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Image:MeierMcLaine.jpg|<small>Billy and Shirley McLaine in 1981, when she visited the Center.</small>
Image:MeierMcLaine.jpg|<small>Billy and Shirley McLaine in 1981, when she visited the Center.</small>
[[File:Billy Meier & Shirley MacLaine 1981 (935).jpg|thumb|Billy Meier & Shirley MacLaine 1981 (935)]]
Billy Meier & Shirley MacLaine 1981 (935)
Image:Billy1990.jpg|<small>Billy in 1990, demonstrating the position he was in when he was struck by lightning. This represented another assassination attempt, this time from a group of extraterrestrials. <ref>See Contact Report 236 from 26 April 1990. (From Guido Moosbrugger's book "[[And still they fly!]]")</ref></small>
Image:Billy1990.jpg|<small>Billy in 1990, demonstrating the position he was in when he was struck by lightning. This represented another assassination attempt, this time from a group of extraterrestrials. <ref>See Contact Report 236 from 26 April 1990. (From Guido Moosbrugger's book "[[And still they fly!]]")</ref></small>

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With the use of the image processing computer, we can now examine UFO craft to much greater detail than ever before. The computer can store all of the information about a picture and improve its visual quality to the point where detail is now visible ... The use of computers puts this data at the fingertips of the researcher.

Jim Dilettoso, Photo Analysis from the Preliminary Investigation Report, 1982


Source: https://shop.figu.org/b%C3%BCcher/photo-inventarium (Extract)

British English Schweizer Standarddeutsch FIGU.png

In order to understand why the Beamship pictures of Plejaren origin shown in the Photobuch[1] could have been taken by 'Billy' - Eduard Albert Meier, called BEAM, it is necessary to describe briefly the circumstances under which the photographs were taken. But it is also necessary to say something about BEAM as a person too, as well as being the herald of modern times and as a contactee person,[2] in order to understand why he was the only one who was commissioned to take, probably the best photos ever of extraterrestrial beamships, which are steered by the people of the Plejaren Federation and come to Earth.

Um verstehen zu können, warum die in diesem Photobuch aufgezeigten Strahlschiffe-Bilder plejarischer Herkunft von ‹Billy› -Eduard Albert Meier, genannt BEAM, gemacht werden konnten, ist es notwendig, kurz die Umstände des Zustandekommens der Photos zu beschreiben. Es ist aber auch unumgänglich, einiges über die Person BEAM als Mensch sowie als Künder der Neuzeit und als Kontaktperson zu sagen, um zu verstehen, warum er als einziger dazu beauftragt war, die wohl jemals besten Photos von ausser-irdischen Strahlschiffen zu machen, die durch die Menschen der Plejarischen Föderation gesteuert werden und zur Erde kommen.



+[click here to show more]

Image:Billy1990.jpg|Billy in 1990, demonstrating the position he was in when he was struck by lightning. This represented another assassination attempt, this time from a group of extraterrestrials. [150]

Image:Booklet300.jpg|Billy at the Passive Group Members meeting at the SSSC in 1995.

Image:Maussan.jpg|Meier during an interview with Jaime Maussan of TELEVISIA, 21 February 1998.[151]

File:36min37sec.jpg|Source: Wendelle Stevens collection/Joe Fex

Image:F 1132.jpg|Another asassination attempt on 8th June 1998.

Image:Meier-01.jpg|'Billy' Eduard Albert Meier and Michael Hesemann on an on-site investigation around the year 2000.[152]

Image:BillyFlyHunting2005.jpg|Billy swatting a fly. SSSC in 2005.

Image:Beam.jpg|Billy in 2007.

Image:Beam_close_up.jpg|Billy in 2007.[153]

Image:MeierSRT1.jpg|Billy during the filming of "The Silent Revolution of Truth" in 2007.[154]

Image:MeierSRT2.jpg|Billy during the filming of "The Silent Revolution of Truth" in 2007.[155]

Image:Billy and the Core group members.jpg|Billy and some of the FIGU core group members. From left to right: Engelbert Wachter, Jacobus Bertschinger, 'Billy' Eduard Albert Meier, Silvano Lehmann, and Guido Moosbrugger.

