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Welcome to the Future Of Mankind, the largest English-language resource for information primarily produced by Billy Meier, contactee of the Plejaren Federation and founder of FIGU.

The objective of this site is to assist the mission to create a better reality for mankind. In order to bring peace to our world, great wisdom needs to be realised and then put into practice. Wisdom is only achievable when true knowledge is combined with honesty.

Thanks to FIGU and the Plejaren Federation, previously unknown knowledge covering diverse subjects is now freely available to everyone. Such subjects include our true origin, problems on Earth and within us, facts about the universe, the laws of Creation and much more.

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<random period="day" pattern="----"> The practicing of criticism, i.e. the criticizing of the Earth people against their neighbours, corresponds to a very bad habit, which is founded in the desire to be better and the desire to know better than one’s neighbours. The criticizers are, thus, of the false belief that they are better or could be somewhat better or would know better, etc. than those whom they criticize. Thus, no so-called “healthy assessment” is practiced, which exists in the so-called “art of assessment,” through which a neutral assessment of a person or thing takes place; rather, a criticism occurs, which truly consists of pointing out alleged or genuine errors in a derogatory manner, in order affect one’s neighbours with it psychologically or in any way. This is also true for the so-called professional critics, who have the audacity to criticize people and their labours and works, etc. as well as things and stuff of any kind in their wrong and megalomaniacal conceit and think that they would understand something of the matter concerned. Critique or criticism truly exhibits in no way the form of an assessment or art of assessment and doesn't rest in an examination and in an insight but rather is grounded in a chronic, habitual, derogatory laceration and abasement of that which is criticized. This, however, has nothing to do with the assertion and misrepresentation of the earthly philosophers that it would concern an assessment, an examination, and an insight, as well as an evaluation. These values do not find their authorization in critique or criticism but solely in the neutral art of assessment and in the neutral assessment evaluation. But critique or criticism doesn't know these values because solely a judgement follows from it, through which a person claims to classify something as given or not given, as good or bad, as negative or positive, or as genuine or false and, accordingly, to make a decision autocratically. At the same time, an assessment is completely omitted because neither the negatives nor the positives are effectively seen in their true form. In contrast to this are the assessment and evaluation, through which not only the negatives but also the positives become seen, recognized, assessed, and evaluated. Through this, someone or someone’s action, labour, work, thing, or matter, etc. doesn't just simply become criticized and, thus, torn up into the air, so that the whole thing truly only corresponds to a lousy, biased, hateful, autocratic, and arrogant intolerance. This also refers to the opinion and life attitude as well as to the world view of the people and also how they dress, what hobbies and pleasures, etc. they have, and what kinds of lifestyles they maintain, because all these things, which are really of the purest private nature, are also complained of by the trouble-making critics and are mercilessly and self-righteously torn apart in a yelping manner because they regard themselves as better and more clever than they concede this to their neighbours – even though they themselves are usually bean straw dumb and stupid and have a crude attitude toward life and toward their fellow human beings. Source

I’ve realized, it is such that the female gender – in many aspects of life, humanity, and peacefulness, etc. – is remarkably more developed than the male gender; consequently, the women judge and approach many things more intelligently. Also, their logic seems to me to be more pronounced, as well as their sense of true freedom, love, and harmony. However, it is just these things that evidently do not fit into the clutter of the lords of Creation,religions which is why they continually try to disregard, oppress, and exploit women. Source

It should be noted that there are always great geniuses among men, while there is hardly any mention of this on the female side; however, I think that this must not obscure the fact that the truly great intelligence actually lies with the female gender, but this is suppressed and disparaged by the male world because it estimates itself to be better, greater, and more intelligent than it is in truth. This led me to the thought that the actual and true mass of intelligence must actually lie with the female gender, from where it becomes transferred to the male gender, wherewith I mean an inheritance, through which the intelligence of the mother becomes transferred to the child, so also to the male offspring. And since this has to be, the reason for the oppression of the woman, perhaps, lies with the man, as it is customary here on our Earth, in that the man, in his arrogance, cannot accept the fact that the female gender is now just once blessed with more intelligence. Perhaps it may be that through this, the male world has succumbed to a phobia and is just afraid of the fact that the female gender could take over the rule. But surely, there are still many other illogical reasons on the part of the male world for the oppression and unequal rights of women. Now, I don’t want to say with all this that the male world only consists of zeros and rivets, but I would like to bring into play that it would be very appropriate if men would muster up more tolerance, respect, and equality toward women, so that women can also expand their entitled freedom and develop in their appropriate framework. Source

Everything in the past recedes eternally beyond our dominion, and nothing, be it will, promise, money, possession or property, can ever bring it back again. Nothing that has ever happened can be undone by humans, and neither our power nor that of the universe can reverse anything we have experienced and suffered nor can it be turned into something that was not experienced or not endured. Not one spoken word can be erased nor can any deed be undone, for things of the past are permanently gone and can never be brought back, made anew into an event or turned back into the actual moment of the experience. What is past is gone for good, and this holds true for yesterday, the day before, and all other days and years of the past, along with any occurrences we have experienced, fears, apprehensions, joys, sufferings, sorrows, pains, faults, gains, losses, and anything else that took place. Source the course of time, the social life-habits and norms have strongly altered and were replaced by other and more modern things but that should be no reason to neglect the reality and its truth. Source wary in your striving that you exercise prudence, namely, in all your thinking, feeling and acting, because the world abounds with dishonesty and with humans who perpetrate deceits and all kinds of other criminal and condemnation-worthy actions in order to pull a fast one on you and to take you to the cleaners. But this should never be a reason for you to shut yourself off from the value of honesty and to act in the same way as those who deceive you thoroughly. Always be aware of the great value of virtues and make like very many of your fellow humans who strive for high ideals and lead a life that is full of a quiet heroism. Thus, always bear the burden of life honestly and with dignity regardless of whether this is joyful or painful. Thus, also dignify your becoming old and give it the grace that you have given it also in youth. Also, honour your body and also show it the necessary dignity; thus, you acknowledge and value it in the way it was given to you without maltreating it out of selfishness and any flimsy irrationalities in a beautification obsession. Also, pay attention to the power of your consciousness as well as to your thoughts and feelings so that you are able to cope with a sudden unhappiness, a mourning or a loss and do not collapse. Source form a little consideration and positive feelings can work wonders because respectful words and a little understanding for the circumstances of the neighbour - of the fellow human being - thereby emerge. And it's a fact that something positive and good thoughts and feelings seize the severity of any negative or bad situation, which nurtures interpersonal relations and makes life more bearable for every human being. Source

