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Ptaah is about 775 (Earth) years old and has three children, two daughters by the names of Semjase and Pleija and one son by the name of Jucata who is no longer alive. His father was called Sfath and one of his nieces is Asket. Ptaah is the commander of the Plejaren spacecraft fleet and is vested with the rank of an Jschwjsch, (JHWH), which is comparable in meaning to a king of wisdom. In earlier times, this term was translated as God, not in the sense of creator but as a king of wisdom who has the duty to provide his peoples with help and advice. He also presides over other inhabited planets but may never assume the role of despotic ruler, which happened on earth to some extent in earlier times. At the present time, Ptaah presides over three different planets, two of which are known to us as Erra and Terra (earth).


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  2. ~ this may tie into other information given to us that this position was held by him as well as the others specifically associated with Earth, in a past life as well as those that have now passed away which constitute ancestors and family. So we could say that its in his evolution to be the leader and leader of Earth. Its not just a position that has been handed over in some random application due to previous competencies in a similar position like it usually occurs on Earth. Ptaah somehow has the propensity of the experiences from a previous life in a similar position.
  5. Contact Report 031
  7. Please note it is nothing more than an educated assumption presented here that Ptaah lived illegally in this country, Greece. Its a concession to the benefit of the doubt that he did not fabricate a birth certificate to apply for residency. Also please note that insufficient research has been carried out to make the claim that a governing authority would rule out accepting a birth certificate that indicated another world as a birth place.
  9. Contact Report 119

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