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86. That is correct.<br />
86. That is correct.<br />
==Extraneous fragmented tidbits of info==
Probably the strangest wildest story ever conceived, that naturally developing humans would be joined by space faring people, to then entirely loose every trace of anything like that, then develop a society a world community together, working and living together etc. well race is obviously a real thing, and so evolutionary age must be too, so how to identify what is already clear with this differential disparity, that there would be some overlap gap and why we get along mostly fine and who could identify it, any why did our ancestors know to call that 5 million years, we get bored of our own kind some times understandably there's some refreshment in it. I suppose we could call it idiotic on some level as a space faring people run into all kinds of horrible situations before they arrange themselves, there's also a dependence to entertainment which can form as well as a craving for celebrity and there's also some horrible little details in items such as experimentation, intrigue, learning, lack of respect, but also inversely persecution, demand for competence, and beliefs as a stage is a long one, it is one of the longest stages without intervention and it's usually exacerbated on a pay as you go strongly capitalistic world, and that can only mean hierarchy. The ageing process quantitatively increases with evolution even with a genetic adjustment. So anyway, how do we identify anything. Apparently generally speaking those space faring people marry one another over and over again. As there's no god and evolution and the natural laws override anything like that, no one would be able to help anyone who did that, and if they did incarnation would blank their memory of it, it would also be difficult to look into even as a scholar of many texts, even if we externalised the subject. We say things that are wrong usually when it is correct and right when it's wrong to each other for a good reason but we should refrain from doing it as it ultimately damages ourselves. We do it due to these intrigues and craving for entertainment and not wanting to be centre of attention, the space faring people provide the correct answers usually, and often without knowing they are doing it, the planet native has never heard of anything like it and are incredibly attracted to it, in a way that they cannot resist, but this can make people feel incredibly uncomfortable especially if theyre absolutely sick of being the centre of attention in their community from life to life and getting the same answers back, it's not their fault that for some reason they perceive great wisdom. Godless areas means without an ISWH, it means that those space fares born in those areas get confused and what it ultimately leads to is everyone building high houses, so that the young are persecuted and these areas turn into take take take, they deplete their resources quicker than any other areas of the world, and develop an expansionist mentality, they develop a contempt for human beings, but only after a truly loving revealing life episode which is difficult to maintain but occurs naturally. Luckily in the modern time everyone in some nations are entitled to remunerations just for existing which has taken the pressure off a littl bit for those particularly vulnerable individuals. The Neanderthals are usually found in most diverse industries, they are usually very successful as they can tolerate remaining in the same place for a very long time. The social system is for the most part catered toward this much more so in their favour. The creative industries has seen a big boost, as have politics for a separate reason, business has also been boosted for this separate reason. Mostly all industries have seen a boost but many for other reasons, for example agriculture striping the land clear bare and cleansing the ocean of all life and habitat has been boosted, but only out of survival. Breeding has seen a big boost, sex industries has a tremendous demand, education industries did have a great demand before the Internet came along, now they struggle in many new ways which will lead eventually to striping down of hierarchy and eventually the space faring individuals will be readily identifiable in much more time to come, their life cycle will be much longer after the rectification of the genetic legacy, this is why it was in part necessary to allow the situation to run its course as this would have been the only viable way for unification of the people's. We can do things properly as history has taught us, but unfortunately eventually everything falls to degradation even if we devise really good ways of moving forward, the easiest way would have been to carve a water way in the sand in such a way that the space faring individuals could have really moved ahead quickly, but history has taught us that advanced extraterrestrial intervention is the only viable method of achieving that, and it comes with very many many problems. The confusion can be intolerable for many and the only way they can properly conquer that is to abandon their community and seek areas of the world which have been established in a very specific defined way. Because we cannot choose where we are born and these communities are heavily mixed, so it's suitable for a much wider cross section of spirit forms to incarnate there, but not necessarily ideal conditions to continue to exist there, and we tend to produce these factory farm style residential communities to get as many in as possible, keeping that breeding up, and eventually the money avenues are no longer suitable for incarnation as it becomes too boring for the space faring people, so they instead take over these areas and then we have these grotty situations where parents bring children into poverty not quite recognising what they are doing and no one is able to tell them anything as they do not allow themselves to be taught and even if they are there are not good enough teachers for it. These types of situations lead to mass surveillance as well as entertainment journalism including non fact reporting of serious matters, openly deluding others and many other horrible things. I am so sorry that we have to continue in this way but we have no choice until every individual will look at themselves and spend a great time in full reality which in itself is an impossible ask due to the dependence, competency as well as taking only information that is available instead of information that is necessary.
==Further Reading==
==Further Reading==