...all can find a way out of their whole adversity, if only they work upon goodness in themselves, if they dedicate themselves to reflection and thereby dedicate themselves to the source of cognition, which brings release from all miseries and evils, from grief, sorrow, problems and worries. This cognition rests in the real illustration of all things, that all is worth living, the negative as well as the positive, and that the living out of what is pleasant as well as what is unpleasant makes life worth living and brings immeasurable experiences and values. Source

How the human being thinks, thus he lives, and how the human being lives, thus he thinks; and what the human being thinks, that he is. This ancient wisdom is confirmed in the world of thoughts and feelings and in the actions of the human being. And if he truly and consciously tries to regard self-proclaimed enemies and antagonists, etc., only as human beings and not as enemies and antagonists and not to adopt their attacks and problems as his own but to turn these away to the creators, to simultaneously cultivate loving and peaceful thoughts for them, then all hostility fades, then only loving fellow human beings and friends, but never enemies, remain at the end of his life. Source

The truth itself, however, rests in the recognition of the nature of that which is factual and thereby in the nature of effective reality. If clear vision and clear recognition are consciously and appropriately exercised and extensively realised then every trace of doubt disappears because now the complete reality is seen and recognised and, with it, the fundamental, actual truth. Yet until the human obtains this clear view and clear recognition, which he has to develop through hard, evolution-promoting work, he will be unable to avoid being subject to doubts because doubts signify a fundamental activity of the developing personality, respectively, of the still ignorant material consciousness which strives for true knowledge and real truth. Source

...the survivors will recognize that selfishness, vice, greed, arrogance, excessive ambition, and greed for possessions etc. cannot form a stable basis for a healthy human society. Source

An inner line of reasoning rests, first of all, on clarity being brought over the conditions or premises, or more precisely, the fundamental facts, on which rest the things that are to be proven. Only therewith can it be really recognized for the first time out of which parameters, or rather, potentialities and actualities, the evidence is to be obtained. This evidence then actually must be produced through inner reflections, thoughts and feelings as well as through inner clarifications, etc. Thereafter, everything is to be ordered according to its values so that it links itself into a complete chain of conclusions that ultimately develops in such a way that from it arises the final result, precisely the judgement-produced evidence that basically emerges from the correctness of the basis of the evidence. Source

What is so bad about becoming old then? Ageing is not important, but rather how and what the human lives, what he makes out of his life, what good and positive as well as humane things he does and what he does in regard to being a human, how high he develops his consciousness, how positive and good he is, how he associates with the fauna and flora and how he treats, values, reveres and loves his fellow human. Therefore, what matters to the human is, in fact, not so much how long he walks the earth because what counts is all that which he achieves and accomplishes during his existence. Source

...effectively considered, only relatively small progress has been made with respect to consciousness-related evolution compared with technology and all sciences in human respects. It is true that the human has made many kinds of improvements with regards to the standard of living and living conditions in material respects, but progress is truly low in the explanation of the human's inner world. Indeed, over the course of the centuries and millennium, a great progress has thus emerged in all material realms, whereas what is consciousness-related, however, has yielded, which has led to the bad treatment and partly devastating atrophying of the human's true inner values and his entire inner world. The true life and the true values of life have gone astray from the human, as also the knowledge of the Creational laws, which regulate the entire life of every single life form, from the fauna and flora up to the human. Source

Anxiety and fear are the basic fruits of all religions and sects, which are thrown to the believers as food and are eaten by them because they fear or are afraid of everything that might break in on them as an injustice of any kind and as a direct punishment from God. Source makes the world, life, and the universe explainable in all physical factors and dispels the darkness of ignorance. But this does not prevent the believers of religions and sects from remaining in the darkness of ignorance and from indulging in the religious and sectarian false teachings. But actually, they only do this because on the one hand, their faith is handed down to them as an evil heritage and is powerfully active, and on the other hand, they are still trapped by anxiety and fear, from which they do not dare to set themselves free because they fear divine punishment. Source

Always keep in mind that despite all calamities, all grief and all worries and despite all flowing tears everywhere, the world is nevertheless beautiful and wonderful in its and with its entire life even if dreams break here and there and an immense chaos makes all hopes appear as illusion. Source

Even chains can never deprive you of your true inner freedom as well as your inner peace, of joy, happiness and harmony, if you do not shackle, bind and gag yourself in all your inner values through yourself. Source

...always limit your talk to what is necessary and do not digress, because long and excessive talks have only a short-lived meaning, make the listeners yawn and thereby cause great displeasure, misunderstanding and inattentiveness. Remember, the person who speaks long and excessively always has bad and ill-humoured listeners. Short-lived meaning applies to the long talk, great meaning, however, to the short talk. Source

Truly, life is struggle, a repetitive dispute within one's own self. There are always the current events in life that try to divert our attention and thoughts by pushing themselves into the foreground. However, without fail, true reason will always break forth. It does not matter whether it is drowned out by noise, covered up, distracted, overburdened, stuffed to the brim, true reason is always present, ready to break through the mound of confusion, even though it may be only a hint of a smile. A smile that stands above all else, invincible, sublime, observing man as he degrades himself, reducing himself to dust. The self of man is the most precious pearl, the greatest treasure, which he carries within himself, hidden in his innermost part, in his self - the philosopher's stone. It is silver and gold, but is not made of these metals; it speaks directly to man - but man rarely hears it. It is the eternal light, the light of all-great-time in all the obscurity and gloom surrounding man. It wants to make man the king - but man violates it. All of man's yearning for it causes him to search frantically outside himself. Yet, it is so near - within every single human being. Source

