Prophecies and Predictions

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...only now in the new millennium everything gets even worse, because nature will revolt even more mightily against your environment-destroying insanity and will reach a scale equal to the primeval times of the Earth.

Billy, Human being of the Earth, May 2009


The humanity symbol from the Gallery.

The prophecies and predictions have a mixed origination when taken together, but are usually individually labelled or clarified elsewhere. They may originate from the mouth's and minds of extraterrestrials; Asket, from the DAL-Universe; Sfath, Ptaah, Semjase and Quetzal from Erra / Plejades / Plejares. From impulse transmissions received by Billy from the highest-Spirit-form plane which is called Petale, subsequently written down word for word by him. From individuals in ancient times and prehistory, where then the texts have been retrieved by the Plejaren from either the Storage Banks or their own records and translated into a modern understandable language and form by them, into German. And they may also partially originate from Billy’s own calculations.

There are essential differences in the definition of the words Prophecy, Prediction and Probability Calculation. The source of the translation and translator may differ. The differences between the English and German languages makes a perfect translation near impossible, and it's especially apparent with these particularly complicated texts.

List of texts containing future

Chronological order by original authoring date, not by first published date.

...if peace, freedom and justice are really to be achieved, all warmongers in the states concerned must first and foremost be removed from their government, military and secret service offices, and so on.

Billy, Contact Report 704, March 2018

Common misconceptions

List of common misconceptions about the FIGU information by subject
Explanation about the broad subject of why

  • The things of the future can and must only be influenced or prevented in the present i.e. now.[1]
  • Safest place in the whole world to be is San Francisco in USA, because it’s guaranteed to be there all the way up to the big earthquake and tsunami, which will only happen once it's commercially viable in vehicle production to futuristically round the bodywork, i.e. when that demand exists.
  • We have to build scientific models of the future through real scientific data, research, and present that information properly as a report and case for governments to consider; when we want to do anything in the future. If it’s not done this way, we’re doing it with Tarot cards etc. Even if Billy Meier was somehow guaranteed to be correct, governments could not simply take that data as it is, to justify an action, because it sets a dangerous precedent. It’s recommended that scientists do the work independently, might mean never being paid to investigate, or expecting to, often the only way progress is made anyway.
  • Some government, military and secret service offices, have fewer warmongers in them than others. Inherently and territorially speaking, individuals have traditionally joined those positions because that is what they've wanted out of life, to take another's life and thus demand it. Unfortunately, intrinsically speaking, they only receive increased tax payer funding if they warmonger, thus inflated non-existent wars and conflicts are necessary for some states, because and as a result of those funding plan structures they've adopted. Some nations even barter between themselves, where the civilian populations have been at peace for a long time, knowing full well that rumours of conflict between them are vice versa mutually beneficial for each of their funding and financing growth plans, devising so-called imaginary threats and inventing justifications to seize tax payer funds when no threat even exists. Such as with the USA, Europe, Russia and China etc., where rumours of war are especially very profitable. This is the reason the armouries of many nations are not only fully stocked all of the time, but they expand every year for no apparent reason and they scrap working weaponry which has never been used in exchange for increased armament capabilities, even where there is no war. Some nations have serious problems of another kind and variety which could be addressed instead with that money. But most of them have no idea of the harm that they are for society, they're getting paid and that is all that matters to them, psychopaths. The overall attitude towards taking a human life is despicable on Earth. Warmongers must be removed from the whole world and a collaborative international peace-troop established instead, if we want a fair and lasting peace.[2]
  • Some{who?} have claimed the ‘Prophecies and Predictions’ is their extraterrestrial way of endorsing the tabloid newspaper industries, which traditionally revolve around negative news commentary.

Further Reading

A newspaper clipping excerpt included in Wendelle Stevens book Message from the Pleiades. In German language, it is regarding the kidnapping of women by the so called "giants" in South America, as was chronicled in a prediction.[citation needed]

We’re not going to make any exhaustive listing of all the prophecies and predictions because it’s all already in the Contact Reports, Books, Booklets, FIGU Bulletins etc., etc. There are sections of the FIGU forum about it all too, see External Links.