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[[File:FoM-chat.png | link=http://express.paltalk.com/index.html?gid=1440459225 | Chat Room]]
== English discussion ==
<!-- Topic will be chosen at the beginning of the discussion.. -->
This weekend's topic: <span style='color: red'>Meditation</span>
=== Links ===
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    (to futureofmankind, figu, theyfly, tjresearch, 
      billymeiertranslations, steelmarkonline websites) -->
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== German discussion for beginners ==
German discussions were moved to Skype
=== Links ===
* [[Learning_German]]
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== Time of meetings ==
<font size=1>Valid from 2012-W12</font>
<br />
<table style="margin:0" cellpadding="4px">
<tr style="background:gray"><td>Day, Time</td><td>City/Country</td></tr>
<tr style="background:lightgray"><td style="text-align:right">Sat 11:00</td><td>Honolulu/US-HI</td></tr>
<tr style="background:silver"><td style="text-align:right">Sat 14:00</td><td>Los_Angeles/US, Vancouver/CA</td></tr>
<tr style="background:lightgray"><td style="text-align:right">Sat 15:00</td><td>Mexico_City/MX, Edmonton/CA, Denver/US</td></tr>
<tr style="background:silver"><td style="text-align:right">Sat 16:00</td><td>Bogota/CO, Lima/PE, Chicago/US, Winnipeg/CA</td></tr>
<tr style="background:lightgray"><td style="text-align:right">Sat 16:30</td><td>Caracas/VE</td></tr>
<tr style="background:silver"><td style="text-align:right">Sat 17:00</td><td>Toronto/CA, Santiago/CL, New_York/US</td></tr>
<tr style="background:lightgray"><td style="text-align:right">Sat 18:00</td><td>Sao_Paulo/BR, Buenos_Aires/AR</td></tr>
<tr style="background:silver"><td style="text-align:right">Sat 21:00</td><td>Dublin/IE, Lisbon/PT, London/UK</td></tr>
<tr style="background:lightgray"><td style="text-align:right">Sat 22:00</td><td>Paris/FR, Berlin/DE, Warsaw/PL, Zurich/CH, Prague/SE, Madrid/ES, Rome/IT, Oslo/NO</td></tr>
<tr style="background:silver"><td style="text-align:right">Sat 23:00</td><td>Helsinki/FN, Athens/GR, Istanbul/TR, Riga/LV, Kiev/UA, Johannesburg/ZA, Jerusalem/IL</td></tr>
<tr style="background:lightgray"><td style="text-align:right">Sun 01:00</td><td>Moscow/RU</td></tr>
<tr style="background:silver"><td style="text-align:right">Sun 02:00</td><td>Karachi/PK</td></tr>
<tr style="background:lightgray"><td style="text-align:right">Sun 02:30</td><td>Kolkata/IN</td></tr>
<tr style="background:silver"><td style="text-align:right">Sun 03:00</td><td>Dhaka/BD</td></tr>
<tr style="background:lightgray"><td style="text-align:right">Sun 04:00</td><td>Novosibirsk/RU, Jakarta/ID, Bangkok/TH</td></tr>
<tr style="background:silver"><td style="text-align:right">Sun 05:00</td><td>Perth/AU, Shanghai/CN, Manila/PH</td></tr>
<tr style="background:lightgray"><td style="text-align:right">Sun 06:00</td><td>Seoul/KR, Tokyo/JP</td></tr>
<tr style="background:silver"><td style="text-align:right">Sun 06:30</td><td>Darwin/AU</td></tr>
<tr style="background:lightgray"><td style="text-align:right">Sun 07:00</td><td>Brisbane/AU</td></tr>
<tr style="background:silver"><td style="text-align:right">Sun 07:30</td><td>Adelaide/AU</td></tr>
<tr style="background:lightgray"><td style="text-align:right">Sun 08:00</td><td>Sydney/AU</td></tr>
<tr style="background:silver"><td style="text-align:right">Sun 10:00</td><td>Auckland/NZ</td></tr>
<br />
== How to participate ==
We switched to '''TeamSpeak v.3''' service. To be able to particpate in our chat you need TeamSpeak v.3 client software compatible with your operating system. You can download client from here:
<br /><br />
After installing client connect to our chat server:
<span style="color:blue"></span>
<br /><br />
Chat room is password protected. Current password is:
<span style="color:red">Sfath</span>
<br /><br />
Since TeamSpeak is voice chat, please prepare your microphone with speakers. Best option is headset with mic. Try to avoid standalone speakers if using mic.
<br /><br />
Links: <br />
Download: http://www.teamspeak.com/?page=downloads <br />
Tutorials: http://www.teamspeak.com/?page=tutorials <br />
== Already discussed topics ==
=== English discussions ===
* 2010-W20: "Shortage of natural resources"
* 2010-W21: "Billy's adventurous life"
* 2010-W22: "Overpopulation"
* 2010-W24: "Learning German"
* 2010-W25: "Creation, Universe, Reality"
* 2010-W26: "Meditation"
* 2010-W28: "Reincarnation"
* 2010-W29: "Misleading ideologies"
* 2010-W30: "Year 2012"
* 2010-W31: "Destruction of natural environment"
* 2010-W32: "Plejaren Federation"
* 2010-W33: "Responsibility"
* 2010-W34: "Healthy Lifestyle"
* 2010-W35: "Extraordinary powers of the Psyche"
* 2010-W36: "FIGU and other study groups"
* 2010-W37: "Ecologic and energy efficient house"
* 2010-W38: "Worldwide Terrorism"
* 2010-W39: "Power of Thought"
* 2010-W40: "Prophecies and Predictions"
* 2010-W41: "Time Travel"
* 2010-W43: "The Law of Love. Loveforms."
* 2010-W44: "Mental and Physical Self-defense"
* 2010-W45: "Optimal social order that assures fairness, advancement and prosperity"
* 2010-W46: "Evidence of the Case. Between Enthusiasm and Skepticism."
* 2010-W47: "Plejaren Federation and other ET groups visiting Earth"
* 2010-W50: "Family Life"
* 2010-W51: "The True Story of Jmmanuel"
* 2010-W52: "Our Chatroom"
* 2011-W01: "Physical Work"
* 2011-W02: "Effective Learning and Efficient Use of Our Memory"
* 2011-W03: "Overpopulation Continues to Grow"
* 2011-W04: "Earth in the Next Century. Futurological Outlook."
* 2011-W05: "Creation and Creational Laws."
* 2011-W06: "Hygiene, Discipline and Order as It Pertains to One's Life"
* 2011-W07: "Future Technological Development"
* 2011-W08: "The Secret of Longevity"
* 2011-W09: "Secret Services and Disinformation Campaigns"
* 2012-W10: "Between Self-defence and Violence"
* 2011-W11: "Human Beauty"
* 2011-W12: "Our Dreams"
* 2011-W13: "Creational Laws and Recomendations"
* 2011-W14: "Modern Economy"
* 2011-W17: "Our Dreams. Part Two"
* 2011-W18: "Freedom of Ideas"
* 2011-W19: "Connection with Nature"
* 2011-W28: "Spiritual Realm"
* 2011-W31: "Discussions with religiuos people"
=== Interviews ===
* [[Michael Horns Q And A 10th April 2010]]

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