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I analyze events and seem to find a connection between the departure of the Plejarens in 1995 to the discovery of the 3 "foreign" entities that frequent Earth. Contacts by the Plejarens with these dimensional entities proved inconclusive and may be a threat to them. However if they were hostile, they would have moved on the Pleijarens before the DAL gave them advanced technological means to discover them.
Asket came from a parallel universe, but had to travel vast distances to get here. It appears these dimensional visitors can materialize and disappear at will. Correct me, but in the contact notes, Paath mentioned that these entities may come from the past.
If that is valid, then could these visitors be connected to this whole era of events during the Ur migration process between Earth/Mars/Malona and other star systems or maybe they came before that? Maybe they are benevolant beings from the past that was not recorded, yet advanced on their own in their own right?
One only has to ponder the question, if a group of the good "creator lords" along with some manipulated DNA humans escaped the wars in this solar system and developed a "dimensional" gate of sorts, could that explain why they are so interested in Earth?
There is a common inter connection between universes, positive/negative, man/woman, course/fine material, 7 levels of technology/spirit, past/current/future, sleep/awareness, free will vs no free will (parasites) and now dimensions. One cannot exist without the other, other wise Creational laws does not exist anymore.
Just a thought

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