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The Contact Report Index is a different method of presenting and accessing the knowledge contained within this Wiki using a different structure (specific special words and where to find its source) that is also interesting and attention keeping.

The Contact Report Index should be used to find the key facts regarding any keyword or phrase. Internal links to the relevant full articles are provided within each index.

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Usage notes:

  • Line numbers followed by a * indicate that a dialogue begins on the paragraph / line before or (usually) after the designated line number. This is due to the fact that Billy's comments are not numbered.
  • Line numbers followed by a bracketed name, eg. 32* (Ptaah), indicates who is currently speaking. Some contacts have more than one Plejaren present in which each Plejaren has their own number sequence.
  • Line numbers represented by a hyphen - indicate that dialogue in that contact report is not yet numbered.
  • Entries follow, to some extent, the MHRA style guide for indexing. Only names (people, places) begin with capital letters.
  • Entries in bold indicate important/noteworthy discussions.
  • This is a constant work in progress and can be regularly updated/modified with user suggestions. In terms of searching for things, what's obvious to one person may not be to another.
  • Many entries may at first seem rather trivial but ultimately help to give an idea of the overall 'life-story' of the contacts.
  • CR251 is only partially indexed. This will take quite some time.

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