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Neanderthal or Neandertal are an extinct species of humanoid form in the genus Homo. Though it appears to be increasingly difficult to actually categorise the situation as an extinction. Scientists speculate of the possibly that the Neanderthal could be a subspecies of Homo sapiens or modern human. They are to be fair very closely related to modern humans, differing in DNA by only 0.12%. Remains left by Neanderthals include bones and stone tools, which are found in Eurasia, from Western Europe to Central and Northern Asia. The species is named after Neandertal, the "Neander Valley", the location in Germany where the evidence was first discovered.

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Genetic evidence published in 2010 suggests that Neanderthals contributed to the DNA of anatomically modern humans, probably through interbreeding between 80,000 and 28,000 years ago with a population of anatomically modern humans. According to the study, by the time that population began dispersing across Eurasia, Neanderthal genes constituted as much as 1–4% of its genome.

Neanderthals are generally classified by palaeontologists as the species Homo neanderthalensis, while again a minority consider them to be a subspecies of Homo sapiens (Homo sapiens neanderthalensis). The first humans with proto-Neanderthal traits are believed by scientists investigating the situation to have existed in Europe as early as 600,000–350,000 years ago. While the exact date of their extinction is understandably disputed.

Fossils found in the Vindija Cave in Croatia have been dated to between 33,000 and 32,000 years old, and Neanderthal artefacts from Gorham's Cave in Gibraltar are believed to be less than 30,000 years old, but a recent study has re-dated fossils at two Spanish sites as 45,000 years old, 10,000 years older than previously thought, and may cast doubt on recent datings of other sites. Cro-Magnon (Eurasian Early Modern Human) skeletal remains showing some "Neanderthal traits" have been found in Lagar Velho in Portugal and dated to 24,500 years ago, and in Cioclovina in Romania dated to 35,000 years ago, suggesting that there may have been an extensive admixture of the Cro-Magnon and Neanderthal populations throughout Europe.

Several cultural assemblages have been linked to the Neanderthals in Europe. The earliest, the Mousterian stone tool culture, dates to about 300,000 years ago. Late Mousterian artifacts were found in Gorham's Cave on the south-facing coast of Gibraltar.

With an average cranial capacity of 1600 cc, Neanderthal's cranial capacity is notably larger than the 1400 cc average for modern humans, indicating that their brain size was larger, which likely led to birth problems. However, due to larger body size, Neanderthals are less encephalized (the amount of brain mass exceeding that of total body mass)

Ötzi the iceman, Europe's oldest preserved mummy, was found to possess an even higher percentage of Neanderthal ancestry. Recent findings suggest there may be even more Neanderthal genes in non-African humans than previously expected: approximately 20% of the Neanderthal gene pool was present in a broad sampling of non-African individuals, yet each individual's genome was only 2% Neanderthal.

In December 2013, researchers reported evidence that Neanderthals practiced burial behaviour and intentionally buried their dead. In addition, scientists reported, for the first time, the entire genome of a Neanderthal. The genome was extracted from the toe bone of a 130,000-year-old Neanderthal found in a Siberian cave.[1]

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Neanderthals in the Contact Reports

Note: This page is specifically for Neanderthal and partly the Man-Ape Evolutionary theory. It does not however provide information regarding the Modern man DNA, genetics dilemma. This information can be found elsewhere and actually across many texts on this website, of course the Contact Reports explains this mystery, it would be illogical for this question to be avoided having provided such a wealth of diversity in various subject material. You can start with Where Do We Come From? the recommendation however is to start with the Evolution pages, specifically Consciousness Evolution and Instinct Evolution.