Image:Figu-wallpaper beam 1920x1080.jpg|Billy at the Semjase Silver Star Center in 2010. (High resolution FIGU wallpaper)

Image:Billy2011sphinxmoth.jpg|Billy at the Centre in May 2011. Endangered sphinx moth.

Image:Michael Horn 011E.JPG|Michael Horn giving a seminar on 29th May 2011. Meier is pictured on the screen behind him, departing for a contact on his motorbike.[156]

Image:Michael Horn 010E.JPG|Michael Horn giving a seminar on 29th May 2011. Meier is pictured on the screen behind him, departing for a contact on his motorbike.[157]

Image:Michael Horn 020E.JPG|Michael Horn giving a seminar on 29th May 2011. Meier is pictured on the screen behind him, departing for a contact on his motorbike.[158]

Image:Witnesses.jpg|18 witnesses who could theoretically swear an oath in a court of law about what they have seen and experienced.[159]

Image:FIGU_Core_Group_Photobuch_p81.jpg|Billy Meier and the FIGU Core Group 49 from Photobuch p81.
Sitting on the ground in the front row (L to R): Jacobus Bertschinger, Christina Gasser, and Philia Stauber.
Sitting in the second row (L to R): Eva Bieri holding Selina Beiri, Edith Beldi, Maria Wächter, Engelbert Wächter, Louis Memper, Guido Moosbrugger, Elisabeth Moosbrugger, Andrea Grässl, Simone Holler, and Brigitt Keller. First row standing (L to R): "Billy" Eduard Albert Meier, Atlant Bieri, Stephan R., Brunhilde Koye, Bernadette Brand, Karin Wallen, Christian Krukowski, Freddy Kropf, Günter Neugebauer, Barbara Harnisch, and Conny Wächter.
Back row (L to R): Pius Keller, Natan Brand, Wolfgang Stauber, Christian Frehner, Hans Lanzendorfer, Piero Petrizzo, Aroona Wächter, Andreas Schubiger, Silvano Lehmann, Elisabeth Gruber, and Madeleine Brügger.

Image:Jehova by semjase.jpg|Jehova drawn by Semjase on 3rd December 1975.[160]

Image:Jmmanuel.jpg|A sketch of Jmmanuel.[161] By Semjase during Contact Report 041, 31st December, 1975.

Image:Sfath.jpg|Sfath, father of Ptaah and grandfather of Semjase. Eduard’s earliest teachers, he passed away when he was a young boy.

Image:SfathbyPtaah.jpg|Sfath, drawn by Ptaah on 15th May 2000.

Image:Asketsketch.jpg|Asket handdrawn by Christian Krukowski in 1978.

Image:Asket.jpg|Asket, Billy’s second teacher and mentor after Sfath.

Image:Semjasekrukowski.jpg|Semjase drawn by Christian Krukowski in 2000.

Image:SemjaseByDejan.jpg|Semjase drawn by Christian Krukowski in 2000[162]

Image:Semjase near Ship.jpg|Another portrait of Semjase, not original by Dejan.

Image:QuetzalbyPtaah.jpg|Quetzal drawn by Ptaah on 15th May 2000.

Image:Quetzal.jpg|Drawing of Quetzal.

Image:PtaahbyPtaah.jpg|Self-portrait drawn by Ptaah on 15th May 2000.

Image:Ptaah.jpg|Portrait of Ptaah.[163]

Image:Florena.jpg|Drawing of Florena, another Plejaren.

Image:Descriptions.jpg|Description of Ptaah and his daughter Semjase.[164]

Image:Plejaren Alphabets.jpg|Different Plejaren alphabets and their sounds.[165]

Image:Plejaren and Hebrew 1 4.jpg|Correlation between Hebrew and Plejaren alphabets image 1 of 4. See The_Plejaren#Languages

Image:Plejaren and Hebrew 2 4.jpg|Correlation between Hebrew and Plejaren alphabets image 2 of 4. See The_Plejaren#Languages

Image:Plejaren and Hebrew 3 4.jpg|Correlation between Hebrew and Plejaren alphabets image 3 of 4. See The_Plejaren#Languages

Image:Plejaren and Hebrew 4 4.jpg|Correlation between Hebrew and Plejaren alphabets image 4 of 4. See The_Plejaren#Languages

Image:Types of Beamships.GIF|Different types of Beamships used by the Plejaren.

