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Sunday 15th July 2007

"We are only here in order to fulfill our mission and the prevention of the catastrophe and to prepare you for your difficult assignment as prophet. For further things, like help with evolution, and so forth, other forms of life from your own universe are responsible, who will initially call themselves Pleiadians. Already for millennia, they supervise the Earth and keep those space-faring races in check who wish evil for you Earth humans and want to gain control over Earth humanity with the employment of religion and all the related deceptions, hallucinations, and trickery with which they buoy up the Earth humans with false promises."
Asket, February 1953


Since 1975 and until January 11, 2010, there have been 902 personal and 1081 telepathic contacts with Pleiadian/Plejaren extraterrestrials and members of their Federation. The contacts are still on-going. 486 contacts are documented and available as contact reports.[1]

Listed here are only a selection of some of those Contact Reports in the English language. Furthermore there are only a few here that are entire reports. The reason for this is that the funding required to professionally and accurately translate the Contact Reports from the original "High" German into English is simply not available in sufficient quantities.

If you are financially comfortable then it would be of great benefit to humanity if you financially assisted with the translation of the Contact Reports and other material into English and/or other popular languages. For more information on financial contributions please contact FIGU USA.

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Click here for details of the Plejaren and other Federation personnel, with whom Billy has communicated in the past.

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