Extract from Contact Report 469

During a conversation between Ptaah and Billy in the 469th Official contact conversation dated Monday, the 11th of August 2008. Ptaah explains to Billy what caused the Neanderthals to die out.

English German
Ptaah: Ptaah:
135. It was indeed the case that in the most various locations the modern human beings interbred with Neanderthals and begot offspring. Es war tatsächlich gegeben, dass sich an verschiedensten Orten der moderne Mensch mit Neandertalern vermischte und Nachkommen zeugte.
136. This however was not the rule, but occurred rather sparsely. Doch das war nicht die Regel, sondern eher spärliche Vorkommnisse.
137. As a rule, the modern human beings hunted the Neanderthals and killed them, to use them as food, because the early homo sapiens were cannibals, and as such they by and by wiped out the Neanderthals. Die Regel war nämlich die, dass die modernen Menschen Jagd auf die Neandertaler machten und sie töteten, um sie als Nahrung zu verwenden, denn die frühen Homo sapiens waren Menschenfresser, und als solche rotteten sie die Neandertaler nach und nach aus.
138. Partly, the modern human beings held Neanderthals as captives, which they killed and ate in case of need for food. Such captives were also used, on certain occasions, to perform sexual acts with the homo sapiens, and indeed with both sexes. Teilweise hielten die modernen Menschen die Neandertaler als Gefangene, die bei Nahrungsbedarf getötet und aufgegessen wurden.
139. As a result, also certain female Neanderthals and homo sapiens bore hybrids as offspring, which, however, was not often the case.[2] Solche Gefangene wurden auch bei gewissen Gelegenheiten dazu benutzt, um Sexualakte mit den Homo sapiens durchzuführen, und zwar in Hinsicht beiderlei Geschlechter, folglich auch von gewissen weiblichen Neandertalern und Homo sapiens Hybriden als Nachkommen geboren wurden, was jedoch nicht sehr häufig war.

Extract from Contact Report 544

Again in another conversation between Ptaah and Billy, this time during the 544th Official contact conversation dated several years later on Saturday, September 1st, 2012. Ptaah explains in some additional detail to Billy the situation that occurred with the Neanderthal of Earth.

