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People from the Pleiades who actually do not exist. According to Sfath's Explanation, Billy was told as a young boy that by initially using the term Pleiadian, when referring to the origin of his contactors, the fraudsters and deceivers who would later also claim to be in contact with Pleiadians would and have now have been exposed.

Billy was told that the Pleiades star cluster in our space-time configuration is too young to support life and the Plejares is the true star system from whence Sfath, Ptaah, Semjase and the other Plejaren originate.

Stratification of presentation style examples

Pre-Plejaren era

Advocacy; using balderdash with no relationship to the original source texts.
Advocacy; using balderdash with a fantasy-rich varnish/glaze with no relationship to the original source texts.

Post-pleiadian era

Scepticism; using other people's testimony to form the opinion.
Scepticism and Advocacy; working with original source material books.
Advocacy; working with original source material.

Post-pleiadian era with post-modernism
post-modernism demands the audience decide for themselves with no comments, similar to how Euronews has been known to make news reports with no commentary just the highlights of the raw footage and wild track audio.

Advocacy; however does selectively translate what is felt to be more important because of the length of time it takes to translate a document.