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Why are beamships shaped like a frisbee?

From the FIGU Forum (Questions Answered by Billy):

I have a question regarding the beamship designs, I guess the dynamics of the flight is similar to how frisbees fly in the air, but, with an advanced propulsion systems at Plejarans' disposal, aerodynamics would be hardly relevant, especially in space travel. So, my question is, why such designs? Because I'm simply not impressed at all of the "toy-like" shapes of beamships.


The beamship's form existed even before the first idea for manufacturing a frisbee was glimmering in the head of a person in the last century. According to the Plejarans this form is the most suitable for travelling through space which is not empty, by the way. There are dust particles, gases, etc.

And the disk-shaped form is very suitable to fix/install their propulsion system.[1]

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