God-delusion and God-delusion Insanity

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Translated February 2010 by Vivienne Legg (one of the gaiaguys) with assistance from Marianne Uehlinger and Dyson Devine.


By Marianne Uehlinger, Switzerland, August 21st, 2009

As with every book written by "Billy" Eduard Albert Meier, God-delusion and God-delusion Insanity, is absolutely unlike any other. In a little more than three months, he has, once again, written a unique masterpiece for which there is no equal. The book God-delusion and God-delusion Insanity, is a totally "hot" book, in which "Billy" Eduard Albert Meier (BEAM) deliveres a great deal of explosive material. However, at the same time, in contrast to other authors who do not know the truth and therefore cannot say anything about it, Billy brings the "fire extinguisher", in that he explains the truth about the Creation Universal Consciousness and how the human being – if he or she wills it – can come away from his or her god-delusion and come to the truth.

Of the seven and a half billion human beings, which, at this point in time, consititute the Earth’s population, four-fifths profess a belief in one of the six world religions or in one of the sects which have emerged from them. They believe in a god whose name may not be named; they believe in a creator-god, in Jesus Christ and diverse saints; in Allah, in Shiva and Brahma – or whatever they are all called – in nature gods, in tin gods, and so forth. They are mostly also firmly convinced that they thereby believe in the legitimate creator of our universe and the one who determines their fate. They pray and beg for favour, health, objects or material wealth; hang rosaries over the rear view mirror in the car, and crosses around their necks, to achieve immunity from accidents and everything bad. They sacrifice food, plants, money, animals and, in earlier times (or even still today?) human beings – above all children and virgins – in order to make their god, their goddess or their tin gods kind and merciful, and to win them over. They give their long dark hair to the temple – which earns millions therewith – in exchange for a good harvest; they throw small children from a high tower into the depths – where, after a nose dive and much dread, they are caught with a blanket (India) – which is supposed to bring the family luck and health, and much more. All are acts of total dim-wittedness and brainlessness. No believer ever asks him or herself in which manner his or her god, his or her goddess or his or her tin god is actually supposed to meet the demands. How does the creator-god manage to simultaneously maintain the gigantic universe, and everything contained therein, while concerning himself with their small harvests, their pleading and begging and their individual wellbeing? That is totally impossible, above all when one considers that a creator would indeed be responsible for all human beings in the universe. Whoever reads this, and is a believer, will naturally, immediately have an explanation at hand, even if it is very daft, ridiculous and irrational. Their god makes everything possible. He can easily violate all the physical laws without negative effects.

Whoever is not really a believer, rather is simply one who goes along with it, has by now at the latest, after consideration, noticed that something cannot be correct. And here is exactly where God-delusion and God-delusion Insanity, comes in. "Billy" Eduard Albert Meier shows, in truth and logic and with clear, precise, pointed, but also incisive words – without wanting to offend the believing Earth humans – why there is no god and no creator-god, as well as why there are no gods and no tin gods. He shows, instead, that it is thereby to do with a delusion which has been inherited, caused by indoctrination, has been instilled, or has been volutarily created, and therefore is to do with a form of schizophrenia. The whole thing is pure imagination. It is a delusion. God has been genetically inherited, over millions of years, in the form of a schizophrenic, epileptic delusion, and is established in the brain’s temporal and parietal lobes. Since children are pestered with belief and led into confusion ever earlier – if not by parents, grandparents or other gardians, then by believing teachers (so-called Creationists) – there is always more suffering and grief in this world. The supposed radiance in the eyes of the believers and their blissfully ecstatic facial expressions reflect their will-o’-the-wisp god-delusion and are not, for example, expressions of inner harmony, love, peace, freedom and joy. For those who have knowledge of the truth, the difference is obvious.

In contrast to other authors, for example, the evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins, in The God Delusion, or Sam Harris in, The End of Faith – who do not themselves appear to know any truth about the activity of Creation (Dawkins even explicitly denies it) or in fact regard everything as chance and without purpose and effect[1] – Billy’s "tool" is his enormous knowledge, and his wisdom, which has never before been achieved by any human being. This wisdom relates to the Creation Universal Consicousness and everything contained therin. Billy does not just point out and warn, rather he explains and instructs, and he provides answers! These are answers to the Earth humans’ millenia-old questions and also the questions which are just as relevant today, which could, for example, sound like this: "If god is only a figment of the imagination or a delusion, then who is watching us? What is Creation then? If nothing is chance and chaos, then how is it really? etc. "

Billy’s statements are hard, well-formulated and precise. They will not fail to have their desired effect. But, if you now think that you will get to read that all the emblems of the religions will have to be removed and religions forbidden, then you are enormously in error. It is quite the opposite. For Billy, the human beings’ freedom is inviolable. He writes about that right at the beginning of the book:

"Wahrlich, es ist nicht des Rechtens, Meinungsvertretenden und Religionsgläubigen resp. Gottesgläubigen Stätten zu verbieten, in denen sie sich einzeln oder in Gruppen zum meinungsmässigen Austausch oder zur religiösen Besinnung zurückziehen oder zusammenfinden können, denn das entspricht nicht der Meinungs- und Glaubensfreiheit.

"Truly, it is not right to forbid opinion holders, and religious believers – respectively, believers in god – places in which they, individually or in groups, can withdraw or get together for the purpose of exchanging opinions, or for religious reflection, because that does not correspond to freedom of opinion, and freedom of belief.

Ein anderes Sinnen, Trachten und Tun, das gegen solche Stätten und deren Wahrzeichen gerichtet ist, stellt blanken sektiererischen und fanatischen Religions- und Glaubensrassismus sowie Hass auf Andersgläubige dar, und das ist in jeder Form absolut inakzeptabel. ...

