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Quote from the Wendelle Stevens book Message from the Pleiades.

People from the Pleiades who actually do not exist.

According to Sfath's Explanation, Billy was told as a young boy that by initially using the term Pleiadian, when referring to the origin of his contactors, the fraudsters, fantasists and deceivers who would later claim to be in contact with Pleiadians would and have then been exposed.

Billy Meier and FIGU information is of a different character and that is obvious to any discerning reader.

There are many crazy individuals who think it’s a negotiation. No, it’s not a negotiation, the details have not changed since 1975, they’ve got older since then, that’s about it. There is nothing to agree or disagree about or have an opinion about, they are what- and doing what they said to Billy Meier they are doing, saying etc., as it is printed.

Billy was told that the Pleiades star cluster in our space-time configuration is too young to support life i.e. uninhabitable, and the Plejares is the true star system from whence Sfath, Ptaah, Semjase and the other Plejaren originate.

Pleiadian community
If you type Pleiadian into Amazon books, 22 pages of books with variations of the word in the title come up. None (few) of them have anything to do with Billy Meier and the information he has given. Same principle applies to a google image search for Pleiadian.

In the early 21st century what began happening is these strange alienating pleiadian websites which had been popping up all over the place, began inserting segments of text from the translations, remixing and adding words like plejaren into the title and body of the text. Bolstering it with their vicarious second-hand imaginings and blending it all into their own little pastiche. Obviously this still doesn't legitimise any of it; it continues to still not have anything to do with Billy Meier and the information he has given. There is a very good reason why Billy Meier, FIGU and Plejaren have presented the information they have precisely, beautifully, accurately and consistently, inside a limited number of quality books; It's probably because educated individuals of good character, sound in mind, decent etc., are not attracted to any rubbish text which doesn't make sense. This has all been well demonstrated now.

It is true that prior to the publication of his many books decades before, the term pleiadian was barely if ever used. However much of that awareness can be credited to the original ufology investigators and the nature of the information creating a real stir in all sorts of places and a new worldwide controversy which has always been mostly silent for lack of any better way of purveying such information. It built up gradually, along with the various goings on e.g scientific and other discoveries, technological developments etc., back in the 20th century, which really brought the story to the world. It was then later that the fraudsters, fantasists and deceivers came along, climbed on the bandwagon, as explained previously, just as they knew it would as forecasted, and that is usually how it works of course, they wouldn't have existed prior to that would they. So you can credit Billy Meier for starting the Pleiadian thing, for being originator decades before, but not for any of the rubbish that came along later which has nothing to do with any of what he and FIGU has published.

Unsane Condition, likely ignorance
We don’t know why there are crazy persons all over the world who have come out to offer their version of Billy’s Story. There are even instances where Billy Meier got it wrong apparently, according to some of these individuals. We don’t know why they live a life of falsehood, lies and self-deception, because it has not interested us, but these individuals have spammed the whole internet with their version of it, eventually it becomes noticeable. It’s likely an ignorance which occurs between teenager and early 30’s - this is a guess really, because not too many authors have their books rewritten by adults in a spamming insane way like this by persons blaming channelling or whatever these individuals think they’ve been doing, nuts.