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[[File:FoM-chat.png | Chat Room]]
== Introduction ==
Our Sunday meetings are still being held, though in slightly different
form. We do not prepare official discussions on certain topics any more.
<br /><br />
In the first hour of the meeting we generally discuss news or any other current topic.
Next we study German for one hour.
<br /><br />
We call our German study course "Wirform". The idea behind it is to encourage
ourselves and others to learn German and study Billy’s and FIGU's original writings. It
is in no way a full German course, but only supplementary exercises in a friendly manner,
in order to help ourselves and others understand the writings better.
<br /><br />
We are learning to translate small excerpts taken from Billy's texts. For
two weeks we learn new German words using the Memrise website, and then we
translate the excerpts and review them in TeamSpeak on Saturdays.
<br /><br />
The Memrise course: <br />
<br /><br />
More info about the "Wirform" course: <br />
== Time of the Meetings ==
The meetings start at 5:00pm (17:00) GMT time.
== How to Participate ==
Our meetings are held using A TeamSpeak platform. So you will need to install the
appropriate version of TeamSpeak for you device:
<br /><br />
After the installation you can join our chat server: <br />
<span style="color:blue"> chi1.wasdhosting.com:7411</span>
<br /><br />
If you are asked for password, put: <span style="color:red">Sfath</span>

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