A different way of thinking, striving and acting which is directed against such places and their emblems, represents blatant sectarian and fanatical racism against religion and faith, as well as hatred of those who believe differently, and that is absolutely unacceptable in every form. ...

That, self-evidently, also applies to human beings who do not believe in a god, in gods or tin gods, rather who instead orientate their thoughts, their feelings and their actions towards the creational laws and recommendations. They are referred to as the ones who have knowledge of the truth. Truth and knowledge are, however, always relative, since both factors are likewise integrated into the laws of causality and evolution.

About that, Billy writes:

Und zur Glaubensfreiheit gehört auch die Wissensfreiheit, folglich auch all jenen Menschen das Recht eingeräumt sein muss, die sich als Wissende in bezug auf die Realität und deren Wahrheit und als Befolger der schöpferisch-natürlichen Gesetze und Gebote von jeder Meinung und von jedem Glauben absetzen und nur gemäss dem Wissen um die effective reale Wahrheit ihr Leben führen.

"And to freedom of belief also belongs freedom of knowledge. Consequently the right must be conceded to all those human beings who distance themselves from any opinion and from any belief, and only lead their lives according to knowledge about the effectively real truth – as those who have knowledge in regard to reality and its truth, and as followers of the creational-natural laws and recommendations.

If you read the book attentively and carefully, and again and again, you will – along with the demonstration of the madness of religions and their stories, and the explanations about the Creation Universal Consciousness and its laws and recommendations – uncover much worth knowing, which, up until now, was possibly not known to you, as, for example:

  • that which is conscious of the consciousness – what an unconsciousness of the consciousness implies (whereby the subconsciousness is not meant)
  • the significance of chance and forordination
  • the significance of conviction and certainty
  • truth and the evolution of truth
  • the life-giving factor of every life-form
  • reality and truth
  • free will
  • the boomerang effect or the interdependency
  • the significance of the origin
  • the absolute nothingness (more about that in the FIGU-Bulletin number 63, March 2008, in German only)
  • the need for constant motion
  • dogmatism
  • the open declaration of the denial of god (applying the same principle as for those who stand up for the rights, equality and equal value of women, lesbians and homosexuals)
  • and much more.

The book God-delusion and God-delusion Insanity, speaks for itself. Even one who does not consider him or herself to be a believer (whoever wrongly evaluates him or herself is also, in a certain sense, a believer!) should read it, because, it would not be from Billy if it were not at the same time a highly valuable source of truth of knowledge with which we can advance the evolution of our consciousness. Nobody on the Earth, no scientist; really nobody, is so well-versed in regard to the Creation Universal Consciousness and the human consciousness – and also in regard to the religions, all of which he has studied (however he did not allow himself to be lulled in by any!) – as "Billy" Eduard Albert Meier (BEAM). So the book is already, for that reason, a truely delicious morsel for everbody’s consciousness – according to our level of openness or unprejudice. For those who can only free themselves with difficulty from their inherited delusion, the delicious morsel may, however, really require a longer time to digest.

I frankly admit that I am amused by sentences such as: "But when many human beings suffer from the same delusion, just as it is with the god delusion, then the delusional insanity is called religion, and is made socially acceptable". They are not only true, rather absolutely delicious – and there are many of those.

In any case, when reading, that which Billy emphasises again and again, and everywhere, is true

Vorurteile sind allzeitlich unüberwindbare Hindernisse und Schranken auf dem Pfade zur Wahrheit.

Prejudices are, at all times, insurmountable obstacles and barriers on the path to truth.



Alles immer prüfe sehr genau

und dann nur dem Guten trau.

Always examine everything very precisely

And then trust only that which is good.

So that you are well-prepared as you venture to embark upon the shaking, stirring and clarifying work of the century God-delusion and God-delusion Insanity,

and understand it even better and can, at any rate, thereby accept it more easily, I would like to give you a couple of helpful facts, which can be broken down as follows:

  1. What is god and what is the Creation Universal Consciousness?
  2. Who is "Billy" Eduard Albert Meier? Is he the announced prophet of the new time, the "messiah" respectively, the Mahdi, as seen from the religious perspective?
  3. The purpose and effect of nature and of the human consciousness.
  4. Help in recognising the truth.
    • the greatest errors of the believers and the most perfidious machinations of the distorters of the writings – in contrast to the teaching of truth, the teaching of life, the teaching of spirit
    • belief and knowledge – colour radiations of the consciousness
    • rationality-intellect-consciousness-block

1. What is god and what is the Creation Universal Consciousness?

So that you know, right at the beginning, in a few words, what god is and what the Creation Universal Consciousness is, I will quote a couple of sentences from Billy’s God-delusion and God-delusion Insanity. Everything is thoroughly explained and described in the book.

What is God: Excerpt from chapter 4

...Grundlegend ist Gott eine Erfindung des Menschen resp. des menschlichen Gehirns, wobei sich die imaginäre Gottheit beim Menschen über Jahrmillionen hinweg genmässig in einer Form von schizophrenem, epileptischem Wahn vererbt und in den Schläfenlappen sowie im Scheitellappen festgesetzt hat. In Erscheinung tretende religiöse Erfahrungen bilden dabei Formen schizophrener Wahngebilde und sind also das Resultat eines genmässig vererbten religiösen Glaubens.

"Fundamentally, god is an invention of the human being, respectively, of the human brain, whereby, in the human being, over millions of years, the imaginary divinity has been inherited in a form of schizophrenic, epileptic delusion and has established itself in the temporal lobes as well as in the parietal lobes. Religious experiences which arise thereby constitute forms of schizophrenic delusion and are the result of a genetically inhereited religious belief.

(more to come)