English German
Billy: Billy:
... Then I have a question related to the Neanderthals, that is to say, their extinction. Again and again, on television and in newspapers and magazines, reports about them are provided, whereby the scientists, however, still do not know what the real reason was for their extinction. There is the widest variety of horrible theories about that, including one which states that the Neanderthals were exterminated by the then emerging human Homo sapiens, indeed, as you yourself also once said. But is that really true up to the last detail? Among other things, we also both spoke about this on August 11th, 2008, at the 469th contact conversation, where you said this: (excerpt from Volume 11, page 422, sentences 135-139): ... Dann habe ich eine Frage, die sich auf die Neandertaler resp. auf deren Aussterben bezieht. Immer wieder werden im Fernsehen und in Zeitungen und Zeitschriften Berichte darüber gebracht, wobei die Wissenschaftler jedoch bis heute nicht wissen, was der wirkliche Grund für deren Aussterben war. Es gibt darüber die verschiedensten grauen Theorien, unter anderem auch eine, die besagt, dass die Neandertaler durch den damals aufkommenden Menschen Homo sapiens ausgerottet worden seien, wie du ja selbst auch einmal gesagt hast. Aber stimmt das nun wirklich bis ins letzte Detail? Wir beide sprachen unter anderem auch am 11. August 2008 beim 469. Kontaktgespräch darüber, wobei du folgendes gesagt hast: (Auszug aus Block 11, Seite 422, Sätze 135–139):
Ptaah: Ptaah:
135. It was indeed the case that in the most various locations the modern human beings interbred with Neanderthals and begot offspring. 135. Es war tatsächlich gegeben, dass sich an verschiedensten Orten der moderne Mensch mit Neandertalern vermischte und Nachkommen zeugte.
136. This however was not the rule, but occurred rather sparsely. 136. Doch das war nicht die Regel, sondern eher spärliche Vorkommnisse.
137. As a rule, the modern human beings hunted the Neanderthals and killed them, to use them as food, because the early homo sapiens were cannibals, and as such they, by and by, wiped out the Neanderthals. 137. Die Regel war nämlich die, dass die modernen Menschen Jagd auf die Neandertaler machten und sie töteten, um sie als Nahrung zu verwenden, denn die frühen Homo sapiens waren Menschenfresser, und als solche rotteten sie die Neandertaler nach und nach aus.
138. Partly, the modern human beings held Neanderthals as captives, which they killed and ate in case of need for food. 138. Teilweise hielten die modernen Menschen die Neandertaler als Gefangene, die bei Nahrungsbedarf getötet und aufgegessen wurden.
139. Such captives were also used, on certain occasions, to perform sexual acts with the homo sapiens, and indeed with both sexes. As a result, also certain female Neanderthals and homo sapiens bore hybrids as offspring, however which was not often the case. 139. Solche Gefangene wurden auch bei gewissen Gelegenheiten dazu benutzt, um Sexualakte mit den Homo sapiens durchzuführen, und zwar in Hinsicht beiderlei Geschlechter, folglich auch von gewissen weiblichen Neandertalern und Homo sapiens Hybriden als Nachkommen geboren wurden, was jedoch nicht sehr häufig war.
Billy: Billy:
Additionally, I now want to ask you whether that which you have explained is comprehensive in relation to the extinction of the Neanderthals, or whether there were yet other factors which played a role. You did indeed once say later that the extinction of these early human beings led back not only to the then emergence of modern human beings, even though they exterminated different groups of Neanderthals. By the way, today the term Neanderthal is also written with a "th", thus, Neanderthals. I also do not know why. If you could explain some more to me in general now, about these early human beings and their environment, and so forth, as well as whether there were perhaps other reasons for their extinction than those you named for me. For our scientists it is namely still not clear what the real reason was for the extinction, consequently their opinions differ. Maybe you can bring some more clarity to the matter? Dazu will ich dich nun fragen, ob das, was du erklärt hast, das Umfängliche ist in bezug auf das Aussterben der Neandertaler, oder ob da nicht doch noch andere Faktoren mitgespielt haben? Du hast ja später einmal gesagt, dass das Aussterben dieser Frühmenschen nicht nur auf die damals in Erscheinung getretenen modernen Menschen zurückzuführen sei, auch wenn diese verschiedene Gruppierungen der Neandertaler ausgerottet hätten. Übrigens wird heute die Bezeichnung Neandertaler auch mit einem ‹th› geschrieben, also Neanderthaler. Warum weiss ich auch nicht. Wenn du mir nun aber kreuz und quer noch einiges über diese Frühmenschen und deren Umfeld usw. erklären könntest, wie auch ob es vielleicht noch andere Gründe für deren Aussterben gab, als du sie mir genannt hast. Für unsere Wissenschaftler ist nämlich noch immer nicht klar, was der wirkliche Grund des Aussterbens war, folglich sich deren Geister scheiden. Vielleicht kannst du etwas mehr Klarheit in die Sache bringen?
