Prophecies and Predictions

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"only now in the new millennium everything gets even worse, because nature will revolt even more mightily against your environment-destroying insanity and will reach a scale equal to the primeval times of the Earth."
Billy, May 2009


The prophecies and predictions partially originate from the mouth of extraterrestrials (Asket, from the DAL-Universe, Sfath, Ptaah, Semjase and Quetzal from Erra/Plejades/Plejares), partially from transmissions from the highest-Spirit-form plane, (which is called PETALE-plane) and partially from Billy’s own calculations.

The source of each of these is indicated respectively, so is always evident where these originate from.

There's definition differences between Probability Calculations, Predictions and Prophecies which should be observed.

List of texts containing
Prophecies, Predictions and/or Probability Calculations

Common misconceptions

List of common misconceptions about the FIGU information by subject
Explanation about the broad subject of why

  • The things of the future can and must only be influenced or prevented in the present i.e now.[1]
  • Only high/advanced civilizations i.e not us; have access to things like time machines and the type of advanced mathematics that could create a precise Probability Calculation, or access to the ability to retrieve information from the Storage Banks or retrieve information about the future some other way. And of those; only the ones that have been dealing with Earth since forever could possibly place information in that worlds ancient texts only to later explain what was meant and how it had changed over the millennia in between.
  • They might be firing promotional advertisement impulses around the world a few centuries after a prophets death. This may explain why few seem to care about the prophets while they're actually alive yet thousands of millions worship them when they are dead, similar principle for certain painters and artists it seems. The only other way if that is not happening is a constant drip wearing down the stone over several hundred years or millennia, but instead of a stone it's an audience. There are several things the Plejaren have chosen not to reveal. The tone of the texts is another thing, they've always tried to alienate the smartest, wealthiest, talented individuals during the time they've conducted their evolution undermining tasks, speculation is that they design the information for a future generation to mould history instead or wanting to directly inform. For example you know about how Wikipedia is presented? With a certain universality, demonstrating facts, explaining mysteries to all audiences, not trying to stratify the abilities or the audience. Well the Plejaren and Nokodemion seem to have never done that.
  • Speculations around the layout. A few individuals have suggested presenting the prophecies and predictions alongside the solutions and remedies in the same way we currently present the German alongside the English, instead of presenting them in separate documents. They've postulated that this could theoretically reinforce the explanations given about evolution, progress and offer an option. - It doesn't quite work this way, an explanation was included in 'Prophetien und Voraussagen' which says, "nothing would be more paradox than a prophecy of positive a nature, which the recipient would try to influence negatively."[2]
  • When Quetzal produced the translations of Predictions of the Prophet Jeremia he rewrote the original source text in a form that would be as close to the original as possible while simultaneously being easily understandable for today’s modern readers. He recognised that normal readers would be interested in the core of the message, so didn't insert footnotes about the four year prophet of the new age birth date disparity. The modern reader is capable of realising that Jmmanuels second successor would be born in 1937, according to the chronology of our present calendar. Quetzal’s very skilled translation abilities of the German version have been described as refreshing and astonishing how it is even possible to explain details of the future within the limited word range remit of the past for the today.[3]
  • Billy, having been given detailed information about his own future has been able to describe forgetting about a future event that has been predicted to you as not normal, but that doing so helps one to lead a normal life. It prevents one from concentrating on things which cannot be avoided and will happen with certainty.[4]
  • There are several predictions which have been openly-concealed.
1) We will continue to age at an unnatural rate with all of its unknown associated afflictions, such as cancers. It was Taljda (most have only heard of Semjase) who discussed the prediction in Contact Report 184. Numerous discussions about it have been archived (non-exhaustive) on the ageing page. The prediction is particularly monotonous-boring apparently so has rarely been reported as integrally associated with Billy Meier nor as integral to understanding Billy Meier's body of knowledge. It's rarely been investigated by scientists, so few articles can be found on google scholar about it and its not commonly known about in the general population so has never featured as a conspiracy-theory before. However individuals through out history have known about various aspects of the open-secret. The prediction has a similar concealment method as the WCUFO[5] where a no impenetrable art-house enigma with a massive plot twist allowing for emergency escape; has been incorporated into a special fold. The Plejaren presumably have to learn about it during their training else many explanations simply wouldn't make sense to the trainee. What is more; shock and confusion may occur were they not given those evaluations with sufficient clarity. Ptaah in a far more recent contact report (cannoned a different way) has discussed the special formula of delusion 'reality-estranged-naivety',[citation needed] among many thousands of specialist delusions necessary for evolution purposes at various different times and stages. The ageing rate calibration has needing to say been with us for a long time.
2) The undiscovered fundamental forces will take a very long time to discover. Billy revealed his oath to keep those secrets confided to him about those undiscovered fundamental forces by identifying the co-ordinates of those secrets as known, in Contact Report 544. In another compartment of the body of knowledge he revealed that the Spirit Teaching is that; whether that will be recognised as being as is or not at some time or another remains undisclosed as being there, openly-concealed, and as being what it is.
  • Only shortly before the prophecy Billy received from Petale on the 30th of January[6] has been fulfilled. Will the recognition that electromagnetic radiation must be curbed immediately and the diesel and lead gasoline engines should be banned as soon as possible because they are really large culprits in the health of nature and humans.[7]
  • The eruption of the volcano Vesuvius in Italy, Europe signifies one of several last signs that the long forecast third (fourth)[8] world war/global conflict is imminent in the chronicle of proceeding time. However as it's classified as a prophecy it doesn't necessarily have to be fulfilled/happen and thus could theoretically be avoided with many reasonable preventative actions and decisions by political and military employed individuals.[9] If it does however regrettably breakout the scale described in the prophecies has been estimated as being somewhere between the given collapse of civilization all the way to the destruction to the entire northern hemisphere.[10]
  • In Contact Report 670 some of the predictions of Sfath[11][12] from Wednesday, 1st of September, 1948, are presented. Where he explains to Billy that:

4. Further predictions extending beyond the year 1963 and up to the year 2250, which I have fathomed by means of foresights into the distant future, I have recorded in comprehensive annals, which primarily however are only intended for your knowledge and which, at a later time, you can request of those who will come after me.

There are several future events that have not happened yet (as of 2017) such as tsunamis, tidal surges, inundations and heavy flooding in northern and western Europe, north Atlantic, north America, New York, south Atlantic and Japan. As well as an opposite reversed type of effect where some Atlantic and Pacific islands are lifted higher and out of the water; plate tectonics and earthquakes. He also mentions two dozen volcanoes; Mount Etna, Mount Vesuvius Stromboli, Mount Marsili many of which are submarine.[13]
  • Keridwena explored the future through a voraussagen and later gave the information to Myrddin (Merlin)[14] who later called it prophecies,[15] some of which may have been handed down generationally in the form of myth through United Kingdom history.
  • Sfath explored Earths future through an extensive investigation which included visits to the actual future. From which he chronicled a series of voraussagens.[16] Later in 1946 this information was given to Eduard (Billy) when he was 9 years old and who later still had it resent telepathically to him allowing him to write the documents we're familiar with (see listing above) which have become synonymous with him. However in 2016 he partially released some of these source documents up to decade 2020[17] with precise omissions in order to avoid unnecessary angst of impending events that will (sometimes need to) occur one way or another prematurely.
  • Appreciating the abnormality in Earth's Ageing rate is generally considered necessary in order understand certain aspects of the prophecies and predictions. Such as why prior to the 19/20th century a much smaller minority in society could read and write, to why the mainstream adoption of science has been relatively recent in the scheme of time, to why religions have formed close alliances to governments as a feature we can still observe today, to the formation of our laws, decision, politics, continuous national and international conflict, why social changes including revolutions have always been rapid and why the release of Eduards documents was scheduled for the invention/roll out of the internet in spite of often being too complicated for individuals due to dealing with a rapid succession of events and falling after our time yet being in the graspable near future within the overall scheme of time.[citation needed]
  • Overpopulation features prominently in the prophecies and predictions. As does national and international politics even if in a moderated way. The Plejaren have explained how their laws and directives forbid them from certain forms of involvement and how they instead had to embroil individuals from another universe to break those rules in order to prevent a catastrophe that had been building for a long time. Our emphasis on politics and military spending and thinking is pivotal to the unfolding of Earth's future.[18]

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