The present mankind on Earth lives in wicked excesses of material desires and pleasures. Man's idea of a carefree life lies exclusively in a material world where fancy clothing, an elegant residence, the best of food and beverages, financial successes, profits, gratified lusts, and vices play the most dominant roles. In his erroneous, consciously false thinking, man identifies all of this as a "satisfying existence" - due to his lack of knowledge concerning truth, of course. The large mass of terrestrial mankind is only striving toward acquiring immense material wealth as quickly and effortlessly as possible, simply to attain power over others. The level of material wealth, the position one occupies in society, and the profession one chooses, determine the value of a person in the world, while his spiritual and conscious values, truly the only values of importance, are entirely disregarded, smirked at, trampled, and considered stupid. Currently, a man's reputation is measured solely by his financial standing, rank, and title. For these people, the fulfillment of their final yearning is a quiet and carefree old age, proud of having attained the "high" level of culture. However, while the pride of Earth's mankind in the height of its culture relates to the lowest values of acquisitions, man neglects all values of true culture when compared to the development of his consciousness. A life stripped of noble humanity does not receive much attention anymore concerning any mention of culture. Egoism, in its crassest form, is the strongest motivation of all human thoughts and actions, and yet, mankind is too cowardly to become aware of this fact or to admit it to themselves, even secretly. Due to the Earthling's lack of courage to face the truth, and his distorted life-style of degenerate hypocrisy, human beings fail to understand each other. Every human being lives secluded from others, deceiving and condemning himself, while, at the same time, begrudging his fellowman each breath of air. Source

Man has made everything subservient to him through his intellect and reasoning, and by arranging and manipulating everything around him. His ambitions thrive only on this subordination. Appearance has become far more important to him than the truth of Being. He lost the eternal truth of the spirit and Creation in its basic elements, and has clung since earliest times to unrealistic doctrines of cults. Due to his self-delusion, he valued enslaving and false doctrines far more than all the laws and commandments in their truth and wisdom. Because of his extremely poor, confused, cult-religious philosophy of life, man believed that by rejecting the true Creative laws and commandments, and by creating orders based on human laws, he could reform mankind in accordance with these unrealistic cults or lead it to a better future of improved living potential. Having lost the knowledge of Creation's essence in man, he wanted to force other human beings into living, using materialistic means and false religious doctrines. That is why he has enchanted the masses of terrestrial mankind with false promises, false ideals, and idols associated with false doctrines of cults. Within a short time this path led to enslavement, consciousness' constraint, exploitation, hatred, greed, and vice of the gravest extent. Wherever a remnant of trust has remained, man soon transformed it rapidly and incessantly into vicious distrust and deadly hatred. The Earthling has gradually removed himself ever more from a true life, from the spiritual intent that originated in Creation. Man has lost his knowledge of the most ancient truth and wisdom, namely, that he is the criterion for all Creative things, in creation of Creation's own perfection within itself. Source

21. Through the guilt of the people, all storms will assume increasing and more violent forms, such as hail storms, blizzards and flooding rains, as however also the ozone-layer will become very dangerously damaged. Monstrous deluges will belong ever more to the order of the day, because through the overpopulation, the forest wetlands and swampy plains will become altered in function to become residential areas, whereby the wild waters of the flooding rain will find their way into the houses of the people because they can no longer escape into uninhabited wetland areas. Landslides and avalanches, as well as earthquakes and seaquakes as well as every kind of storms will prevail; gales and typhoons, hurricanes and tornados will increase ever more in their numbers and will become ever more violent and destructive. And also therewith overpopulation will bear the guilt, because overpopulation will become monstrously negative and will thereby give rise to an unnatural climate change that in only one decade from today will already begin to effect the world very detrimentally. The monstrous mass and weight of the cities and villages continuously stress the inner structures of the Earth more and more through which the tectonic plates will be adversely affected, inevitably leading to increasing tectonic displacements and faults, through which immense tremors will be evoked world-wide, whereby finally the deaths will go into the hundreds of thousands and into the millions. Source

36. The television and the computer will become the most important information media, however also, as significant forms for the public advertising of prostitution. People, in the course of the next 50 years, will become cold in their thoughts and feelings, through which interpersonal relationships will produce ever stranger effects and will only be purposive. True love will become a rarity, and many marriages will only take place in order to indulge in a certain status associated with prestige and money. The result will be that many marriages will no longer hold together, families will be destroyed, and the descendants, as well as becoming sexually abused, will also become asocial and neglected. Source

42. The irresponsible ones will use the time in order to become rich through their faithful supporters, especially when they spread fear and terror concerning the change of the millennium, because they will claim that the world will go under in the year 2000. Then there will not even be a shying away from spreading lies that extraterrestrials will rescue the select - however naturally only then, if this large sum of money is delivered to the sect-leader. Much more will be brought about with the growing overpopulation, which is fundamentally the actual source of all evil things of the future, because the greater the overpopulation becomes, the greater the problems originating from it will become. So new epidemics will appear, and indeed already in the coming eighties, that will demand millions of human lives, and indeed epidemics which will be transferred from animals to people, as in the more distant future times where also epidemics will be brought to Earth from outer space. Source

Religions, sects and false philosophies bind and damage the human's consciousness, subject this to an enslavement, torment it with utterly evil dogmas, which are solely and alone the work of false prophets, saviors and all kinds of human-subjugating riffraff, who, through the faith, have greedily exploited their followers for profit and led them astray since time immemorial. Their machinations are no work of Creation but forms alone constrained by human sense, which means a debasement and disparagement of the Creational and its laws and its systematic undermining. Every human who honestly and earnestly seeks the truth repels these slimy machinations because he instinctively recognizes and understands their untruthfulness, that he therewith can never experience the great truth and reality. Only those humans who rashly endorse, simply beliefwise, these rotten machinations and are consequently also not honest seekers of the fundamental truth give way to the nonsense because they are still not so learned and able, within themselves, to question everything and to discover the real truth within themselves through their own power. Therefore, their yearning for the truth becomes ever more hopeless, whereby they get ever deeper into the clutches of the false prophets and saviors, etc., which ultimately has not seldom the consequence that these humans despair of themselves and the world and possibly put an end to their lives. Source

The human already storms out into space, just as he pleases - with thundering and howling rockets. Exploding, they burst into the structure of the heavens and tear up the harmony of the spheres. At breakneck speed the Moon will be conquered, and then quickly the neighbouring planets, in order to prepare the way for the coming star travellers who want to steer through the primeval vastness in order to fathom the secrets of the enigmatic universe and stars. Often friendly and often cold, they shine down from the firmament when the night has descended over the Earth and has spread its dark, secretive veil out over the world. A world which already smoulders in high technology and further develops it at breakneck speed, always further and further, in order to achieve the best possible perfection. And this technology is created by humans - by humans who are indeed capable of perfecting the technology, controlling it and driving it towards its peak - but who, on the other hand, do not contain within them sufficient cognizance in order to generally guide the thoughts of the entire humanity along progressive paths by teaching that which is good and positive, in order to thereby create ultimate peace on the world and among the humans in accord with the sense of the laws of Creation. But they are not even in a position to create a peaceful co-existence among the peoples. And why not? Because they only know the way of mammon, of pleasure, of selfishness, of progress and, with that, technology, and for that reason they cast the laws of Creation out into the realm of fantasy. Self-evidently the taskmasters thereby function first and foremost because they embody the power and politics, as well as the religion, of their countries. And it is exactly these powers and politicians as well as bigwigs of religion who continually make wrong decisions and carry them out. Thus anybody who is manifestly in the right is continually oppressed and discriminated against. Source