Ptaah: Ptaah:
That which I have said to you with my explanation in the 469th contact conversation corresponds very well to accuracy. But if you are mentioning the entire thing – questioning whether everything is comprehensively explained to the last detail – then there is this to say to that: that this is not the case. In fact, the modern human beings who emerged then, exterminated entire groups and tribes of Neanderthals, but also, for their final demise, anatomical influences as well as natural catastrophic climatic influences existed which I have hitherto never named, and which ultimately ended the existence of these early human beings. Aside from the fact that modern human beings arrived in Europe from western Asia – who often ate human flesh and were anatomically far more advanced than the Neanderthals, who they hunted down, killed and used as food – there are, as previously mentioned, other important factors which led to the extinction of these early human beings. But if I am now to name still further important things, then I will be glad to do so and thus draw on our records, which we possess and with which I am familiar. Thereby, I will not proceed chronologically, however, rather simply as I remember the facts at the moment. So the first thing to say is that that which I explained – regarding modern human beings’ cannibalism and in relation to the sexual acts between them and the Neanderthals – in fact, corresponds to the reality of that time. Although, against all adversity at the time, the Neanderthals held their own for a little more than 250,000 years, but, in the evolution of their body and metabolism, they were adjusted to the then prevailing very cold climate. That finally led to their last doom because, since, in a short time, extremely strong climatic changes occurred, the effect for the Neanderthals was the extremely negative impact on their food supply, consequently many began to suffer from hunger. Over time this led not only to degenerative effects, but also often to death. In spite of their wildness, they were social entities and held tightly together, whereby they lived, however, only in small groups, and their total number always remained small. When diseases arose among them, they concerned themselves collectively with the sick and nursed them. Their diet consisted primarily of meat, which they captured by corresponding hunts for all kinds of small and large animals, whereby they then shared the meat among themselves in a remarkably communal way. However, they also nourished themselves with berries, fruits and plants, but the meat always remained the staple food, which was quite especially necessary for their entire constitution. However, basically, they were poor at digesting food, in regard to which I have something more to say. Physically, they were very strong, and also all their internal and external constitution was extremely robust and adjusted in such a way to withstand very cold temperatures, which was particularly important because they indeed lived during a very cold time. They were also clever and had their own – if still primitive – language. They led their existence in productive hunting areas in the then forests in which they also lived and knew safe shelters, in whose protection they also had their accommodations. However, all this changed uncommonly quickly, as around 45,000 years ago the climate began to change drastically, in addition to the fact that modern human beings made their appearance and hunted them down, kept them prisoners, engaged in sexual relations with them, but also killed and ate them when there was need for food. Was ich dir mit meiner Erklärung beim 469. Kontaktgespräch gesagt habe, das entspricht sehr wohl der Richtigkeit. Wenn du aber das Ganze in der Weise fragend ansprichst, ob damit bis ins letzte Detail umfänglich alles erklärt sei, dann ist dazu zu sagen, dass dies nicht der Fall ist. Tatsächlich haben die damals aufgetretenen modernen Menschen ganze Gruppierungen und Sippen der Neandertaler ausgerottet, doch für deren endgültiges Aussterben waren auch noch anatomische sowie natürliche klimaumwälzende Einflüsse gegeben, die ich bis anhin noch nie genannt habe und die letztendlich das Dasein dieser Frühmenschen beendete. Nebst dem, dass aus Westasien die modernen Menschen nach Europa kamen, die oft