Kal Korff

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Kal K. Korff is an individual most noted for his claims at debunking the Billy Meier UFO case in Switzerland. However, other debunking attempts made by him have also included The Roswell UFO crash of 1947, the Alien Autopsy video, along with the Roger Patterson "Bigfoot" film footage.

At age 16-17, Korff was, in fact, very interested in the Billy Meier UFO case after having heard about it for the first time from Col. Wendelle Stevens and, thus, had insisted to Stevens that he be taken back with him to Switzerland to meet Billy; however, Stevens refused to do so, due to the fact that Korff was still a minor and that federal law required all minor American citizens who are leaving the USA always to be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Already, Stevens had served time in jail for being accused of having had sexual relations with a girl minor under age, so by no means was he going to risk another incident involving another minor, which only resulted from Korff as an expressed undying contempt for Billy Meier in Switzerland, which he still continues to this day.

At age 17, Korff was approached by Bill Moore (William L. Moore), who was more than interested in seeing a young teen assist him with all thought and energy in intentionally destroying the Billy Meier UFO case, along with tracking down other individuals who may be in possession of other such pieces of UFO-related evidence which mainly consisted of UFO photos, etc. Such photos, in turn, would be analyzed via state of the art computers at NASA for verification of authenticity; however, most photos would usually not be returned to their rightful owners, denied or disappeared. Eventually, Korff and Moore would have a falling out with one another, for which Korff would be ever so willing to be critical of the Roswell incident, since Moore presented his mostly inked out MJ-12 documents to Canadian nuclear physicist Stanton Friedman. A disagreement resulted from the withholding of UFO photos and home movie film by Korff from Moore, which he had taken from Dorothy Izatt in Vancouver Canada. By 1989, Bill Moore had publicly confessed to having been a disinformation agent for the CIA.

By 1995, Korff made a name for himself by having published a book called: Spaceships of the Pleiades: The Billy Meier Story, which for a certain number of years had gained him a considerable amount of status among many UFO skeptics to which eventually formed the group Underground Video. In the book, Korff describes his undercover attempt at visiting the Semjase Siver Star Center in Switzerland to expose the fraud of Billy Meier by finding models of UFOs built by him and how he later had to escape Billy's attack dogs while sneaking around the center at night; however, Meier did not have any attack dogs present at the center, which Kal had obviously lied about based on a published rumor via Randolf Winters found in a booklet called "FIGU House Rules." Billy Meier did, in fact, have models of UFO beamships, but these were made and given to him and his kids by Tom Welch in a total of 4, which were also used by Lee and Brit Elders in an attempt to try photo duplication in comparison analysis of the originals, by forensic photo analyst Jim Dilettoso. Korff made every attempt to publicize Tom's duplicated photos as Billy's original photos, as being further proof of fraud, while Underground Video issued threats of a class action lawsuit towards FIGU that, in the end, never followed through.

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