An ancient prediction speaks of women who, in the third millennium, will come into power and will create peace, freedom, love and harmony; subsequently men will be forced to relinquish their despotic rule they have kept for thousands of years. Truly a very pleasant prediction but it will bring disadvantages in the beginning because at first, women will come into powerful positions who are just as overbearing and idiotic as those "gentlemen" who bask in their power and create wars, terrorize the people and look for humble and submissive idiots who will be in bondage to them. At first, only a few women in the world will take the rudder as "mothers of the new millennium" and later, little by little, the real true mothers will step forward and will lead the world toward peace, freedom, love, order and harmony. Unfortunately it is true in this respect too, that all the beginnings are difficult and "false mothers" will at first take the rudder, until the "true mothers of the millennium" will take the destiny of mankind into their hands and create a world in which fear of misery, suffering and wars will be gone as well as greed for power and injustice which the mighty power of men had forced upon mankind of earth for thousands of years with their greed for power and control and in their overbearing behaviour. Source

The human seeks; but for what does he seek? He seeks for the truth, for the true life and the meaning of life. However, he does it in an impetuous rush as well as in carelessness and is always eager, in each and every thing that he comes across, to indulge in a belief, be this political, religious, sectarian, philosophical or ideological in other ways. At the same time, the human does not concern himself with reality, the truth and true love, humaneness and all what pertains to the true life. The human's seeking is also like an enormous boom throughout the world even though the human does not know what he actually seeks as the true life and as the meaning of life and also can imagine nothing by that. And it is exactly this that leads to the appearance of countless false prophets, gurus, masters, enlightened ones and lofty ones as well as book authors and those who offer seminars, and with their horrendous nonsense, with their false teachings and deceitfulness, they have an easy job of binding their believers to themselves in order to financially exploit them, to abuse them and to make them dependent. Source

The teaching of the truth is not arduous and exhausting; only its realization gives the human trouble, namely because he must make an effort to become a real and truthful human. He must make an effort to acquire his capabilities like tolerance, patience, love, honesty, all virtues, etc., as well as the understanding of actual reality. This means that self-knowledge and self-discipline must be translated into reality, as also modesty and all other values through which the human distinguishes himself as human. This is the arduousness but not the teaching itself, because this is simply and clearly understandable, because it corresponds to the Creational-natural laws to which it is imperative to adhere. And these laws are values that the consciousness can grasp even if it is bound to space and time and it, in regard to the current evolution, still cannot comprehend eternity and infinity but rather only exactly that which is visibly, directly connected with Creation. Source

The consciousness is not quiet in the stream of inconceivable energy and power that springs from Creation and from BEING as well as from all beings and flows through everything; consequently, it develops, evolves and more and more is able to comprehend in knowledge and wisdom. From Creation itself, from BEING and from all beings, the human consciousness draws its functioning, even the energy and its power, which are absorbed and used every second. The human thereby learns, with also his reason, to rationally and consistently comprehend and grasp everything. The human's consciousness is thus not very poor in his actions and in his understanding, as it is erroneously assumed, because it is the consciousness that evolves in truth and works its way ever higher in reason and understanding. Source

The human must never let up in his learning and never fixate on particulars because the path of evolution demands that a comprehensive and complete learning is pursued, in which the particulars are regarded as ascertaining factors that nevertheless must be attached to the whole. The whole consists of many particulars that must be processed individually and formed into the whole. Also, the human is actually a whole in his inner being, which nevertheless consists of many particulars that must be comprehensively processed and brought to the highest level. Certainly, this is associated with the effort of learning because in contrast to the religious or sectarian belief, which is just thoughtlessly accepted and practiced without consideration of being right or wrong as well as without questioning, the teaching of the truth demands that the human lengthily and thoroughly deals with each and every thing intellectually and emotionally in such a way till he finds the truth within himself. Religious and sectarian belief demands believing, a tormentlike, submissive bearing of the consciousness, thoughts and feelings and a total enslavement of the consciousness. Source

If the human has a strong will within himself and really endeavors to bestow purity on his thoughts and feelings in his search for what is higher, then he very first and foremost must look after himself, practice in self-knowledge and change in all things that control him. So, he has not found, with the will and efforts, the path to his highest goal for a long time yet, whereby everything that he wishes in his evolution is given to him. Therefore, he must continue to steadily endeavor that everything that being a true human requires is given to him. For this neither false prophets, saviors, gurus, masters, enlightened ones and lofty ones, esoteric ones, preachers, priests and parochial powers nor "spiritual scientists", etc., are needed but rather only one's own consciousness-related effort through thoughts and feelings in a seeking, searching and discerning way as well as one's own change for the better. And if the human acts in this way, then he frees himself from the pressure of all pathological brooding and from the search for the truth in false prophets, saviors and other swindlers, liars and deceivers. If the human follows the right path, which he can find only within himself, then he regains the health of his consciousness, his thoughts and feelings as well as the psyche. Source

Human of Earth, wake up and look about yourself and recognize that only you alone can open your path to yourself and make life joyful and successful for yourself. Pay no attention to the belief, but rather be uplifted by the truth; avoid the religions and sects, the false philosophies and ideologies, that preach untruths, because the fundamental truth of all things is alone contained in the Creational and natural laws, and you do not find these in false teachings but alone within yourself. You are yourself the great truth-bringer for you, which is why you must let reason and understanding prevail in order to find the truth within yourself. You yourself are the embodiment of love, freedom, harmony und peace - only you must yourself create it in yourself through your own power. Therefore, it is not the religions, sects and philosophies that bring you all the high values of life but solely and alone you yourself. Source