Menschenfleisch assen und anatomisch viel weiter entwickelt waren als die Neandertaler, auf die sie Jagd machten, sie töteten und als Nahrung verwendeten, gibt es also wie gesagt noch andere wichtige Faktoren, die zum Aussterben dieser Frühmenschen führten. Wenn ich nun aber noch weitere Wichtigkeiten nennen soll, dann will ich das gerne tun und dabei auf unsere Aufzeichnungen zurückgreifen, die wir besitzen und die mir bekannt sind. Dabei will ich aber nicht chronologisch vorgehen, sondern einfach so, wie ich mich im Augenblick an die Fakten erinnere. So sei zuerst gesagt, dass das, was ich bezüglich der Menschenfresserei des modernen Menschen und in bezug auf die Sexualakte zwischen diesen und den Neandertalern erklärte, tatsächlich der damaligen Wirklichkeit entspricht. Die Neandertaler behaupteten sich zwar wider alle Widrigkeiten der damaligen Zeit während wenig mehr als 250 000 Jahren, doch waren sie in ihrer Körper- und Metabolismus-Entwicklung auf das damals vorherrschende sehr kalte Klima ausgerichtet. Das wurde ihnen schliesslich zum letzten Verhängnis, denn als sich in kurzer Zeit äusserst starke klimatische Veränderungen ergaben, wirkte sich das für die Neandertaler äusserst nachteilig auf ihre Nahrungsmittelbeschaffung aus, folglich viele Hunger zu leiden begannen. Das führte mit der Zeit nicht nur zu degenerativen Auswirkungen, sondern oftmals auch zum Tod. Sie waren unter sich trotz ihrer Wildheit gesellige Wesen und hielten streng zusammen, wobei sie jedoch nur in kleinen Gruppen lebten und ihre gesamte Anzahl stets gering blieb. Traten bei ihnen Krankheiten auf, dann bemühten sie sich gemeinsam um die Kranken und pflegten sie. Ihre Nahrung bestand hauptsächlich aus Fleisch, das sie durch entsprechende Jagden auf allerlei kleine und grosse Tiere erbeuteten, wobei sie das Fleisch dann untereinander in bemerkenswert gemeinschaftlicher Weise teilten. Sie ernährten sich jedoch auch von Beeren, Früchten und Pflanzen, wobei jedoch das Fleisch stets die Hauptnahrung blieb, die ganz besonders für ihre gesamte Konstitution von grosser Notwendigkeit war. Grundsätzlich waren sie aber schlechte Nahrungsverwerter, wozu ich nochmals mein Wort ergreifen werde. Körperlich waren sie sehr kräftig, und zudem war ihre ganze innere und äussere Konstitution äusserst robust und darauf ausgerichtet, grosser Kälte standhalten zu können, was besonders wichtig war, da sie ja zu einer sehr kalten Zeit lebten. Sie waren auch klug und verfügten über eine eigene, wenn jedoch noch primitive Sprache. Ihr Dasein führten sie in ertragreichen Jagdregionen der damaligen Wälder, in denen sie auch lebten und sichere Unterkünfte kannten, in deren Schutz sie auch ihre Wohnstätten hatten. Das Ganze änderte sich jedoch ungewöhnlich schnell, als sich vor rund 45 000 Jahren das Klima drastisch zu ändern begann, nebst dem, dass die modernen Menschen in Erscheinung traten und Jagd auf sie machten, sie gefangen hielten, Sexhandlungen mit ihnen durchführten, sie aber auch töteten und aufassen, wenn Not an Lebensmitteln war.
The emerging climate change gradually also altered the forests and landscapes, consequently, gigantic open expanses emerged in which the Neanderthals could not hold their own, and, as a consequence of their cumbersomeness, also could not hunt. Their employment was the forests in which they could stalk the game to be hunted and could kill it with primitive, heavy spears provided with well-formed stone points. These heavy killing instruments and the ponderousness and clumsiness of the Neanderthals made it impossible for them to hold their own in the vast open plains. Moreover, they could not stalk the wildlife on open land because it fled quickly if it sighted or caught the scent of the human beings. So the Neanderthals crept away and hid in the now thinner forests, but where they also had more and more difficulties in relation to the hunt because, when stalking the animals, they had no more cover because of the forest areas becoming lighter. Furthermore, it was the case that the Neanderthals could not adequately utilise the nutrients from meat, plants, berries and fruits and could not efficiently convert them into energy, consequently they had to constantly eat large quantities. The cells – and their energies and strengths – of the early human beings were of an entirely different nature compared with the much lighter and more flexibly-built modern human beings. With the Neanderthals, the entire metabolism was adapted to produce heat, which was absolutely necessary as a consequence of the then prevailing cold. This was completely different from the modern human beings who had emerged, and were downright puny compared to the Neanderthals and displayed totally different characteristics