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Usually translated as Lyrans.

Humanoids, extra-humanoids, non-humanoids, and inhumanoids
Contact Report 248

At earlier times, I often spoke with Semjase about the Earth people and about people of foreign worlds. Semjase also used certain terms for the people of the Earth and for those of extraterrestrial origin, like also you and Quetzal and all others of your federation. Thus, there was always talk of humanoids and of extra-humanoids, non-humanoids, and inhumanoids, etc. [continue reading]

In this respect, unfortunately, there are always misunderstandings, which should one day be removed from the world. Let me, therefore, explain these things in the way I’ve understood them. Correct me, please, if I make a mistake: Humanoids are Earth-humans. Only, these are so-called because they are just earthborn, respectively Earth-created, in accordance with the Latin word humanus, which means something like terrestrial. The Latin term was already used by the ancient Lyrans, and to be sure, in the same way as on the Earth since time immemorial. So the term comes from the ancient Lyrans, who had also named their home world, in the original sense, Earth, and in consequence of this, they had also designated themselves, using a word adaptation, as Earth-humans, as humanoids, after which then, in the course of time, the word humanoid was exchanged for the term HUMAN and, thus, for all human life forms throughout the whole Universe, but with the difference that the differently disposed, exotic human forms – who didn’t exactly resemble the Lyran humans, respectively the terrestrial humans, in their inner and outer anatomies – were called extra-humanoids, respectively foreign humans; consequently, the term humanoid was only used for the kinds of humans of a more terrestrial, respectively Lyran, nature. Nevertheless, the extra-humanoids, respectively the so-called extraterrestrials, belong to the genus OMEDAM and, thus, are humans; it’s just that they are of an exotic nature. Both terms, humanoid and extra-humanoid, trace back to the value of OMEDAM, which means something like FIRST HUMAN or just simply HUMAN. So humanoids are, always and in each case, humans, no matter what exotic appearance and what anatomy they have and no matter whether they are designated in other ways than as extra-humanoids. I often mistakenly referred to these extra-humanoids, while speaking or writing, as “non-humanoids,” which doesn’t correspond to the truth, of course, because non-humanoids, respectively inhumanoids, are, in reality, non-human life forms that are animalistic, respectively of a fauna-like or floral-like nature, and, therefore, have nothing to do with human life. The term NON-HUMANOID, respectively INHUMANOID, clearly means that such a life form is NON-HUMAN. In contrast, there are, for example, the peoples of Asina, extra-humanoids who deviate in their appearance and in their anatomy very exotically from the actual humanoids and look accordingly different as amphibian beings, respectively amphibian humans, and are arranged into other living conditions than those of humans, the kind to whom we and you belong. But these foreigners are called “extra-humanoids” not because of their appearance but simply because they are of an anatomically different nature than we, who simply designate ourselves as humanoids. There are, for example, many extra-humanoids that are outwardly identical or very similar to humanoids, but they have extremely notable differences in their internal anatomies. This also testifies of the fact that they are not of terrestrial creation but are simply beings of alien worlds, which is why they are, indeed, extra-humanoids; however, their anatomy also contributes to this designation because they are alien to those who are simply called humanoids, respectively humans. However, this should not mislead one to regard and judge the extra-humanoids, the foreign humans, as non-humanoids, respectively non-humans. They are still HUMANOIDS and, thus, OMEDAM HUMANS. So extra-humanoids are, in every case, always human beings; it’s just that have no direct birth relationship with actual humanoids, the race of humans embodied by the Earth people and your people. And to address the NON-HUMANOID life forms once again: these are life forms that are not humanoid and, thus, are in no way of a human nature and that also have no relationship or other connections with the human species, respectively with the OMEDAM and humanoids as well as extra-humanoids. And to come to speak once again of the extra-humanoids, it must be said that these are neither better nor worse humans than the humanoids of the Earth, the Earth people, even though they often have very different and rather exotic natures, and indeed, in every respect. Extra-humanoids as well as extraterrestrial humanoids aren’t supernatural and aren’t divine and, thus, are no monsters and no terrors; rather, they are just as human as the Earth people, the Earth-humanoids, of whom, at least for the last 10,000 years, not exactly much that is praiseworthy can be said, when one considers that during this time on our planet, only 250 years of actual peace has prevailed, so in terms of this, as well as in reference to their manner and humaneness and compliance with the natural-creative laws and commandments, as you know, not very many positive things can be said. Concerning the reproduction of the extra-humanoids and other humanoids in the entire expanse of the Universe, it must be said that in this respect, it doesn’t behave any differently with all of them than it does with the Earth-humanoids, so with the Earth people; therefore, sexual acts are necessary in order to witness descendants. What is different from the Earth people is just the manner of the physical act of reproduction, in accordance with the exoticism of the respective life form and, accordingly, its exotic reproductive organs and reproductive practices, which are often connected with rituals that are strange to the Earth people. Also, humanoids and extra-humanoids can mate with one another in order to witness descendants, if this is possible due to the dissimilarity between the exotic reproductive organs and if the DNA factors, etc. are compatible and allow for procreation. It is, of course, utter nonsense that procreation and births of descendants can occur in a purely spiritual form, for a material body is always tied to a physical reproduction and birth. This is a fact that punishes all those dreamers, know-it-alls, believers in angels, and other delusional believers in lies, who maintain the contrary.


Usually translated as old Lyran or ancient Lyran.

Contact Report 260

235. The term “oath” [“Eid”] that is valid in the German language, which is more common today in the form of “vow” [“Schwur”], is of ancient Lyran origin and was originally “Eit.”

Lyranisch-weganisch-plejarischen Gruppierungen

Usually translated as Lyran-Vegan-Plejaren Grouping.

Giza Intelligences / Bafath
FIGU Special Bulletin 027

Regarding the removal of the Giza Intelligences, this directive was not violated (see FIGU Special Bulletin 027 context) because these belonged to traditional Lyran-Vegan-Plejaren groupings who caused much harm among the Earth humans for which reason they were deported and banished.

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