Human of Earth, wake up and destroy, within you, the chaos and the dogmatic wall of belief whose nature is religious, sectarian, false philosophical or false ideological in other ways, because only thereby can the truth grow out of you and penetrate undistorted into your consciousness as well as into your thoughts and feelings. Your thoughts and feelings as well as the psyche will then exultingly soar in unimagined happiness and joy, and happiness, freedom and harmony as well as peace and love will surge up within you and let you feel everything in such a way that it nearly goes beyond the boundaries of your understanding. Source

Very many human beings are not themselves because they adopt as their own the thoughts, feelings and machinations of others, whereby they degenerate to anger, joylessness, hate, sorrow and worries, etc. Generally, the human being does not understand that when he is raked over by others with bad words and actions, absorbs these in himself and makes them his own, he is not himself anymore, but he becomes an imitation of one who causes him harm or damage in any form. Truly, distance must be taken from this imitation because, fundamentally, the thoughts, feelings and machinations of harming, ill, and damaging intent are not the concern of those human beings who are subjected to the aggression, but they are alone the concern of malevolent people, antagonists and self-proclaimed enemies, etc. And since everything is a concern of antagonists, a matter needing urgency is that thoughts, feelings, words and machinations, etc., created by antagonists are not absorbed and made one's concern, as the opposite unfortunately is the case for many, in which the human being is not himself anymore, but he turns into the imitation of one who provokes unrest, strife, hate and slander, etc. But to not let these unworthy things get to himself and in order for him to not dwell on anger, sorrow, worries and hate, there is only one possibility for the attacked human being, which consists in that his own thoughts and feelings are directed on not taking seriously the aggression of antagonists and always being clear to himself and saying to himself, the thoughts and feelings of hate, the hostility, the ill words and the slander and machinations are alone the concern of antagonists but not his own. Thus, it means: All attacks and problems of any kind of hostile-minded people are not my concern but solely and alone theirs, with which they damage themselves, with which they themselves must cope. Source

Attacks of others, be it through thoughts and feelings, through words, hate, slander or actions, may never be made one's concern because they essentially are the concern of the creators, who must cope with them themselves. Through their aggression against fellow human beings, they inflict damage on themselves, because their machinations affect their own thoughts and feelings, whereby they are peaceless and joyless in themselves and decline to vicious frustration. Source

Generally, attacks and problems of others must be ignored and warded off in a manner that they are the concern, the aggression and problems of antagonists and not of one's own person. Only through this reasonable insight as well as reasonable ways of thinking, feeling and acting can the human being protect himself against attacks, lies, incriminations, hate and slander, etc., of others because, in fact, the entire evil and problems of such things are not those of one's own person but those of the attackers and antagonists. The attacks and problems of others are not my concern but that of the attackers must be the constant motto for attacked people who are raked over with words, thoughts, feelings, lies, problems, slander and actions, etc. And if, in this form, the thoughts and feelings as well as ways of acting are cultivated, then the human being can free himself from the imitation of antagonists and truly be himself. Source

If the human being wants to be himself, then he must exercise no hostility, in fact, not even against his most wicked enemies and antagonists. If firstly the attacks and problems, etc., of antagonists are not considered as his own concern and are turned away as such to the attackers, then it is considered as more progressive form to peacefully confront the antagonists. This is to be done in such a way that they are kindly, lovingly and peacefully met, and also that during frequent and as-daily-as-possible opportunities, wishes of love and blessings are mentally and feelingly sent to them. This, on the one hand, prevents hostility towards the antagonists themselves from building up, and on the other hand, through this develops a valuable self-protection that prevents particularly evil thoughts and feelings and thereby malice, hate or the need for revenge, etc., from developing. The entire thing in fact has such an effect that, in general, everything has a beneficial impact on his own personality and on his own character and, out of that, a completely neutral-positive balanced attitude builds up. Source

How the human being thinks, thus he lives, and how the human being lives, thus he thinks; and what the human being thinks, that he is. This ancient wisdom is confirmed in the world of thoughts and feelings and in the actions of the human being. And if he truly and consciously tries to regard self-proclaimed enemies and antagonists, etc., only as human beings and not as enemies and antagonists and not to adopt their attacks and problems as his own but to turn these away to the creators, to simultaneously cultivate loving and peaceful thoughts for them, then all hostility fades, then only loving fellow human beings and friends, but never enemies, remain at the end of his life. Source

1. For the earth humans, we wish that they, in all love and reason, tend toward bringing an end to all aggression, acts of violence and wars, as well as all criminality, all hate, all discord, every bondage as well as any craving for vengeance and retaliation. Source

2. In order that correct justice and humanity, as well as true reverence for life can prevail, it is our desire that in all countries worldwide, torture as well as the death penalty be abolished and laws are enacted where every life and the right to soundness of the body and psyche are respected and placed under legal protection. Source

3. We wish that a normal state of population and births be strived for on Earth and, in this regard, effective worldwide birth control be enforced, because only through this can too excessive an overpopulation be avoided and even further privation, criminality, hate against fellow men, wars, exploitation of Earth’s resources to the utmost, as well as new diseases, epidemics and misery be avoided and contained.Source

4. A means of food production should be strived for on Earth among all people and these goods should be distributed in such a manner that the misery of hunger no longer develops and, therefore, all people have enough food. Source

5. Earth humans should no longer be destructive in all areas of science and in the cultivation of land and forests, as well as water utilization, etc., but rather be constructive and progressive. This also refers to the preservation of a healthy atmosphere and ever more threatening climatic change, with reference to that which originates through human fault. Source

6. Earth humans should consciously unfold in the forms of love and knowledge, as well as in true humanity, and recognize Creation-given evolution as the highest goal and meaning of life. Source

7. Earth humans should utilize their sciences in such a manner that true, positive progress develops in every respect. Source

8. The cognition, knowledge, experience, as well as wisdom should grow within earth humans that they are not the only human life forms in the entire universe and are, furthermore, but a fraction of the whole within the universe. Source

9. True peace as well as true love and freedom should finally prevail on Earth and among all human beings regardless of skin colour, race and faith, without hate, revenge, jealousy, craving for retaliation, privation, misery, murder, homicide, terror and wars. Source

