Plejaren Federation

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Introduction and Overview

The Plejaren Federation is an organisation of civilisations from star systems located mostly within the Milky Way galaxy with a minority being extra-galactic members.[1] The dimension or space-time configuration of member star systems also varies.

All sentient races throughout the universe are referred to as human beings even though some would be considered inhuman[2] and perhaps even horrifying in appearance by typically primitive or misguided Earthlings.

Billy Meier is the last surviving Earthling who has had contact with members of this Federation of civilizations. He will continue to sustain the communication in interpersonal form until his death. There were four others who also had contacts with the Federation, all of whom are now dead. The dutiful task of the Federation is to preserve the evolving and already existing human life in the cosmos. Some of their ancestors were our ancestors who lived upon the Earth until 2000 years ago when many migrated back to the Tayget/Plejares/Plejara system.


These names have been derived from the planetary names in the Contact Statistics article and are likely to be incorrect.


  • 127,000,000,000 humans[5]

Highest Council


  • Primary language: Kosan
  • Number of languages: ~127,000

Known Member Star Systems

  • Akon of the DAL Universe
  • Bardan of the Coma Galaxy in the DERN Universe
  • Cygnus of the DERN Universe
  • Lyra of the DERN Universe
  • Nol of the DERN Universe
  • Plejares / Tayget of the DERN Universe
  • Timar of the DAL Universe
  • Wega of the DERN Universe


  • Diameter: 7,000,000,000,000 light-years.[context and citation needed]


Plejaren Federation in the Contact Reports

Contact Report 003

By Semjase of Erra

13. We are not the so-called superhumans or super-beings that people on Earth like to label us from their own lack of knowledge and within their own imagination.

14. We are also not teachers, missionaries or trailblazers.

15. We only have the dutiful task to preserve the evolving and already existing human life in the cosmos.

16. This means that we endeavour to keep order and monitor certain life.

17. We generate contacts here and there with inhabitants of different worlds if our directives allow us, single out some of them, and provide them with explanations, but only if a race is developing towards a higher level and slowly starts thinking.

18. Then we slowly familiarize them with the thought that they are not the only thinking beings in the universe.

19. Now and then we also assist telepathically to instil certain cognitions toward the discovery of technical inventions that are needed at the present time.

30. We are neither guardians nor overseers of terrestrial humankind; we feel obligated to them only because our ancient forefathers were their forefathers prior to their escape from Earth due to self-induced catastrophes by a few power-hungry people, before escaping to the Pleiades—exactly as you have deduced and calculated in the last few decades according to your knowledge.

Influences in Earth History

  • Assisted the education of several prophets of truth through more recent Earth history.Event Timeline presents perspective on the term recent.
  • Some level of protection of Earth from interstellar aggression.[6]
  • Deported from Earth and imprisoned the Giza Intelligences (also known as The Bafath) in 1978.[7]
  • Decreased the orbital period of the "Destroyer" from 575.5 to 1180 years in the 20th century. Then later on redirected it so that it will never again threaten the Earth.[8]
  • Prevented testing of a weapon mass destruction that would have destroyed the Earth within a few seconds in the 20th century.
  • Established and conducting the Peace Meditation since 1983 which has helped end some political confusion, end dictatorships and avert WW3.[9]
  • Assisted telepathically to instil certain cognitions toward the discovery of technical inventions that were needed at a present time.[10]

Communication with Earth humans

As the situation belongs to reality and not fantasy, all and any normal individuals will be delighted to learn that any communication with any other persons except Eduard are totally, wholly and entirely impossible. Actually to be technically accurate there is a very small possibility for it, but the prerequisites are so steep that we can easily see none of us are up to it.[11] And individuals who have studied the information for a few years all confess their own inability to meet even the basic level of the prerequisites.[12]

We are all delighted by the fact because we can all already see by our own individual look at the world that this type of arrangement is not occurring is it, we can all verify it.[13]

Usually the fact [that communication is impossible] puts a big smile on normal individuals faces, because needless to really explain, it demonstrates that we are explaining the nature of reality here and not wasting any of our time explaining the nature of science fiction and fantasy.[14]

As everyone expects, because its a normal question to ask, not abnormal in anyway, we have been particularly interested in the facts ourselves, everyone expects that is a normal next step, so we have partially engaged a study of the matter, but you'll have to investigate it yourself to be completely sure that we have been vigorous enough for you. Meeting your approval varies from person to person so we [thousands of us over several decades] explored every conceivable angle on it. The FIGU Forum archives go back years and individuals from every possible nation region and area of the entire world have independently had a look, read about the various facts for themselves only, we've all been at The Silent Revolution of Truth. But none of this is ever by any means enough and we get that, which is why none of us are here to convince anyone, we encourage to please take a look at the various facts yourself, any of them, please dont take any of our words for it either because we could be wrong too.[15]

A list of why in real life things work this way are spread over several pages.

  • Why Billy Meier
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