File:Sol-system-location-w.o.-text.jpg|Der Lageort unseres Sonnensystems / The location of our solar system – pg 18 image.[166]

Image:Contact-Report-092-Zweiundneunzigster-Kontakt-Mittwoch-23-Nov-1977-14.34h-P55-B3-i6.jpg|Landing track of Menaras ship, created during a lightning fast flying visit on 23/11/1977 at 09:05 am, during the time Billy's wife was away in neaby town Schmidruti for about 10 minutes taking children to school (ice thickness 12cm).

Image:Contact 236 photo1.jpg|Billy, in the same position in front of the stone, in which he was struck by lightning. Photo from the 24th of April, 1990: Freddy Kropf.[167]

Image:Contact 236 photo2.jpg|The surface hole in the stone, caused by the lightning’s impact. Photo from the 24th of April, 1990: Bernadette Brand.[168]

Image:Contact 236 photo3.jpg|Main piece of the tree crown, in which the lightning entered and shattered this. Photo from the 24th of April, 1990: Freddy Kropf.[169]

Image:Contact 236 photo4.jpg|Engelbert Wächter holds the 5.5-meter tall crown piece of birch that was knocked down by lightning, which had gotten stuck in the branches of the tree and was taken down three months later. Photo from 23rd July, 1990 Freddy Kropf.[170]

Image:Yard-lamp-and-carriage-house-Car-Parking.jpg|Carriage house car park

Image:Billy Meier 494.jpg|Same as crop used in X-Files season 1-3 "I want to believe" poster.[171]

Image:RArenaOberSadelegg.jpg|Ober-Sadelegg, Switzerland in 2009.

Image:Woodpile75-09.jpg|Comparison of Ober-Sadelegg in 2009 with Billy Meier's photo of Semjase's ship over Ober-Sadelegg on 8th March 1975.

Image:Logpile1.jpg|Billy demonstrating Semjase's flight path over Ober-Sadelegg, Switzerland, on site with his accompanying photo series, to Lt. Colonel Wendelle Stevens and Lee Elders, in the documentary "Contact".

Image:OberSadelegg2.jpg|Wendelle Stevens

Image:O-S1.jpg|See other slides for description and higher resolution.

Image:OberSadelegg3.jpg|Wendelle Stevens

Image:OberSadelegg4.jpg|Wendelle Stevens

Image:OberSadelegg5.jpg|Wendelle Stevens

Image:OberSadelegg6.jpg|Wendelle Stevens



















Image:Bafath under the Giza Pyramids.jpg|Fictitious artist representation of the Bafath or Giza Intelligences under the Giza pyramids, Egypt. Until they were penalized by the Plejaren Federation in 1995[172]

Image:The Great Spacer.jpg|Ptaahs ship and the largest in the Plejaren Federation fleet which roughly translates into English as The Great Spacer. Fictitious artist representation. Image:Human_Spiritual_Evolution_Chart.jpg|The human spiritual evolution chart. Meaning explained by Semjase in Contact Report 006.


Image:The FIGU Pyramid.jpg|This is the pyramid of FIGU under which meditations can be accelerated and can instigate geographically localised Reincarnation.

Image:Topviewpyramid.jpeg|A top view of the mediation pyramid, built from specific instructions by the Plejaren, see ebook Downloads section.

Image:Schematic representation of Creation.jpeg|The structure of the Creation according to the Plejaren, from Contact Report 143. Fictitious artist representation.

Image:Creation.gif|The structure of the Creation according to the Plejaren. Click image for more info. Fictitious artists representation.