10. It should come to an end that the countries of Earth even the poorest and most underdeveloped among them maintain armies that are armed to the teeth and senselessly burn away innumerable sums of money in the billions which could and should be used for the true well-being of the people. Thus it should finally cease that politicians and the military, as well as the most diverse organizations everywhere in the world, talk about peace and freedom, love and humanity, in order to justify tremendous financial expenditures on the one hand, and on the other hand, to snatch up even more of these funds for purposes of war and terror and to heat up the weapons industry so that further acts of terrorism and war can be carried out with the new weapons. Source

11. It must finally come to an end on Earth that human beings with other forms of conviction as well as different faith, skin colour and race are hated, pursued, tortured and killed.Source

12. It must come to an end that umpteen thousand tons of food are criminally destroyed on a daily basis for reasons of profit or, due to low market prices, they are simply thrown into rivers, fed to livestock or left to rot away; food which would spare millions of people from a death by starvation, in particular women and children who are the ones bearing the most misery in this regard. Source

13. It must come to an end that earth humans as a whole face all their enormous problems helplessly and powerlessly because all the profit-greedy, irresponsible and unscrupulous ones are able to conduct their criminal affairs unrestrained without being held accountable for them, as are also the governmental persons of responsibility who are incapable of administering their office within the framework of a just and appropriate leadership in order to resolve the mounting problems. Source

14. Most urgently, the earth human must learn to bear his own responsibility and consciously act in a progressive manner in accordance with this. It can no longer persist that the responsibility is simply shifted onto someone or something else, because the individual is responsible for all of his own thinking, feelings and actions. The individual must recognize and adhere to his responsibility, because only when the individual begins recognition of his responsibility and adheres to his responsibility will the next person be prompted to do the same, whereby others, in turn, will join in, and finally the whole of Earth’s mankind will be taken up by it. Source

15. If the individual person feels the need to actively do something to change the world, its human beings in particular, this actually is within his power, but only in such a manner that he be an example to his fellow man and fellow men. Thus every person has it within him/herself to begin a change for the better, toward peace, love, freedom, progress, as well as toward knowledge and wisdom. Everyone must make a start by himself and also discover the way to a free and happy life on his own. Each person must first acquire an optimistic attitude solely for himself, and from this will initially result the progress of expansion through which his fellow men will be prompted and will join in. And if people think consciously in this direction, then they will make the amazing discovery that all means and all hopes for a true progress exist only when they start everything by themselves. Source

16. The human being must recognize, discover and experience, in detail through his own cognition, what his true, innermost being is and how it relates to the external personality. Source

17. Unfortunately, earth humans have generally assigned top ranks or top status to political, economic, scientific, military, material and financial values. These, however, are non-values that bring tremendous damage through which the well-being in physical and psychological aspects is impaired, as well as the consciousness-related development of the individual and even of the whole of mankind. As a result, the true sages and philosophers have vanished, making room for the “wanna-be’s” with respect to wisdom and philosophy who frequently inundate the world and its mankind with horrendous nonsense that has nothing to do with reality, correctness and conformity to laws of the spiritual energies and Creation. All of these non-values must be removed in order to place the true sages back in their proper place in society. The opportunity must be provided for these few who are presently on Earth, to emerge from their hidden solitude so that they can instruct the people. In so doing, however, all those must be pushed into the background who spread unreasonable sectarian teachings and principles, through which earth humans have been pushed away from the real truth and have been misled. Source

18. Earth humans must learn not to solely pursue materialism and money from birth until death, and hence they should not listen just to those who have amassed political or military power or an immense fortune. And so they should neither aspire after them nor try to be like them, and devote neither their time, their work and efforts nor their initiative and lives to them, as well. If people nevertheless do this, then they forfeit their evolution and thus the meaning of their existence. And if they do not lose their life in a direct manner, then they make themselves dependent on the rulers of a political, dictatorial, military or materially wealthy form, shouting approval and support for them and becoming those who live an appearance instead of those who truly live/exist. Source

19. The earth human must free himself from the variety of political, dictatorial, military, scientific and faith-oriented directions, as this alone guarantees, on the one hand, the discovery and following of the path of the Creational truth and its laws and commandments, as well as, on the other hand, a loving, peaceful, liberated, wise and harmonious functioning of the individuals and the entire community of mankind. Truthfully no movement of a political, military, economical, scientific, philosophical and faith-oriented form should be allowed to dominate over another. However if such domination exists, then rivalries, hate, racism, faith and political struggles, as well as discord, lack of freedom, unkindness, ignorance and many further non-values develop which lead to destruction, murder and manslaughter, in addition to warlike actions and falsehood.Source

20. The earth human must change toward the good and positive through his own reason and grasp of responsibility, and thereby rehabilitate himself. Thus he must establish his own dimension and free himself from his self-demeaning service toward all his shortcomings and his false hopes and desires. The earth human considers that he will live new lives over and over again in striving for that which is higher in accordance with the Creational laws and commandments through many new personalities in reincarnation of the spirit form and the comprehensive consciousness block, namely in the obligation of a Creational path that he consciously develops in every logical, good and positive form. But this means that every person must strive for his advancement through every personal responsibility, and society must also make that possible for him. It is correct that everybody takes the trouble to perform the required work for which he will be paid and which will enable him to afford housing in one form or the other, as well as, in self-responsibility, to bear the cost of his food and clothing and also for his training and education and for all arising needs.Source

21. The earth human must learn to recognise and understand his true, innermost Creational being, because solely through will it be possible for him to get involved with his body and, above all, his material consciousness and its awakening and development. Thus he learns his own self-appreciation for his innermost being as well as his body and consciousness and come to this realisation by himself. So the recognition and conscious arousal of one’s own innermost being occurs through the awakening of the material consciousness as well as true awareness of the body. Source

Religion is only a primitive machination by Man to command, suppress and exploit others, to which only life forms that are weak in their consciousness succumb. When Man indulges in his religions, i.e. malevolent, erroneous doctrines, his consciousness wastes away more and more and ultimately leads to a bottomless abyss. Source

…but since he has lived for so many years with the consciousness of a prisoner, he makes no attempt to realise his freedom and run away. Source

...what is to say with regard to the might of the state, is that this might does not belong in the hands of one might-obsessed individual or even several might-obsessed rulers, but rather in the hands of predominantly democratic and thus also peaceful and free thinking people. And the fact is, since politics and religions have existed on the Earth, as well as sects, which are both religious as well as of other kinds, that has since led to political, religious and sectarian Ausartungen murdering, wars and terrorism, and namely as a result of the fanaticism and radicalization of the political-, religious- and sectarian-believers. Thus it applies here, that, as long as wrong political forms, religions and sects of all kinds still exist on the earth, from there wars, terrorism as well as murdering, destruction and many misanthropic Ausartungen will continue to emerge in relation to the malicious human modes of behaviour. Source

