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Notification duties

Copyright licensing:

This work is licensed under a "Creative Commons Attribution License." You may reproduce the work, distribute and make it publicly available.

Under the following conditions:

You must give the name of the author and copyright holder in the manner determined by it. This work may not be used for commercial purposes. This work may not be edited or changed in it origin. Any translation has to be in attached its original language in order to avoid distortion, falsification and forgery, due to the author "Billy" Eduard Albert Meier. The author, "Billy" Eduard Albert Meier, is ware about the falsifications which happens in the past millennia with all the prophets teachings and made out of it a God-cult-sectarian-religious doctrine, which lead humanity to the abyss of evil.

The problem is, the God-cult-religious followers can never grasp it and at the same time they would again try to falsify the truth and try to interweave it in their God-cult-sectarian religious book called holy sh*t scriptures to keep on indoctrinating their fellow human beings and vehemently try to proclaim it for themselves to keep the God-delusional-insanity upright. Well, this time the God-cult-sectarian religious proclaimer will fail with it. The Creation Genesis had also nothing in comparative with the creationism doctrine. Keep in mind that, in the recent time some chronic pathological liars spread to their believers informations that they have communication transmitting contact to spirit beings. Once one has kissed and embraced the effective truth and utilize it for him/herself, there one beginns to recognise the fraudulent with their intent, to say, to separate the wheat from the chaff.

The fact about the God-cult-sectarian religion is, in it many variations, it let you belittle your consciousness, your thinking thoughts and feelings, your personality, yourself as an inferior being.

To your own reasoning

Goblet of the Truth, page 587

577) Only if you follow the truth of all truth which is pre-given through the Creation and its laws and recommendations, will true love, freedom, harmony and true peace arise in you, because then everything disturbing, impeding and confusing falls away and is kept away.

578) You alone as human beings bring about everything, namely the good and the evil, the negative and positive, because you alone are responsible for all and everything, whatever you create in terms of thoughts and feelings as well as in terms of actions, deeds and all your activity.

579) You alone are the ones that bear the responsibility for the forming of your life, your life-conduct, your thinking-directions and determinations, so you yourselves have to make an effort for a right guidance and forming of your existence.

580) You alone bear the responsibility for your behaviour in every respect, so you are also responsible for your state of the righteousness and unrighteousness, of the conscientiousness and consciencelessness, of the fairness and unfairness as well as of the dignity and deference and of the dignitilessness and deferencelessness.

581) Consider thereby that in every good, progressive and evolutionary respect, you cannot force anything and nothing is given to you for free, but that instead you must willingly and consciously work hard for everything yourselves, and truly the work in acquiring all of the good and high values is rich in deprivation, because with regard to the real truth of all truth, what is recommended for the acquiring work, is hard and inexorable.

582) But truly, the creating of all the high values of the life and the following of the creational laws and recommendations is also worthwhile, because the reward is true love, freedom, harmony and peace as well as virtuousness, conscientiousness, righteousness, fairness and being-fair in true dignity and deference.

583) Therewith, all you human beings of Earth, opens up the ‹Goblet of the Truth›, the teaching of the truth, the teaching of the spirit, the teaching of the life, and the ‹Teaching of the Prophets› as a comprehensive prophetic and true teaching book, that it may redound to the prosperousness of your consciousness-evolution and to your well-being of life, so that you do not continue to go forth in evolutionary consciousness-darkness and you no longer curse yourselves, but instead go towards the light of the truth of all truth and follow and fulfil the laws and recommendations of the Creation Universal Consciousness; and in this wise you shall do, so that true love, freedom, harmony and peace may come about in you yourselves and amongst your whole humankind and that you may free yourselves from your unrighteousness, consciencelessness, irresponsibility, unfairness, hatred, revenge and retaliation, murder, terror, war and from everything that is unfair, evil and ausgeartet which you have imposed upon yourselves as a curse since time immemorial.

Teaching of the true Prophets

Teaching of the truth, teaching of the spirit, teaching of the life

from Henoch (Enoch), Elia (Elijah), Jesaja (Isaiah), Jeremia (Jeremiah), Jmmanuel (Immanuel), Muhammad (Mohammed) and Billy (BEAM)

Further notification

This is an unorthorized and unofficial translation due to my own motivation whereby using the google translation, I take the full responsibility for any translation errors.

This book has not yet be translated into any language.

The book in it content structure, organized as follow:

  • The transmission parts
  • The transmission and it interpretative declaration parts

The book has 217 pages.

I will post the transmitted and it interpretative declaration parts only. The first part of it in the book beginns at page 9 to page 52 and relocated throughout the book with further transmitted and it interpretative declarations.

An Important Word Regarding the Translation of any book from "Billy" Eduard Albert Meier

The rich and flexible vocabulary and structure of the German language makes it ideal for explaining and conveying any subject matter in all of its complexity, nuances and detail. No other language on Earth can match the German language in this regard. Therefore, the English language with its comparatively limited vocabulary, flexibility and structure is, as a language, a poor one and can never match the high value that is achieved with the German. Unfortunately the English language has a great many meaningless religious words for corresponding neutral German terms. There is also a lack of suitable forms of expression in English which means that the German forms must be expressed in a different wise by using synonyms in order to find an appropriate form of expression in English. As a result it is not possible to translate any book from "Billy" Eduard Albert Meier into English and convey everything that is in the original German text. The high value of this work can only be completely expressed and made comprehensible through the German language. The human beings of Earth shall strive to make the German language to the world language because it is the the most valuable of all languages that are in use on Earth.

Translation of Genesis

Front Cover

Genesis Front.jpg

English German

(Creation Genesis) Transmitted by the highly Spirit (collective)-Consciousness level PETALE (= The Crown of Creation) Received, interpreted and explained by "Billy" Eduard Albert Meier


(Schöpfungs-Genesis) Übermittelt durch die rein geistige Ebene der PETALE (= Die Krone der Schöpfung) Empfangen, ausgelegt und erklärt durch "Billy" Eduard Albert Meier

Part 1, page 9 to 52