Image:Creationspiral.jpg|The double spiral structure of the Creation.[173]

Image:Plejaren peace symbol.jpg|The Plejaren peace symbol and universally recognised peace symbol.[174]

Image:Frieden.png|The peace symbol in black and white.[175]

Image:The real peace symbol.jpg|A peace symbol on another world may look this way, aligned to the flourishing of nature, growing upward.[176]

Image:The_Symbol_Of_WAR.jpg|Earths wrong peace symbol.[177]

Image:Geisteslehre_symbol.jpg|The Spiritual Teaching symbol.

Image:Geisteslehre blackandwhite.png|The Spiritual Teaching symbol in black and white.

Image:Spirit_symbol_spirit_ghost_geist.jpg|The spirit (ghost) (geist) symbol.

Image:AbsolutesAbsolutum_symbol.jpg|The Absolute Absolutum symbol.

Image:Ur-Absolutum_symbol.jpg|The Primal Absolutum symbol.

Image:Meditation_symbol.png|The peace meditation symbol.[178]

Image:Symbol-Kelch-der-Wahrheit.png|The Goblet of Truth symbol.

Image:SEIN_symbol.png|The BEING symbol.

Image:Gedanken.png|The thoughts symbol.

Image:Creation_symbol.png|The symbol for Creation.

Image:Gleichheit.jpg|The equality symbol.

Image:Wahrheit.png|The truth symbol.

Image:Freundschaft.png|The friendship symbol.

Image:Mission 2fAufgabe.png|The mission symbol.

Image:Tyrannei_Despotismus_Tyranny_Despotism_Symbol.jpg|The Tyranny Despotism symbol.

Image:Religion_Symbol.png|The religion symbol.

Image:Mensch_Human_Symbol.png|The human (mensche) symbol.

Image:Verantwortung_Responsibility_Symbol.png|The responsibility (verantwortung) symbol.

Image:Bescheidenheit.png|The modesty (bescheidenheit) symbol.

Image:Achtung-Respekt.jpg|The respect symbol.

Image:Leben.png|The life symbol.[179]

Image:Spirit_symbol_becoming_and_passing_away_werden_und_vergehen.jpg|The becoming and passing away (werden und vergehen) symbol.

Image:Pers 9anlichkeit.png|The personality symbol.

Image:Spirit_symbol_neutrality_neutralität.jpg|The neutrality (neutralität) symbol.

Image:Kind.png|The child symbol.

Image:Spirit_symbol_harmony_harmonie.jpg|harmony (harmonie) symbol.

Image:Verbundenheit.png|The solidarity symbol.[180]

Image:Wissen.png|The knowing symbol.

Image:Spirit_symbol_wisdom_weisheit.jpg|The wisdom (weisheit) symbol.

Image:Wasser.png|The water symbol.[181]

Image:Spirit_symbol_connection_compound_verbindung.jpg|The connection compound (verbindung) symbol.

Image:Gewalt.png|The violence symbol.[182]

Image:Abartigkeit_symbol.jpg|The perversity symbol.[183]

Image:Spirit_symbol_disregard_missachtung.jpg|The disregard (missachtung) symbol.

Image:Ablehnung_symbol.jpg|The rejection symbol.[184]

Image:AbscheuEkel_symbol.jpg|The revulsion and disgust symbol.[185]

Image:Menschlichkeit.png|The humanity symbol.

Image:Pflicht.png|The duty symbol.

Image:Freiheit.png|The liberty symbol.

Image:Menschheit.png|The mankind symbol.

Image:Sssc.gif|The Semjase Silver Star Center logo.


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  • Photo-Inventarium / Photo-Inventarium
    Photographs by Billy Eduard Albert Meier and a selection of his witnesses from 17th May 1964 to 5th February 2004.
    With an explanation as to why BEAM is the proclaimer of the modern times, contact person to the Plejaren Federation,
    why he was supposed to take the best photos of the out of this world beamships and the reason they come to Earth.

    Source Sample - File:Through Space And Time Sample.pdf

  • Photobuch / Photobook
    Linen cover with silver embossing, 4 coloured print, thread-bound, 122 pages, 95 photos
    Including 29 large format colour photos, size: 230mm x 297mm.

    Source Sample

  • Photo-Inventarium
  • Photobuch

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