...the day [in the future] will come when the inner light within will start to become noticeable and our thoughts and feelings start to venture further afield and we start noticing that the world within us and indeed around us has so much more to offer and so much more to learn from. Source

Religion as the Earth human knows and pursues it, in the form of the adoration of a god, adoration of saints, and as faith in a god, is a horror to the Pleiadians. They consider this form of religion a blind faith based on cult activities, false teachings, lies, and other falsehoods. It is faith that can never be proven as true, and one which contradicts all the truthful and logical foundations of the Creative laws and commandments, and also defies intelligence. Religion embodies a deprivation of the spiritual freedom of the human being. Religion is also a brutal, criminal and exploitative enslavement of the human consciousness, reaching from total dependence, serfdom, and a lack of willpower all the way to uncontrolled fanaticism, mental illness, demonic obsession and utter idiocy. Source

World peace always begins in small ways. The people of Earth can never create peace if they wage war in their own house and in their own personal surroundings. They must first create peace there and within themselves and then with their friends, relatives and acquaintances, and in their daily encounters within their profession and in their spare time. Efforts towards peace must begin in small circles and then continue in an outward expansion. This requires a unification in small ways without regard to the world situation and/or insidious occurrences. Billy Meier, And Still They Fly (2nd Edition).

No life is able to exist without love and without the light of truth. However, no light is able to exist without love and truth, and no truth is able to exist without light and love. True love, is true BEING, and it is the everlasting warmth from the centre of Creation, which is described as true existence. Love is the highest principle of Creation, and through it, everything exists in absolute logic. Source

18. "Those who have acquired sufficient wisdom and live according to the laws, permit not even the slightest harming of creatures, when they are without fault. Source

23. "Wisdom is the greatest asset of humanity and so is the created will, which is lord over love and happiness; but all of this is meaningless without the power of the spirit. Source

57)Bringing the joyful message of truth to those amongst you who are knowing or not-knowing and are connected to the truth or are not connected to it and who do good or bad deeds means love and joy, which should belong to all of you so that gardens of consonance (harmony) blossom in you and rivers of wisdom flow; and whenever you give from the fruits of your garden (knowledge) and from the waters of your rivers (wisdom) to people of your kind (human beings), you will say that you are passing on that what you have been taught by the wise ones and the prophets in accordance with the laws of the primal power (Creation), therefore you pass it on in the same way as it was given to you; and this leads to you finding yourselves as people of your kind (human beings) and becoming companions in order to care for your being yourself (being human) in purity and to dwell therein. Source

232) Consider: Every person of your kind (human being) will feel the dying, but even during the time of your life you will receive the full reward for your thoughts and feelings, as well as for your deeds and your actions in their time, which becomes noticeable in your inner world (consciousness) and in your psyche as also in your thoughts and feelings; only whoever fulfils their life appropriately, as laid down in the teaching of truth of the wellspring of all life (Creation) by laws and recommendations, will be far from the fire of inner misery, woe and pain, and will verily achieve the true joys of existence without deceptive pleasure. Goblet of the Truth (Chapter 3)

12. Moreover, changes of any kind are not caused fundamentally by the large mass of a humanity but by the initiative of individual human beings, who lay the foundation stones for the changes. Source

118. The human being only learns of his spirit through meditation, through knowing deliberate, inner contemplation, through deep immersion into the quietest chambers of the consciousness and the spiritual self, and by directly looking into the mirror of the inner and innermost life. Source

142. Life is a teaching of the spirit for the spirit. Source

146. The lack of the spiritual, for which it is worth living, or the need for a practical life philosophy and life psychology in the present time is often responsible for the crisis in the lives of human beings and in their concerns. Source

150. The erroneous religious philosophies, with their colossal confusions and delusional claims, reduce in the human being his inner strength, which would maintain his consciousness and could help him to surpass himself and thrive in his striving and which would make it possible for him to attain inner growth and inner peace, which stand in right proportion to the external achievements and conditions. Source

157. If the Earth human being now finally recognizes and acknowledges this truth, completely frees himself from all religions, sects, and other erroneous teachings and their delusional imaginations and finally aligns himself with the spiritual and creational laws, then he has triumphed. Source

158. Only the truth is serviceable and brings the human being progress; religion, erroneous teachings, and sectarianism, however, are unserviceable to the human being and throw him back into the deepest darkness. Source

Dear People of the Earth,

Pay attention to your thoughts, for they become feelings. Pay attention to your feelings, for these quickly become words, and these into actions as well as deeds. Deeds and actions however become habits, which form themselves quite quickly to the character, with which, through all these things, determines your destiny.

'Billy' Eduard Albert Meier, Semjase-Silver-Star-Center, April 9th, 2011, 10:55pm

Liebe Menschen der Erde

Achtet auf eure Gedanken, denn sie werden zu Gefühlen. Achtet auf eure Gefühle, denn diese werden schnell zu Worten und diese zu Taten sowie zu Handlungen. Handlungen und Taten aber werden zu Gewohnheiten, die gar schnell sich zum Charakter formen; durch den wieder bestimmt ihr in allen Dingen euer Schicksal.

SSSC 9. April 2011, 22.55 h, Billy

Translated by Rem Robinson on 12 July 2011. Source of original German text

But the truth is that neither we nor any other Earth-foreigners exercise the role of the bringers of salvation. Neither we nor others bring teachings of salvation to the Earth and, thus, to the Earth people, for any teaching of salvation is of a religious and sectarian nature and only serves to make those who believe therein dependent and enslaved, in order to subjugate them, to exploit them, and also to cause them to remain faithful to the relevant religion or sect. In addition, each teaching of salvation is designed to drive the believers and those who are enslaved into erroneous teachings and into the mistaken belief that all their offenses, wrong life-styles, and injustices, as well as the harming of fellow human beings, can receive lenient treatment and can easily be forgotten, and thus, they would be forgiven by the bringers of salvation. Source