to the heavily-built, early human beings. And since Neanderthals increasingly lacked food, it naturally led to many starving, while others were hunted down by the modern cannibalistic human beings and captured, to use them as welcome sex objects and as food in need. Die aufkommende Klimaveränderung veränderte nach und nach auch die Wälder und die Landschaften, folglich riesige freie Landflächen entstanden, in denen sich die Neandertaler nicht behaupten und infolge ihrer Schwerfälligkeit auch nicht jagen konnten. Ihr Metier waren die Wälder, in denen sie das zu jagende Wild anschleichen und mit primitiven, schweren und mit zurechtgeschlagenen Steinspitzen versehenen Speeren töten konnten. Diese schweren Tötungsinstrumente sowie die Schwerfälligkeit und Ungelenkigkeit der Neandertaler machte es ihnen unmöglich, sich in den Weiten offener Ebenen zu behaupten. Ausserdem konnten sie auf dem offenen Land die Wildtiere nicht anschleichen, weil diese schnell flohen, wenn sie der Menschen ansichtig wurden oder sie witterten. So verkrochen sich die Neandertaler in den nunmehr lichter gewordenen Wäldern, wo sie aber auch immer mehr Schwierigkeiten in bezug auf die Jagd hatten, weil sie durch das Lichterwerden der Waldgebiete beim Anschleichen an die Tiere keine Deckung mehr hatten. Weiter ergab sich, dass die Neandertaler die Nährstoffe von Fleisch, Pflanzen, Beeren und Früchten nicht genug auswerten und nicht effizient in Energie umwandeln konnten, folglich sie ständig viel essen mussten. Die Zellen und deren Energien und Kräfte der Frühmenschen waren völlig anders geartet als bei den viel leichter und beweglicher gebauten modernen Menschen. Bei den Neandertalern war der ganze Metabolismus auf die Wärmeproduktion ausgelegt, was infolge der damals herrschenden Kälte absolut notwendig war. Dies war völlig anders als bei den in Erscheinung getretenen modernen Menschen, die gegenüber den Neandertalern geradezu schmächtig waren und völlig andere Eigenschaften aufwiesen als die grobschlächtigen Frühmenschen. Und da es den Neandertalern mehr und mehr an Nahrung fehlte, führte es natürlich dazu, dass viele verhungerten, während andere von den menschenfressenden modernen Menschen gejagt und gefangengenommen wurden, um sie als willkommene Sexobjekte oder notfalls als Nahrung zu nutzen.
Since, through the sexual acts between the Neanderthals and the modern human beings, offspring were also conceived, it happened that the offspring increasingly had the characteristics of the modern human beings, consequently, this is another factor which led to the extinction and extermination of pure Neanderthals. And since evolution never stops, the result was that the modern human beings also evolved further until they became today's Homo sapiens sapiens whereby, to this day, preserved in the genomes of many Earth human beings is the inherited legacy of the Neanderthals. Indeed they became extinct nearly 30,000 years ago, but their genetic legacy persists today and will also continue from generation to generation into the future. Regarding the direct descendents of the Neanderthals as well as those in which the modern human beings have been involved, it should be explained, however, that, also in this respect, factors of extinction played a role. Compared to the modern human beings, Neanderthals exhibited a larger skull, which made birth very difficult because of the birth canal often not adequately dilating, for which reason many females died in childbirth or through severe life-threatening infections. Births among Neanderthals were therefore particularly complicated and difficult, as well as often fatal, which was also the reason that the numbers of these early humans did not greatly increase, and they only appeared in small groups. But in addition to the genome of Neanderthals, also traces of the genetic material of other close relatives have found their way into today's Earth human beings living in Europe. While now, among the approximately 8 billion Earth human beings, there are no more pure Neanderthals, their heritage is still contained to a greater or lesser extent in the genome of many Earth human beings. Da durch die Sexualakte zwischen den Neandertalern und den modernen Menschen auch Nachkommen gezeugt wurden, ergab sich, dass die Nachkommen immer mehr die Eigenschaften der modernen Menschen hatten, folglich dies ein weiterer Faktor dessen ist, der zum Aussterben und Ausrotten der reinen Neandertaler geführt hat. Und da die Evolution niemals stillsteht, ergab sich, dass sich auch die modernen Menschen weiterentwickelten, bis hin zum heutigen Homo sapiens sapiens, wobei sich bis heute im Genom bei vielen Erdenmenschen das Erbe der Neandertaler erhalten hat. Zwar sind diese vor nahezu 