Prophecies and Predictions

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"only now in the new millennium everything gets even worse, because nature will revolt even more mightily against your environment-destroying insanity and will reach a scale equal to the primeval times of the Earth."
Billy, May 2009

Billy Meier has authored, copyrighted and published many Prophecies and Predictions. Sceptics have disputed the publication dates of these Prophecies and Predictions but it cannot denied that many statements, events and happenings have now taken place and continue to do so. Their first internet appearance in the English language was long after the original publications in German.

The following articles contain prophecies, predictions and probability calculations. Its either explained in the body of the text which they are or its up to you to decipher them.

Variable consistency.

Common misconceptions

List of common misconceptions about the FIGU information by subject
Explanation about the broad subject of why

  • The things of the Future can (and must) only be influenced/prevented in the present (= now).[1]
  • When Quetzal made the translations of Predictions of the Prophet Jeremia he put the text into a form that would be close to the original, but also easily understandable for today’s readers. He did not want to insert a footnote because the normal reader is not interested in the four year birth date of the prophet of the new age disparity, but instead the normal readers wants to read the message itself and realize that Jmmanuel’s second successor will and was born in 1937, according to our present calendar. Regarding Quetzal’s extremely skilled translation abilities: To read the German version has been likened to a refreshing breeze blowing through ones brain. Its astonishing how it is even possible to explain details of the future within the remit of the limited range of words from the past for the today.[2]
  • Forgeting about a future event that has been predicted to you is not normal. But doing so helps one to lead a normal life. It prevents one from concentrating on things which cannot be avoided and will happen with certainty.[3]

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