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Welcome to the Meier Wiki

This particular Wiki aims to become the definitive resource of all known English translations of information provided by Eduard Albert Meier (pictured left), the well known contactee of the Plejaren Federation. All are encouraged to contribute and collaborate here.

If you are new the website please read the Getting Started and Rules sections below.

Meier Translations

Material translated currently includes:

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Getting started

  • In order to make a contribution to this Wiki you must create an account and then login with that account.
  • Add your personal details to your user page (click on your username at the top)
  • Get editing!
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Wiki rules

Please ensure that:

  • all translations include the original German text unless translated by a FIGU-authorised translator. If this is not possible, do not upload it until there is one available.
  • you include the translator's name at the top of each page and references at the bottom of the page indicating the source of the article or translated text. e.g. A hyperlink or publication ISBN.

Vandalism will not be tolerated. IP addresses of offending users will be blocked permanently.

Wiki resources

This Wiki uses the MediaWiki server software as used by It is advised that you refer to the MediaWiki Handbook for assistance when unsure of how to implement a required change.