30 000 Jahren ausgestorben, aber ihr genmässiges Erbe besteht bis heute weiter und wird von Generation zu Generation auch in Zukunft weitergegeben. Bezüglich der Nachkommenschaft bei den Neandertalern direkt, wie aber auch bei jener, bei der die modernen Menschen mitgewirkt haben, ist allerdings zu erklären, dass auch in dieser Beziehung Faktoren des Aussterbens mitspielten. Gegenüber den modernen Menschen wiesen die Neandertaler grössere Schädel auf, was die Geburt sehr schwierig machte, weil der Geburtskanal sich oft nicht weit genug dehnen liess, weshalb viele weibliche Wesen bei den Geburten oder durch schwere lebensgefährliche Infektionen starben. Geburten waren also bei den Neandertalern besonders kompliziert und schwierig sowie oft tödlich, was auch der Grund dafür war, dass sich diese Frühmenschen nicht stark vermehrten und nur in kleinen Gruppen in Erscheinung traten. Nebst dem Erbgut der Neandertaler haben aber auch Spuren des Erbguts der anderen engen Verwandten den Weg in die heutigen in Europa lebenden Erdenmenschen gefunden. Zwar gibt es heute unter den rund 8 Milliarden Erdenmenschen keine reine Neandertaler mehr, aber im Genom vieler Erdenmenschen ist deren Erbe noch mehr oder weniger enthalten.
And, as you say, the fact is that with the terrestrial scientists, there are many theories regarding the Neanderthals, who, in their pure form, have not existed for approximately 30,000 years. But since their heritage still exists today in small parts – namely up to seven per cent – in the genome of many Earth human beings, it must really be asked whether the Neanderthals have actually died out, because if some Earth human beings nowadays are observed and considered, it could actually be assumed that Neanderthals have still not become extinct. This fact alone, of the Neanderthal heritage in the genome of many modern Earth humans, proves that these early human beings had sexual relationships with the modern human beings, from which offspring emerged that further propagated over many generations and have passed on their heritage – up into the present time. Und Tatsache ist, wie du sagst, dass es bei den irdischen Wissenschaftlern viele Theorien gibt in bezug auf die Neandertaler, die es heute in reiner Form schon seit rund 30 000 Jahren nicht mehr gibt. Da ihr Erbe aber in kleinen Teilen, nämlich bis zu sieben Prozent, im Genom vieler Erdenmenschen noch heute vorhanden ist, muss wirklich gefragt werden, ob denn die Neandertaler tatsächlich ausgestorben sind, denn werden gewisse Erdenmenschen der heutigen Zeit betrachtet, dann könnte tatsächlich angenommen werden, dass die Neandertaler noch nicht ausgestorben sind. Allein diese Tatsache des Neandertaler-Erbes im Genom vieler heutiger Erdenmenschen beweist, dass diese Frühmenschen zusammen mit den modernen Menschen sexuell-geschlechtliche Beziehungen hatten, woraus Nachkommen hervorgegangen sind, die sich über viele Generationen hinweg weitervermehrt und ihr Erbe weitergegeben haben – bis in die heutige Zeit.
Billy: Billy:
Then that is therefore also clear. Thank you.[3] Dann ist das also auch klar. Danke

Charles Darwin's Man-Ape Evolutionary Line Theory

During contact 217 dated 8th May, 1987. Quetzal explains to Billy how Charles Darwins Theory of Evolution is fundamentally wrong:


83. Darwin was a deceiver in relation to the Man-Ape Evolutionary Line Theory because he secretly worked on ape bones and ape skeletons with a filing utensil, in order to adapt them into his claim and false theory and to present it to those scientists at that time who occupied themselves with the evolution of animals and humans.
84. At first, they were completely impressed by Darwin’s “evidence” and spread Darwin’s false claims and deceitful machinations across the globe as correct and as a true sensation.
85. And once they discovered Charles R. Darwin’s fraud, it was already too late to correct everything again; consequently, everything took its course, and the fraudulently created evidence entered into the scientific annals as authenticity; thus, it also spread among the people, and the erroneous teaching was born that the human being is descended from the ape, which is the exact opposite of what corresponds to the truth and correctness, that the ape is descended from the line of the human being.


The story is well-known to me. Through his wrong machinations, Darwin probably created the greatest deception and the greatest lie that a scientist on Earth has ever created. Greater deception and greater lies were probably only created by the Americans, with their made-up first Moon-landing, as well as those through which religions and sects were created.


86. That is correct.

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