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This is an official and authorised translation of a FIGU publication.
N.B. This translation contains errors due to the insurmountable language differences between German and English.
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  • Contact Reports volume: 1
  • Page number(s): Unknown
  • Date/time of contact: Saturday, February 8, 1975 3:03 a.m.
  • Translator(s): Unknown
  • Date of original translation: Unknown
  • Corrections and improvements made: N/A
  • Contact person: Semjase


In the third contact Semjase and Billy discuss the false beliefs regarding who the Plejarens are, why this has occurred and what the Plejarens duties are to the other lesser-developed thinking beings of the universe. Semjase also explains why they do not appear en masse to the broad public of the Earth, the self-deceiving behaviour of applying make-up, the Plejaren's life expectancy and her own age.

This is the entire contact.

Contact Report 3 Translation

Third Contact


1. You have finished your book.

2. It is a grand work.

3. Even if it is written somewhat harshly, it corresponds to the right tone to make it understandable.

4. You simply could not write it any other way.


I believe so, too. But I have concerns that it will be turned down.


5. Your concerns are groundless because the people will sit up and take notice and your work will be printed.


I hope so. I would be delighted about that. At present, something else interests me besides my book.


6. Then ask.


Since our last meeting I’ve occupied myself a great deal and intensively with so called UFO literature. I have found that you star-people, if I may call you that, are always described as supernatural, heavenly beautiful, as guardians of mankind, nearly as omniscient, and as teachers; it is said therefore that you are virtually living in spiritual and consciousness-related perfection. My reasoning and impression suggest something totally different in this respect, and I cannot help but assume all of these things to be lies. Lies which likely sprang from sick brains, or originate from brains that are not free and that brand fantasies as reality because the thought initiators cannot deal with actual reality and flee, therefore, into a fantastic make-believe world. The truth seems too harsh for them and they resort to fantasies, expecting help from them. Because these people never want to bear the responsibility for anything and everything—perhaps because they are too ignorant and cowardly—they simply shift it to something that is said to exist above them and is to guide their fate. This something they call God and religion. Simply a buffer and battering ram into which they can pound everything; a fantasy picture to which they can shift all of their own responsibility.


7. You are engrossed in very profound thoughts and they are consistent with the absolute truth.

8. It is really as you say.

9. The Earth human is incapable of bearing his own responsibility and recognizing, although he must do so.

10. So he shifts everything to something that he, in his fantasy, places above himself things that he simply calls religion or God which shall relieve him of his responsibility.

11. When frauds name and describe us in the manner you have just mentioned, it is nothing more than an infamous lie originating from the brains of human beings who are poor in consciousness and who imagine a better life in their fantasy; and because they still cannot obtain it themselves—at least not in this lifetime—they simply attribute it to us and turn us into something perfect.

12. But we are still very far from this state as well and must continue to develop ourselves constantly.

13. We are not the so-called superhumans or super-beings that people on Earth like to label us from their own lack of knowledge and within their own imagination.

14. We are also not teachers, missionaries or trailblazers.

15. We only have the dutiful task to preserve the evolving and already existing human life in the cosmos.

16. This means that we endeavor to keep order and monitor certain life.

17. We generate contacts here and there with inhabitants of different worlds if our directives allow us, single out some of them, and provide them with explanations, but only if a race is developing towards a higher level and slowly starts thinking.

18. Then we slowly familiarize them with the thought that they are not the only thinking beings in the universe.

19. Now and then we also assist telepathically to instill certain cognitions toward the discovery of technical inventions that are needed at the present time.


Why do you people not appear en masse and show yourselves to the broad public?

And why don't you get in touch with the various governments?


20. Without exception, all governments on Earth consist of human beings who are greedy for power and gain.

21. Under a smoke screen of peace and friendship, they would only want to seize our beamships in order to completely tyrannize Earth with them.

22. Additionally, they would attempt to conquer the cosmos because they know no bounds.

23. They are not even capable for once to create peace and friendship among the countries of Earth, let alone among the people within their own country.

24. How then would they be capable of handling such powerful devices as our beamships and the many technical fittings onboard!

25. There is no interest in showing ourselves publicly to the broad masses.

26. Their consciousness is still short, small and limited through religious enslavement.

27. In their limited reasoning, Earth humans would venerate us as gods just as they did in former times; on the other hand, many people among them—criminal and power-hungry people—would gain possession of our beamships.

28. But let us also not forget all those—and there are countless millions—who would fall prey to complete hysteria and impairment of their consciousness.

29. For these reasons, it is best to cultivate contacts with only a few select Earth humans for the time being, and through them, to slowly impart the knowledge of our existence and tasks, and prepare them for the things to come.

30. We are neither guardians nor overseers of terrestrial humankind; we feel obligated to them only because our ancient forefathers were their forefathers prior to their escape from Earth due to self-induced catastrophes by a few power-hungry people, before escaping to the Pleiades—exactly as you have deduced and calculated in the last few decades according to your knowledge.

31. Only a few events occurred somewhat differently than you had surmised.

32. By and large, you have learned the crux and the majority of the story, and are the first human being to have found the corresponding truth.


My calculations are correct then.


33. Certainly, but I will give you more extensive information about this some other time.


Also about Jmmanuel?


34. Certainly. You shall receive explanations about Atlantis and Mu, but on Jmmanuel you are already informed.

35. You know of Judas Ischarioth's (Iscariot) text, which corresponds to the truth.

36. So I do not have to explain any more about that.


But something interests me, Semjase. It is often written that the star-people can grow very old, even millions of years. Is that correct?


37. Do you believe these claims?


No, because they sound too unlikely. I can only believe this in a sense that a human being of about 70 billion years is simply not a human being any longer but some kind of spiritual embodiment.


38. You are right in that also.

39. A human being may become hundreds or even thousands of years old when he has reached a certain spiritual and consciousness-related state of relative perfection and a correspondingly high and sound way of living.

40. But after that state of about 40 to 60 million years, the spirit no longer requires a purely material body and becomes a half-spirit body.

41. It then lives only in half-material form for an additional 60 to 80 billion years and in such lofty spheres that we can no longer communicate with it from the purely material human level, except when there exists a very high consciousness-related and spiritual level of evolution.

42. After 60 to 80 billion years, the half-spirit form—the half-material form respectively—transforms itself into the first pure spirit form and enters the level of Arahat Athersata.


I see. May I still ask you one more question or even two?


43. Just ask.


You are surely aware that our dear little ladies on Earth keep their age a secret, and that they smear their lips, face, finger- and toenails with powder and colors. What's your opinion on this?


44. Certainly.

45. By their actions, they are deceiving themselves.

46. From my view, I find make-up disgusting, as well as all forms of painting the body or the nails of fingers and toes.


This is what I believe, too. Yet how is it with you people? Do you also live with such a delusion?


47. Certainly not.


Well then, may I ask how old you actually are?


48. Of course. What do you guess?


I am not experienced in guessing people of your type, but according to my measures, you should be about 32 or 33 years old.


49. You know your stuff, for this would really be my age by terrestrial standards, judging from my looks.

50. What you do not know, though, is that our average life expectancy is very high and amounts to several hundreds of years—that is, about 1,000 years.

51. Judging from that, I am still very young at 330 years, which corresponds to about 33 years by your standards.


What do you mean by "my standards"? If you had only told me your average age before, I might have assessed you differently. How was I to know this, for I cannot know everything?


52. Never mind, it was really my mistake.

53. However, now I must go again, and so I bid you farewell.


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