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The Future Of Mankind

Welcome to the Future Of Mankind, the largest English-language resource for information primarily produced by Billy Meier, contactee of the Plejaren Federation and founder of FIGU.

The objective of this site is to assist the mission to improve the quality of life for all Earth humans by providing freely available English translations of FIGU articles. In order to bring peace to our world, great wisdom needs to be realised and then put into practice. Wisdom is only achievable when true knowledge is combined with honesty.

Thanks to FIGU and the Plejaren Federation, previously unknown knowledge covering diverse subjects is now freely available to everyone. Such subjects include our true origin, problems on Earth and within us, facts about the universe, the laws of Creation and much more.

If you require evidence that supports the truth of this information then you will find it in this website (See The Evidence menu section on the left), such as on The Witnesses page and the Spirit Teaching pages.

This is not an official FIGU website.

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News from English-language FIGU websites and other websites with similar aims and goals. For a longer list of news items see the FIGU News page.

Reverse Engineering the Billy Meier Predictions, Part 2

MH, They Fly Blog Sunday 14th October 2018
Looking back from the future to see how we got there Since we didn’t go into many actual specifics in the first video, let’s take a look at some specific predictions from Billy Meier and indulg...

YouTube Rejects NEW Censorship Attempt by Marie Adler

MH, They Fly Blog Friday 12th October 2018
Adler scam targeted indie filmmakers in US and five different countries YouTube* today rejected and denied another desperate attempt by con artists, Marie Adler & Associates, to suppress and c...

Reverse Engineering the Billy Meier Predictions

MH, They Fly Blog Thursday 11th October 2018
Looking back from the future to see how we got there Michael Horn Live EP 36! We go out on a limb and focus our attention on that which Billy Meier has predicted,  for the US and the world at larg...

Why UFOs Won’t Matter After 2020

MH, They Fly Blog Saturday 6th October 2018
And nobody is coming to save us from ourselves See the Video Billy Meier was firstgiven the 2020 date, for the demise of the United States of America, in 1975. His undeniably impeccably accurate,...


MH, They Fly Blog Thursday 4th October 2018
Persevering on the right path until justice is finally done “We have determined that the copyright takedown request we received for these URLs was invalid. Your copyright strike has been resolved...

More Filmmakers Join Against Marie Adler Scam

MH, They Fly Blog Friday 28th September 2018
How we conduct ourselves throughout our ordeals contributes to our character development.  Since this is more of a personal matter, than directly related to what I usually discuss on this blog, I...

Don’t Demonize Your Foes

MH, They Fly Blog Wednesday 26th September 2018
Treat each other with love, peace, freedom and harmony Don’t Demonize Your Foes It’s in how we deal with our everyday lives, and the people in them, that the practice of the spiritual teaching...

An Algorithm in the Body - Resist the Beginnings!

What's New on the FIGU-Landesgruppe Australia Site Sunday 23rd September 2018
Translation of an Article by Marianne Uehlinger Mondria

God-delusion and God-delusion Insanity

What's New on the FIGU-Landesgruppe Australia Site Sunday 16th September 2018
Foreword to the book 'God-delusion and God-delusion Insanity' by 'Billy' Eduard Albert Meier

FLAU Bulletin No. 19

What's New on the FIGU-Landesgruppe Australia Site Friday 14th September 2018
FIGU-Landesgruppe Australia Bulletin No. 19, September 2018

Important Questions Answered

Most individuals are seeking community less the answers at first so beginning with a question answer conference may be where to start.
Christian Frehner at a FIGU-Landesgruppe Canada Q&A in 2015 kindly answered questions.

Christian here additionally provides a useful level, gauge and a good example of the kind of approach, disposition and attitude which is congruent with reading, studying and assessing reality calmly but confidently. Useful for those uncertain about whether to place it into the unreal. Its a good orientation video.

Some of the important and truly enlightening questions not in the video above have been provided below. Most of the possible question combinations have been answered over the years; which can be searched for on this website, FIGU websites, the books and archived FIGU forum.

Peace Meditation

Everyone can help bring peace to the Earth by performing the Peace Meditation in coordination with the others already participating around this planet. You will have a positive effect even without use of a Meditation Pyramid. The schedule of the peace meditation can be found here.

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Email: James Moore

Send me an email about absolutely anything you like. I do not bite and you are my equal!


Please note that Future Of Mankind is not an official FIGU website, nor is the owner a FIGU member. Contact with FIGU can be made via the FIGU website.

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