List Of Abbreviations

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CR - Contact Report

CEO - Chief executive officer

CT - Computed Tomography

ECHR - the European Convention on Human Rights

EU - European Union

FDA - Food and Drug Administration

FOM - Future Of Mankind Billy Meier wiki website

GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation

GOT - Goblet Of Truth

ICT - Information and Communication Technologies

ID - Identification

ISO - International Organisation for Standardisation

MIM - Man-in-the-middle

MRI - Magnetic resonance imaging

PIN - Personal Identification Number

P’s - Plejaren Federation extraterrestrials

RFID - Radio-Frequency IDentification

TFEU - Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union

UK - United Kingdom

IMHO, TWtL by BEAM’s REC via CR’s from T’s & P’s to INCL LIT of GOT & FoM etc. to INCL US, UK & EU, IOW no NDE or DOofD