den täglichen Kontrollflügen, die wir natürlich ununterbrochen durchführen.
Billy Billy
Aha, but how about taking a walk through on our property (SSSC) for you and your Federates? Aha, wie steht es aber mit dem Spazierengehen auf unserem Gelände durch euch und eure Föderierten?
Ptaah Ptaah
45. That is one of the joys of us all, and we do not want to miss it — even if we have to be careful. 45. Das gehört zu unser aller Freuden, und das wollen wir nicht missen — auch wenn wir Vorsicht walten lassen müssen.

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