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2010-W21(*) Topic: "Billy's adventurous life"

  • Childhood. Sfath's teachings. (1938-1942-1953)
  • Youth. Travels with Asket. (1953-1964)
  • Further travels. Accident. Marriage. (1964-1965-1966-1971)
  • Years in Hinwil. Meeting Plejrens. (1971-1975-1977 )
  • Space Travels. Visiting Erra.
  • Shmidruti and FIGU. Friends and Enemies. (1977 - ....)

(*) ISO 8601 week format


related FIGU documents:


Contact Report 39 (link not available) and many other contacts with Plejaren Federation




external documents (*):


Article "My Youth" taken from Randolph Winters magazine "Erra to Terra" vol. 1:

Gary Kinder, "Light Years"  (only Part 1):

Wendelle C. Stevens, "UFO… Contact from the Pleiades"
[only excerpts concerning Meier's great interstellar travel]:

(*)  non-active links, please copy and paste them to access listed websites

If you have good web resources regarding this topic please share them with us during discussion.

Time of meetings

Part 1 Part 2 City/Country
Friday, 07:00 PM Saturday, 11:00 AM Honolulu/HI-US
Friday, 10:00 PM Saturday, 02:00 PM Vancouver/CA; Los_Angeles/US
Friday, 11:00 PM Saturday, 03:00 PM Calgary/CA; Salt_Lake_City/US
Saturday, midnight Saturday, 04:00 PM Winnipeg/CA; Chicago/US; Mexico/MX; Bogota/CO; Lima/PE
Saturday, 01:00 AM Saturday, 05:00 PM Toronto/CA; New_York/US, Miami/US; Santiago/CL; Caracas/VE
Saturday, 02:00 AM Saturday, 06:00 PM Sao_Paulo/BR; Buenos_Aires/AR
Saturday, 06:00 AM Saturday, 10:00 PM London/UK, Lisbon/PT
Saturday, 07:00 MF Saturday, 23:00 MF Stockholm/SE, Paris/FR, Berlin/GE, Zurich/CH, Rome/IT, Madrid/ES, Warsaw/PL
Saturday, 08:00 MF Sunday, 00:00 MF Helsinki/FI, Riga/LV, Kiev/UA; Jerusalem/IL; Istanbul/TR
Saturday, 09:00 MF Sunday, 01:00 MF Moscow/RU
Saturday, 10:00 AM Sunday, 02:00 AM Karachi/PK
Saturday, 10:30 AM Sunday, 02:30 AM Dehli/IN
Saturday, noon Sunday, 04:00 AM Novosibirsk/RU; Jakarta/ID; Bangkok/TH
Saturday, 01:00 PM Sunday, 05:00 AM Beijing/CN; Manila/PH; Perth/AU
Saturday, 02:00 PM Sunday, 06:00 AM Tokyo/JP; Seoul/KR
Saturday, 03:00 PM Sunday, 07:00 AM Sydney/AU
Saturday, 05:00 PM Sunday, 09:00 AM Auckland/NZ

How to participate

Meetings are held 2 times during each weekend. Part 2 of the meeting will follow, 16 hours after the start of part 1. You can choose the most appropriate meeting time or you can participate twice. Topic of each part is the same.

We primarily will be using Voxli voice chat room for meetings, but you are also advised to use IRC channel. Please note, that Voxli chat is free to use only while in beta. In case of problems with Voxli, meetings will be moved to IRC.

Since Voxli is voice chat, please prepare your microphone with speakers. Best option is headset with mic and try to avoid standalone speakers with mic.

Voxli chat room
IRC channel
Voxli and IRC in the same browser window

Already discussed topics

  • 2010-W20: "Shortage of natural resources"