Religions and sects sow hatred and separation of the people among themselves, and they drive their believers, enslaved ones, and fanatics into harming, abusing, fighting, and eradicating those of other beliefs. Since ancient times, religions and sects do not create peace, freedom, harmony, and love, but rather animosity, anger, quarrel and rage, as well as blind fury, racial hatred, hatred against other faiths, bondage, dependence, servitude, slavery, war and strife, distress, misery, sorrow, anxiety and fear, delusional faith, superiority over other people, autonomy, and many, many other serious evils, through which murder and mayhem prevail among the Earth people. Through the insanity of the religions and sects, it has been determined since time immemorial as to what lives are worth living, namely only those who belongs to one’s own religion or sect, while everything else is heathenistic, damnable, and worthy of eradication. Through their dogmas, delusional beliefs, and fanaticism, the religions and sects determine the insanity and the inhumanity of making war upon and exploiting those of other faiths. It is even determined as to who owns the goods, the property, and the country and as to what nations and what States have a right to live or not. Religions and sects determine the existence or nonexistence of people, nations, and States. And religions and sects are the most powerful and most dangerous means of power and force, as well as of the wars, the capital, the exploitation, and the deception of the people. In the foreground, they preach love and peace, but in the background, they create, demand, and promote murder and mayhem, robbery and terrorism against those of other faiths, in order to bring their own religion or sect to power, no matter how much human blood flows and is shed and no matter how much pain, sorrow, grief, distress, and misery, as well as hatred and terrorism develop again by this. However, almost no person wants to hear or know these truths because the real truth is not in demand but only lies and deceit, swindling and fraud, as well as deception. These worthless ones are the ones to whom people give their attention and their faith. Thus, it happens that every prophet or every prophetess of the truth is banished to the desert, where they can no longer be heard. And in fact, it is also the case that those who announce the effective truth become designated as sectarians by their critics and enemies and become attacked, slandered, and denigrated. And this, even though between a sectarian or sect and a prophet or prophetess, there is such a huge difference in the effective truth, which should actually be recognized by a rational person. But obviously, the critics and enemies are devoid of any reason in this regard. They only practice criticism and slander, in order to assert themselves for the sake of material rewards, for they are hostile to the truth or the truth simply does not penetrate into the brains of the critics or slanderers due to their own arrogance. One reason for this may be that their reason and intellect are not strong enough, so the real truth cannot be recognized. But there are still many other reasons for this, and enumerating them all would probably fill books. Source

Angst, horror, terror, hate and revenge always sell well, while the truth appears too banal and therefore appears uninteresting as well as not worth knowing. Only the fantastic and unreal find a place in the interests of Earth humans. Source

The Seven Steps of Education

The world’s happenings are dependent on thoughts.

I) At first the human must seek the truth, find it, gain knowledge from it and expand on it.

II) As second step the human must correct his thoughts in a controlling manner and align them with the truth of his gained knowledge.

III) As third step the human must, through his knowledge and his thoughts, create his inner harmony.

IV) As fourth step the human must, based on his inner harmony, correct, straighten out, form and harmonise his own character.

V) As fifth step the human must correct, straighten out, form and harmonise his direct environment, his family life and relatives' life.

VI) As sixth step the human must correct, straighten out, form and harmonise his near environment of friends, mates and acquaintances.

VII) As seventh step the human is then capable to correct, to straighten out, to form, to harmonise and to lead a group of humans, the mass of humanity, the state and the world in a wise, humane and creational-just and law-like way. Source

Earth humans, so I am able to say, are pathologically autocratic and incorrigible, which is why they must first suffer enormous damage, before they see reason and open up their ears and senses to warnings. And if they do not do this, then destruction will one day be their fate. Slowly however systematically Earth humans destroy anything and everything in life, in nature and in the climate on Earth, consequently already the continuous process of all around destruction in every respect now only is to be halted with very drastic measures. Source </random>

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Not one but two UFOs! Could a poor, one-armed man have easily hoaxed this photograph in 1975? Adobe Photoshop did not exist back then.

Rem Robinson's pencil sketch of Meier's photo number 12 taken on 3rd March 1975

Photo number 179 taken on 29th March 1976. Click to zoom in (up to 3 times).

Rem Robinson's pencil sketch of Meier's photo number 179 taken on 29th March 1976

"A lady from the stars" by Jim Nichols.

Art by Jim Nichols.

Art by Jim Nichols.

"Contact approach" by Jim Nichols.

"A lady from the stars" by Jim Nichols.

"Pleidian starbase" by Jim Nichols.

"Semjase meets Billy" by Jim Nichols.

An Andromedan transport. Notice the light and shadows upon and around the cars, buildings and other objects that clearly indicates that a light source was actually present in approximately the same location as the transport. The Andromedan High Council are a group of highly evolved beings from the Andromeda galaxy who have evolved as far as the pure spirit form stage. The Andromedan High Council are consultants to the Plejaren Federation who are under no obligation to follow such given advice if they so choose. The Andromedan High Council have actually visited the SSSC several times.

An old newspaper article from India, 1964 that provides further evidence of Billy's interaction with UFO's and star people (one of whom was a woman named Asket from the DAL Universe) while in his 20's. In this newspaper article we can also read that he went on interstellar travels even back then, just like he did so again later on with the Plejaren.

29 March 1976, 18:10 hours, Hasenbol-Langenberg, Switzerland. Mr. Eduard Meier snapped this fine colour photograph as the reflected light of the setting sun produces characteristic crepuscular rays, which are only formed at a distance from the observer and can never be approached, like a rainbow, thus eliminating a small model object close to the camera. There were over 30 pictures in this series taken at this time during this photographic event. The site was so difficult to get to that we had to winch our 4-wheel drive Jeep up the hill to get to it ourselves. (Quoted from Message of the Pleiades, Volume 4, page 4.)

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Watch this unequalled video footage of a Plejaren beamship taken by Billy in 1976. While watching it, contemplate whether it could have been hoaxed and how. Consider how difficult it would have been back then in 1976 taking into account the distance, edge sharpness, change in velocity, rate of acceleration and deceleration of the beamship, the strength of the wind, and the Earth video recording and effects technology of that time. Billy was a poor, one-armed man who always went to his contacts alone although he was sometimes accompanied part of the way to each location where the face to face contacts were made. No accomplices have ever been found or revealed in over 46 years of contacts. He continues to have contacts with these human beings from other worlds.
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This is a small clip taken from the fantastic documentary The Silent Revolution of Truth.

Click here to watch the entire documentary The Silent Revolution of Truth.



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